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Woman Slams A Veteran At A Fast Food Restaurant And He Shuts Her Up In An Epic Way

Woman Slams A Veteran At A Fast Food Restaurant And He Shuts Her Up In An Epic Way

  • I drive an 18 wheeler for a living in the US, I wear a hat that says once a Marine always a Marine you would be surprised at the amount of people that give me dirty looks and there are many more that say thank you for your service dumb the people that give me dirty looks doesn’t bother me because they’re not Marines they have no idea what myself and hundreds And thousands of men and women sacrificed what we had to Indore the nightmare is that we have the belts of crying and sadness that we go through to have these little pricks live in a free country meet personally I would have said nothing to her

  • It's kind of like Trump when he refused to honor American veterans but the next day after Veterans Day he shows up at a Confederate gravestone and honors a soldier who fought against America !

  • Years ago I applied for a Civil Service job where Veterans got ten percent bonus on the final score. I, not a veteran, got ninety percent. The guy next in line got eighty-five but was a veteran. He got the job. He deserved it . End of story.

  • Let me make this very ( edited)
    clear !!!!!!
    I just came across this video as I was watching it my blood started to boil
    Knowing that I am a daughter of a former military soldier who served in WW II and the cousin of five cousins who served in Vietnam
    I know what the soldiers sacrifices in order to protect our freedom and peace along with their families as well
    We has Americans needs to show appreciation and respect and they should be able to get all kind of discounts
    That idiot woman better be glad that I was not standing in cause I would have gone off on her before the man who is Vetran or still serving in the military could say a word to her
    The idiot that made the comment that you don't own them anything well put it this way
    If you had a love one that got injured or missing in action or even got killed and you saw a Sergeant and Military Chaplain come up to your door
    I just wonder how you would feel thy then
    If it wasn't for these brave military soldiers we would not be able to live our lives the way we want.

  • It angers me when people disrespect our Military. I never served simply because I am neither physically nor psychologically fit to serve. But I can certainly stand up for them. At least
    I've had the privilege to work for the Military as a contractor. Including some assignments at overseas bases!!
    This one Army Colonel used to always tell me:
    "Carry on Soldier!"

  • My daddy was a vet My husband was a Captain he died on the way home.And if anyone derespect a vet. In front of me they be picking their face up from the floor..

  • All veterans are entitled to privileges in which they have earned respect and salute to our arm forces for defending us against the evil Women like that create

  • I had a lady yell at me for parking in a handicap spot. I have a DV (disabled veteran) tag that allows me to park there. I pointed out my DV tag and she started getting nasty and loud. I simply told her "i served this country and sacrificed my health to earn the right to park here. All you did was get old." Then i went into the store to take care of my business. When i came out the lady was still there and she had called a tow truck. She was telling the tow truck driver how she believes i am parked there illegally because there is no way the DV tag is in my name and she wants my truck towed. The tow truck driver explained how he can not touch my truck unless a cop tells him it is parked illegally and to tow it. At point i am standing there laughing. She just kept getting more mad and started saying she is gonna call the cops. I told her to go right ahead i would be happy to wait for them to get there. A few min later a cop car rolls up and he gets out of his car. And walks over to where the lady is standing a little way away from me. They talk for a min. The the cop walks over to me where i am sitting on the tailgate of my truck. He walks over and immediately sees that i have a sticker in my rear window that says U.S. Army Military Police. He then says "hows it going sir? Where you an MP?" I replied "i sure was. 212th MP Co." We talked for a few min. He told me he was a fellow MP and what unit he served with. He then called the lady over and explained to her that she is not in charge of parking and she does not have the ability to have peoples vehicles towed because she thinks the are illegally parked. She turned 3 shades of red and stormed off. The cop and i stood there for a fewmore min and had a good laugh. He shook my hand and thanked me for my service!
    Thats just on of the times i have had people step into my lane and i had to put them in their place.

