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Hi! Thanks for checking out Waseda. I’ll tell you about it in just three and a half minutes. Let’s go! First of all, Waseda is in central Tokyo. What draws people to Tokyo? Well, there are historic landmarks and buildings. And vibrant city life. Convenient public transportation. And great food. And of course, the 2020 Olympics, too. Tokyo has a lot to offer. Also… safety is part of the reason why Tokyo is rated the world’s most liveable city. And it’s full of friendly, helpful people. Now, about the Waseda community. Waseda has over 5,000 international students, the largest number in Japan. Let’s meet some students. “I think the most delicious thing to eat in Japan is shabu shabu.” “It’s too easy to get lost in the train station.” Pretty diverse, right? We offer 50 English-based degree programs, pretty much something for everyone. Let’s look in on a class. Tell us about Waseda. “In my school at Waseda, we not only study international issues, we’re an international group.” “A very friendly, international group. And, it’s a lot of fun for both the students and the teacher.” Wased has partnerships with 700 institutions in over 80 countries. It’s way too many for me to name. We’re definitely global. Waseda is number one in Japan for employability. Our graduates are in high demand! Lots of international alumni work in Japan. That’s a big help when looking for jobs and internships. And for fun, join a club! We’ve got over a thousand! … I think our clubs are some of the most active in the world! At Waseda, you can make friends for a lifetime. We’d love for you to join us at Waseda. Did you enjoy the video? For more information, visit the “Why Waseda?” website. It’s in 13 different languages. Hope to see you here!

  • Hello,

    My name is Daniela, I'm from Monterrey, México. First of all, thanks for making this video! I was already interested in joining Waseda, but after watching this, I feel even more confident about my decision of studying abroad in Tokyo.
    I have a question, I'm aware of the MEXT scholarship, unfortunately, I missed this year's application date. Are there any other scholarship options for international students to apply besides that one? As a former graphic designer and creative, acquiring business skills is mandatory for becoming more competitive in the business and global market. For this reason, I want to continue my education pursuing an MBA in Waseda Business School, which seems to be an amazing opportunity for improving my professional skills, getting more qualifications and also broadening the relation between México and Japan.

    Thanks in advance.
    Greetings from México!

  • I was looking for a graduate degree which taught in English and I found the one I was looking for in waseda. Hopefully I can the chance later to be the student there.

  • Hi I'm a first year highschooler in from North Europe. So it is possible to apply internationally straight to Waseba not by an exchange program?

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