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Villain Pub – Zombie Night

Villain Pub – Zombie Night

Brains.. ehhrhhg. Brains! Yes.. Yes! These are the brains you’re looking for. Another zombie night, barkeep? Really? It’s great, isn’t it? Well, Dark Lord, ever since your army of Death Eaters disbanded I’ve had to expand my clientele to include collective villains Besides, they are excellent tippers. Ugh! Disgusting! Collective villains shouldn’t even count as villains! What do you mean? Collective villains are terrifying! What could be more evil than a mass of mindless, undead cannibals shambling toward you to eat your brain? A true villain is a brilliant and powerful genius. He doesn’t stumble towards his victims in mindless waves. A TRUE villain plots and schemes and outwits. A dark and powerful master like… KHANNN!!! Brainn !!! How do you do that? Do you just wait outside listening for an inspiring speech to interrupt? If that were true, I’d never come in. Hoo-hoo! Nice! Settle a debate for us, Khan man. Voldy here says that zombies shouldn’t count as villains because they’re just a mindless collective. I think they’re terrifying. Your thoughts? Oh, are there zombies here? How could you not have noticed? They are everywhere! You forget, I am superior in every way. You all seem like zombies to me. Oh, I suppose you have a superior understanding of hierarchy of villainy Indeed I do.
Me, zombies, everyone else. Scoff! Oh, I forgot. Magicians. Hmmphh.
I love magic! Do you want to see a magic trick? I got your nose! Really? Fine! I’ll put it back. Zombies are so old fashioned. Only the intellectually challenged would fear them. We certainly don’t have to worry about things like that in the future. Wait, what about those guys? Those aren’t anything like zombies. Resistance is futile. Resistance is futile. By your command. Face it, they’re just robot zombies. Yep, pretty much. Villain Pub- Zombie Night Guys! Zombie karaoke is starting! That’s it. Disapparate! Personal transporter. Guys, you’re gonna miss it! (Singing) I’m just a lonely zombie! I’m just a lonely zombieeee!

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