  • This is a joke ??? all that video and coments ?Could you give me example , where last time american soldiers fight for american freedom ??? or any freedom ???1 Libia. They destroyed second richest country in Africa with free medical service , free energy , free schools  for all citizens. Now it is only terror and ruble there.2 Afganistan. 18 years and nothing. Heroin spreads 10 Times more than before invasion. 1/3 of population are addicted. Nobody likes you there. So what kind of glory and freedom you brought to this poor country ???3 Iraq . Once rich and well organised country you and your soldiers devastated totaly , with more than milion deaths.4 Syria . What are you doing there ??? training ISIS members ??? You are sitting on 1/4 of that country ( desert but rich with oil ) and stoping legal goverment to explore that oil wells and make founds to rebuilt devastated country.  Nobody wants you there. 5 Ukraine. Not soldiers but your gooverment sponsored Maidan, bring this country to disaster. After 5 years of freedom, democracy  brought by your secretary Nulland and Kerry sponsored and organised, GDP is down by half !!!! Country debt rise ten times biger than before. Most of industry in taters ( Antonov example). Thousands of dead. No food and medicaments in hospitals, not to mention heating durning winter.   Milions of people fleed ( I am from Poland and here are 2,5 milions of ukrainian economic and political refuges . I heard that another 4 milons in Russia and I dont know how many in other countries. 6 Venezuela . Similar story to Ukraine. Not army jet but sanctionns and seizure of assets.7 Iran. Same as  Ukraine and Venezuela. Bulying and trying to make war , but ( unfortunately for you )  as I see you have no aliies in region or even in Europe. Once USA was country of freedom and example of democracy for many people in all over the world. USA soldiers and weapons  helped to destroy Nazis in Europe. But  what your goverment and your soldiers are doing now is simple oposite to that . Now you bring war , grief and sufering to the world and to humanity.  How you could be proud of your soldiers and veterans ??? Do they do any good, with milions of dead and / or sufering people in the wake ???

  • I would have don't exactly what the second woman did and paid for his food,and waited for that complainer outside😠😠😠😂😂👍Thank You To All Our Service Man/Women We Salute You And Appreciate You😚👏👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • She didnt even think the man might be struggling to pay the €5 meal hence why he asked about a discount , nevermind he asked about a military discount that takes her to a new level of low

  • to be fair most veterans did not risk there lives and only like 10% of the Army is combat, still with that being said nothing wrong with giving them discounts and respect as the military demands a lot more than most jobs.


  • Our military should eat free they put their life on the line for we the people.God bless you all.Trump 2020

  • What veterans they killed millions of innocent people in Libya syria Iraq Afghanistan Yemen Palestine Pakistan Somalia Congo Nigeria Serbia Lebanon Vietnam Korea etc etc etc. .now they are after iran and Venezuela. .
    Stop drinking blood of innocent peoples of other countries..give privilege of sovereignty to other also..
    Give privilege to Palestinian, Yemeni, syrian kids to live..
    Give privilege of democracy to others..
    Give privilege of non interference in their internal matter by America. .
    Give privilege for modesty of women of other countries also..
    Give privilege for them to decide their leaders. .

  • Also want to say thank you to our military people that are on this channel I have two sons getting ready to be deployed to Afghanistan in 2 weeks so thank God for our military

  • Hey shop owner, instead of deny that citizen's offer to pay for his grub, allow her to, then instead offer to pay for hers. In this way, a chain can develop, and you'll have a position of esteem within it.

