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hey guys this is gonna be another what’s
for dinner video so tonight’s dinner I am making my own version of homemade
enchiladas so basically what I do is I act like I’m making tacos and instead of
using the red enchilada sauce I just use a mild hot sauce all over it so take a
look at how I make it so here I just put it in the oven at
about 350 to heat everything together this is what it looks like when it’s
done you can put whatever toppings you want on there but this was definitely
hands down one of my favorite meal of the week so tonight’s dinner I am making
crack crack chicken it is chicken breast chicken broth a ranch packet some cream
cheese and some shredded cheese so you’re gonna cook this on either low for four hours or high for
eight hours until the chicken is done and if you don’t know this trick take a
hand mixer and that is how I shred my chicken it works wonders I’ve I havent
hand shredded chicken since I’ve learned that so here I’m just gonna cut the
cream cheese up and throw it in there and let that cook about an hour until
it’s heat it all the way through and really mixed in now you can have that over potatoes rice
today we decided to have it over some noodles with some garlic biscuits on the
side so this is what it looked like when it
was all done another favorite we love making this recipe and see how is it bud good you like it
good Lily how is it that’s pretty good coming from a picky eater
good work yeah so this was just a quick night we just made some frozen pizzas
the kids really liked that Jacks and Aaron and I had to supreme so the last dinner
that I’ll be showing you is some homemade beef stroganoff super simple
and a super easy you’re just gonna want to ground the or
cook up the ground beef and I like to put some minced garlic in with ours so
once that’s all done you’re gonna put in the cream of mushroom soup sour cream
and Lipton onion soup packet and this is what it looks like when
everything’s all heated through nice quick and easy dinner so that was everything that I had for
this video give it a thumbs up thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in
my next one bye guys

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