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Worlds Easiest Dinner

Worlds Easiest Dinner

Hey everyone and welcome to Nicko’s Kitchen
once again. Today we’re going to be doing something that
I get a lot of requests for. A lot of people say, “Nicko, what is the easiest and quickest dinner
that we can do?” Well, it’s got to be Nicko’s Chicken Casserole! Alrighty guys, Nicko’s Chicken Casserole. It is so flavorful and so easy. You’ve got to give this a go, trust me. It’s great to have if you don’t have a lot
of time…you know, preparation and you know if you just want a you know healthy
meal on the table that you don’t have to worry about that’s
just simple. This is it, trust me. And the family, they’re going to love it! Right! This is what you’re going to need. I’ve just got some chicken breasts that I
have. Just two and I’ve cut them into halves like
that. Alrighty. And just give them a bit of a wash. Now, no skin and off the bone as well. I’ve also got some packet french onion soup. OK, just in the packet. Now, we just want to use one of these. They normally come with about four in there
but I’m just going to use one. We’ve got some Cream of Celery condensed soup. OK, Cream of Celery condensed soup. This is going to be the base for our casserole. Alright. And you’re going to need one cup of rice. You can use any sort of rice you want. Just like a long grain rice would be fine. And I’m going to chuck in about a cup of diced
onions. Just like that. Now, guys, basically what we’re going to do, we’re going to grab our casserole dish just
like this, OK. And we’re going to put the rice in. We’re going to layer the chicken over the
rice. And then we’re going to add in our soups here. So just add in your rice, guys, just on the
base of the casserole dish just like that. And just push it out to the side making sure
all the sides are covered. OK. And then lay your chicken down just like that. Alright guys, I just put our soup into a jug
here. And to that, I’m going to add our french onion
dried packet soup. OK, just to the top like that. And then what I want you to do is, using the
can of the soup, OK, go and fill this up twice with water and
pour it in here. OK, guys, just give that a stir until it’s
all combined. And of course, season with pepper and salt. Just give that another mix through. Now, like I said guys, this is really, really,
really simple to put on the dinner table, OK. And it’s, like I said, it’s packed full of
flavor. You can’t beat it! How easy is this? OK guys, now what I want you to do is just
pour your mixture just over the top there like that. To that, just sprinkle over the onion on the
top. Just like that. And guys, that’s about it! There’s nothing more to do! How easy is that?! So, this goes into a low/medium heat oven. Which is about 160 degrees C for two hours. Alright, so we’re going to slow this one right
down and we’re going to make it nice and tender
so you’re going to be able to eat this with a fork. So, go get a glass of wine or read a book
go chill with some mates. Whatever floats your boat, go and do it. Because I’m telling you, your work is done. Alrighty guys we’ve pulled out this bad boy
and have a look at it! I’ll tell you what, the house smells fantastic
and it looks great! Look at it, just nice and juicy and tender. Oh man, that is great! You can see all the rice has soaked up all
that juice there. Let’s get this on a plate! Now, have a look at that! Alright, now how easy was that, guys? OK, look at that. The rice and the onion and the, the tender
chicken. It just is absolutely beautiful. Oh, and it tastes great! Now, there’s a couple things you can add to
this. If you want to put in some bacon or some,
you know, even some chopped up celery to go with the
celery soup that we put in. You could put a couple of sprigs of rosemary
or some fresh thyme. You know, whatever, but give it a go because it’s a really, really easy dinner. And something that you can prepare in 10 minutes. Shove it in the oven two hours. The two hours
is yours. And then you’ve got to plate it up. You can’t get any easier than that, guys,
so give it a go! All the ingredients are that way on the side
of the page there. Check it out! Or they’re on the website. You take care and I’ll catch you next time.

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