  • Veterans have to speak up..I am a veteran and retired LEO. I work for an airport shuttle company as a driver and picked a woman up one morning the roads were covered in ice, but I got her to the airport on time and safely…but she felt she should ride for free and began telling me about her $100,000 dollar a year job and talking to me like I was some bum who could not do more than JUST DRIVE A VAN. At the airport I told her about having to leave college to go fight a war then risking my life for 22 years before become a private investigator for 6 years. Then I told her I would pay her fare…but she had better never talk to me like that again. When I got in the van the other passengers clapped and said she deserved that>

  • Thank you for this video.
    To me, my heroes are not athletes, not singers or actors.
    But the men anf women who made sacrifices that somebody like me can indeed enjoy freedom.
    And when I someone in uniform, I try my best to go them and shake their hand and thank them for what they've given me

  • All military personnel, past and present, deserves discounts and anything because of their service for us to have what we do have and I wish that we all could give more for and to them beside a hard way to go.

  • until someone complained that it was unfair to the rest of the population the military had awesome prices at base exchanges and PX's, lower priced gas on base and rental assistance all because their salary was not up to what those who were complaining had…the rental assistance came to be abused by landlords and lack of oversight into the rental market so that prices were elevated because that lack of oversight mean the government would pay regardless of fair market value….

  • How old was this so called veteran? In his early 20s. That's no veteran. Sorry never fought in a real war. Vietnam vet era. Then you can call yourself a vet.

  • soldiers are the reason why ordinary people are living a carefree life.
    but then again, it is the high officials who does the stupid shit to put every lives in their country in danger.

  • The Premise of the story was Good. The finished Clip Video was Terrible! Who was who? This Video Site always puts things together as if a Monkey Choreographed It! Pure Bull💩!

  • Actually the veteran was wrong Insofar as most American wars have nothing to do with preserving freedom and democracy at home. The middle Eastern wars are mostly about preserving Israel. 😂

  • I am proud and very blessed to be an American and to have the freedom and privileges that I have.Thank You to each and every person that has given their lives,all veterans and to all that is currently fighting for this countryThank you.

  • Unfortunately at the end of the video the woman says "I don't want to order anything here anymore" and walk away still in disgust meaning that she still doesn't care about veteran.

  • You know, I’m not saying anything I saw in the video is right or wrong. The words military privilege is what brought me here. I love our veterans and I do not want to start an argument or offend over coming back to the key words “military privilege”. When I see service men, like Naval sailors I feel nauseated. I have moment of panic, you could say terror, either or. I see a commercial advertising for military branches and I turn the tv off. I actually did not watch tv because I was affeaid to face those feelings if I saw a commercial. When I was 22 years old, I made the biggest most profoundly devistating decision of my life. I see the word privilege and it is a tremendous word. I see military all always remember what they were allowed to do to me. Simply because they could. Simply because there is no one to stop them. I remember the terror when they attacked me. I remember thinking you knew better dude! You fucking knew better! Fuck! I could t tell anyone what they did to me because they told me they would say I was a pedophile if I told. That they would send 800 files of kiddie porn to my phone and alert the authorities. I was going to prison I thought “ Fuck man you knew better you fucking knew better, you’ve seen this before, you fucking knew better!” .. I cried, I gasped so hard for air I was hyperventilating. The said they would plant drugs on me, and say I was drug addict. They would destroy my credit “go get help Cory, find help!”, as I went for help, a federal court house in DT SLC, Utah. This man, told me if I told anyone he would personally make sure I went to prison, you told me if I told they’d tear me apart and”NO ONE WILL BELIEVE YOU” I hear it everyday. I begged for them to stop, I was alone and had no one. I was told “life is not fair” they told me they were his friends and he was allowed to do that to me.. then that was it.. I will always remember the people who aided the Navy sailor sexually assaulted me.

  • Wow millions of ex soldiers working minimum wage in shit jobs or living on the streets because nobody gives a fuck about them will be all cosy and happy about this disney story.

  • I quite frequently have someone come up to me and say "Thanks For Your Service". At first, I sort of smiled and replied " Thanks, It was my honor". But then I started giving it more thought. Instead of just a non-descript reply whenever anyone thanked me for my service, I came back with "You have no idea how much that means to me".I then went on; We soldiers that came back from the war in the 60s had to slink into our country. We were called filthy names, spat on, and treated like government murders of children. Respect for a soldier was not found anywhere. I then hugged the person and proudly said, "Thank You!! It was my honor to serve."

