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What To Eat For Dinner: HEALTHY Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss – Healthy Dinners For Weight Loss

What To Eat For Dinner: HEALTHY Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss – Healthy Dinners For Weight Loss

what’s going on this is Alek with change your life let’s talk about eating dinner let’s talk about what to eat for dinner let’s talk about some healthy dinner ideas for weight loss now if you know my deit system you know that dinner is time to eat healthy so here are some healthy dinners for weight loss you want to eat nothing but vegetables or salad for dinner you know what you eat in the evening after seven time has everything to do with gaining weight losing weight putting on weight your goal is to go to bed on an empty stomach that like 100-percent affects whether you gain weight or lose weight so it is about six o’clock in the evening the sun’s going down and we are out with the family eating dinner and I’m having something healthy this is a look at kale power salad with just water very very healthy very little calories and much 10 you fill up your stomach with like vegetables and salad very very few calories and you do not want to waste your time eating this if it’s lunch time or earlier in the day because that’s pointless early in the day you want to go ahead and have like enjoyable meals whatever satisfies you and you know satisfies your cravings so you don’t want on have to eat stuff like this more difficult dinnertime is vegetables and nothing but like salad stuff like that and it’s pretty tasty this is like an award-winning like onions and blueberries and Kaylee you know it’s so pretty tasty but obviously this is not mine you know this is not my fault my cravings but tomorrow morning I’m going to devour something really indulgent so I just want to keep it brief today if you like my video I appreciate if you’ll need to like subscribe leaving your constant comments questions if you want full detail step-by-step plan check out my website change your life the link is in the description below there’s also a link for a free download so check it out it just might change your life thanks also just one last thing I try to get the dressing on the side the dressing can have a ton of calories so first let’s just get a light dressing like a light vinaigrette and don’t have them drizzle it over just put on the sides you feeling superior food and your salad in there you probably want them consuming less than half of the actual dressing so now it’s all ok one last thing and you can still go out to dinner i’m not saying that you should skip dinner you can still got the dinner where we’re at the dinner here with my kids and the wife and you look like they’re still enjoy yourself and I’m just me personally or you know you have to just order a different meal then other people are eating and we do that all the time we go out with friends and you know other people eating cheeseburgers or pizza or whatever they’re eating at dinner like to get your entrées with you see the salad i drink Light beer with dinner and you know I mean I lost 50 pounds doing this it’s amazing i don’t care go ahead and you know your entrée and not getting anything i want in the morning i’m going to be weaned and you know when you’ve been fat for so long you know I’m not going back so this is a great system for me anything out there and want to try it you know my techniques and check out change your life

  • Hey Alek,
    Had a good first day back and closed my window at 4, only thing was I ate an ounce of mixed nuts and 2 ounces of cheese. That won't stop the weight loss will it? I'm done for the night though.
    Thanks Brian

  • Hi. Again Alek,
    Well I'm down to 207 since starting back, that's down from 216 at the start.
    I'm going to have some steamed vegetables for dinner at 4:30 👹
    Can we have a little bit of fruit as well or just vegetables?

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