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Wattan TV – Ms  Candy (ENG, FR subtitle) / Being 20

Wattan TV – Ms Candy (ENG, FR subtitle) / Being 20

My name is Sumaya Zaheda I wanted to add feminine touch to my shop, here, in Hebron They don’t like the mix between women and men Three young women work at my shop : Two for making sweets, and the other for selling it Sumaya was an idol, as successfull woman, She is independant, charismatic, Her work in this shop shows how successfull she is, I aspire to be like her and her level. From here I start my work, and my story begun. to enter the business world, to integrate in the society… from this kitchen which became part of me. I would like to ask all women in the palestinian society, here in Hebron or any other part to seek a opportunity to work like this project. The old customs and traditions that used to give domination to masculinity, we break all of these rules and made our way to society My message to women is not to be afraid rely on yourself, and be independent.

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