  • Great story. I sure hope everyone that is in and has served remembers one thing to protect the constitution of the United states of America. Cause if the left takes that away there's not going to be any more hamburgers to give away.

  • She should be enlisted n go for tour duty of Iraq n Syria n when she goes back to the US after her duty then she will appreciate what the young soldier is doing for the country n jerks like her. Shame on you, jerk.

  • I am not surprised to hear this story because there are still quiet a lot of people in America that don't appreciate what we soldiers have lost for this country. I'm only one of many with P.T.S.D. and my brother along with many others gave up and committed suicide. I also lost some close friends along the way , so try living with that and see if you think you can handle even one day in a soldier's shoes.My story is one of the easy one's, and trust me some are a lot worse than mine.

  • “Hopefully the woman will learn to give the soldier (sailor, airman, or marine) the respect he (or she?) deserves…”

    Maybe, but I wouldn’t bet on it! Entitled A$$HOLES are Entitled A$$HOLES – they don’t change!

  • She didn't learn anything the woman's Democrat that's why she had a problem with it she probably wanted to steal his money that's what Democrats do is they steal people's money they steal from America they steal from taxpayer they steal from the veterans their thieves their criminals and they should be in jail hey if I seem a little harsh is because it's the truth look at our government look at the democratic government that some people put in an office they don't even know how to do their job as a matter of fact I bet if any one of you were employers and hired these people you knew did you hire these people you are their employer and they don't even do their job so what are you do with somebody like that you fire them

  • Military is government welfare recipients. They are paid to do a job with our taxes paid by force of violence. Just putting them above you while you pay them is 100% RETARDED…
    its like stve jobes hiring a man to watch the halls, and now the guy he hired is in charge of steve and can order him around….doesnt make sense

  • bet ignorant people are selfish and spoiled! The military is very dangerous thing, like being KIA! But her action is not acceptable! I will dance on ignorant bitch's grave and piss on it!

  • is fighting for our freedoms..sorry, we're NOT being invaded nor are we at risk of that. We just fuck with other countries..that is what our military is being used for.

  • I’m a veteran, and am proud of the 20+ years service that I gave for my county. This woman should be so lucky that their are veterans who gave their all for the sake of her freedom, considering their are those that have fought and died for her freedom and that of her family. What an ignorant world we live in, yes I’ve been spat on in public, whilst wearing my uniform. The person was hopeless and clearly had a grudge towards members in uniform.

  • Good Story, wish that was always the truth. I am a 100% Disabled Honorably Discharged Marine, and I (I cant even use the word live) so Ill use the word reside in Texas. If I would have known way back when I enlisted – with the pride and honor I had at the time – of what I have come to experience now, I would have never have volunteered a portion of my life "to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic." I have permanent injures as a result of protecting and fighting for the rights of people in countries, I have never met. That was my duty.

    But here in America, over the past four years, I have had my rights that should be protected under the US Constitution, and Texas Constitution, ignored, and not protected by our Government. I have been assaulted, had property stolen from me, and too much more to list. I've even had personal property that without a doubt can be proven to be mine for generations, given away to others by our court system – which is property that should be protected under our Bill of rights. I've reached out to the Media, and dozens of Fed. Govt. Agencies…….. No one cares – its not a story that will sell news.

    Good for the manager of the Fast Food Place and the Woman who offered to pay for this Soldiers lunch. Too bad those two aren't in the ranks of our Government. My respects to them, and the soldier in this story.

    I don't have family and I still try to adapt, improvise and overcome, but after four years have run out of steam, and realize that if you ain't somebody, you're nobody.

    That's why I am feeling like I need to find another country to call home. This one has let me down too many times, and I am too old to throw away valuable time hoping that someone will return the favor and stand up for my rights, as I did for other's a long time ago.

