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USB and Plug outlet | USB Wall Charger | Get Fixed

USB and Plug outlet | USB Wall Charger | Get Fixed

what’s going on guys been TD here from
get pics in today’s review is on the Legrand USB charging outlets the package does
indicate that I have not remove the item at the box in attendance
starlet so they should be called a unboxing
review not just a review her right now for the ones who has in
appreciation for old fashion well we still do have the 15 amp 125
volt outlet now they’re is a distinguishable
difference between the old outweigh in the new one the old one is about 125 volts and it is gettin em the new one consistent to USB chargers
which is 3.1 amp in tribal to let us take a look at
the front of the package which notice here is they’re terribly iPad iPod iPhone whatever whatever is
compatible with USB charging words for this now anyways guys been GD
hear from get big since since I’ve never been in by email aids.

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