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  • Its sad to see people now days not want to help each other… the respect and compassion is slowly dying inside of the masses…

  • "a loving father". this guy in the bar, who has a child, has a family should have stayed in his house with his family. not in the bar.

  • Kapone's is just like
    Why there's SO MANY problems THERE AND WHY NO ONE did NOTHING…
    Fishes float, horse heads in beds, AND acting like YOU knew NOTHING happened right in FRONT of YOU, throwing your drink IS ACCESSORY…
    DON'T GO THERE unless YOU have a DEATH WISH…😢

  • F**** cower. You punched him like a f**** Cower . Tough guy hitting somebody from the back.
    I hope you can pay this in prison if you are lucky to come out alive. Tough guy huh. You will die in Jail that is for sure.

  • Karma is a b** he will die that's for sure.. you kill somebody intentionally so you will die the same way.. just remember time is coming.. disgusting human waste you don't deserve to be in our society.

  • Alcohol should be made illegal. Cigarettes and tobacco should be made illegal. The government is at fault here. It is illegal to drive after a half of a beer because it impairs the ability to drive or operate. How ever unfortunate this situation is and was fault should lie with the government. People do stupid stuff under any influence alcohol ads to this. The tax revenues that come from the alcohol and tobacco sales are billions a year. Who can afford the stocks in such sales? The extreme wealthy. Our laws always lay fault within someone else but never the law makers who are living without fear of fault at their footsteps. Many may argue this fact but truth is truth. Look up the statistics on the deaths (no matter how they happen) are due to drugs alcohol and tobacco.

  • Another reason for NOT go yo bars, Buy your own booze and get drunk un your home

    And took a dish use It as wheeldrive and drive from living room yo bed then crash aganist The bed and sleep well

  • Sports are lame !!!! even more lame is going to prison over a sports disagremnet ! The biggest lame is dying over sports !

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