  • I doubt that with encourage her to respect service members and their families or anything else for that matter. She probably will resent being put in her place. Good for him, shame on her.

  • When WWII was won by the Allies, all of the uniformed veterans were offered free meals at restaurants and transportation in buses, ferries and trains. 👏👍✌️

  • I’m a disabled veteran. So here’s my take. I sacrificed so they could have. I hurt still today, so they can still have. I made the decision to join and serve my country. These types of people only enjoy taking and don’t understand what it is to really give. God bless to those who serve and have served and damn right they’re entitled.

  • Lady, this man, a veteran soldier you slammed, put his life on the line for your freedom! you should be ashamed of yourself!

  • It really depends on the vet .because there are veterans who are racist fuck them but there are veterans who fought all races God bless those man and my uncles cousins brothers and sisters who also fought ower rights and freedom thank you family and friends .cause I know few veteran who are racist you see them on news it's all for the whites fuck that .

  • During the Vietnam War the liberals would chant
    "baby killers" at the returning soldiers , in restaurants and clubs .
    Now in 2019 , who's in favor of killing babies ?
    The Democrats

  • some people never learn and it's impossible to educate someone who has been brain washed most of their lives I'm a thirty year veteran of the United States Marine Corps retired master gunnery sergeant I personally have never asked for a military discount have been offered never accepted but do appreciate it. I chose to enlist as a young man (18) because of my love for my country and was taught a very valuable lesson of pride honor and commitment. it was my privilege to serve my country and it is my honor that my country appreciates my commitment

  • If I worked there I would have stuck a lemon in her mouth, and told her to suck it. Then paid the veteran’s tab outta my own pocket

  • Dios bendiga a todos los veteranos y a los activos de las fuerzas armadas, like my stepson Juan F. Jimenez. and Mexican American God bless

  • It happens alot more than people realize. I've had it happen a few times to me. I just smile and say, I fought so you could say that, have a great day. They shut up every time. Someone always heard it and goes of on them. I never have to. I servered 20 years and I wouldn't change anything.

  • Piece of c rap leftist beitch, wh0re, skank, slut,. She shouldn't be complaining about his discount, she should be on knees giving the soldiers the "LEWINSKY "

  • What free country, you belong to Rome and China always have and always will. Well until 23rd April 2027 when the nuke goes off and civil war destroys all. Then agenda 21 picks up the pieces in the name of satan. Read your bible jew

  • Meat eaters and murderers I just cant tell the difference. An army defends your borders. Terrorist invade others borders. How many wars have you fought inthe past century? I think every single one was abroad. Hmmm a Christian country run by Jews and owned by China and fight innocents abroad because someone lied on the news. Did you ever find the Iraqi supergun or wmd,s or was you lied to by bankers and media moguls. Think and developed your emotional immaturity. Then as a supportive Christian you might learn that your feelings are lying to you. Jesus

  • I commend that soldier on how he conducted himself, instead of escalating the situation and being rude he kindly reminded the lady a privilege and discount are two completely different things…I only ask for a military discount when it comes to a hotel

  • I am happy he told that snot nose bitch off. If you can not understand what our military men and women do for us as a nation. Then YOU NOT DESERVE ANYONE'S RESPECT. You are the lowest thing crawling on the ground.

  • There're a lot of hero's in the world. Everyone in another way. Veteran's fight to DEFEND lives and every mother goes through hell to GIVE life. One difference there: they don't get discount's, do they? Hey, they're only women. Why appreciate them… See how sexist it is after all? Just sayin it how it is.

  • If that woman were to talk to my father like that he would've said the same thing to her like that veteran did. My father is a Vietnam veteran and I'm proud of him and the other vets for their sacrifice. Hopefully that ignorant lady would think on what that vet told her and she would change her tune.

  • God bless any and every member of the armed forces , no matter which country,religion or ethnicity. You do a difficult and noble sacrifice for your country, Thank you all . Past and present.

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