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Unique and RARE THAI FOOD in Chiang Mai, Thailand! | Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai Tour

Unique and RARE THAI FOOD in Chiang Mai, Thailand! | Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai Tour

– Good morning, hope you’re
having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I’m in Chiang Mai, Thailand,
and the goal of today is to eat at this traditional restaurant. – Ying, what’s the name of the restaurant we’re
going to for lunch? – Uhhh (responds in foreign language) – (repeats in foreign
language) and they specialize in very traditional, very
rare to find Thai dishes. So that’s the goal of the
day but then there’s a couple of restaurants and little stalls that Ying and I really wanted to check out. And so it’s gonna be some good food. I’m gonna share it with you in this video
today on in Chiang Mai. We’re sitting just on
little, tiny, wooden stools. The grill right in front of me. She’s really nice. This is such a beautiful environment. You can smell the aroma of that beef. I’m always thrilled to try a
new version of satay but I mean especially the sauce looks very unique. Oh man and if you could
smell that aroma sizzling on that grill, oh wow. For my first bite, I’m
just gonna try it as is without the sauce just to get
a taste of the actual meat. – (speaks in foreign language) – Oh she cooked it so it’s
really juicy and fatty. You can taste a little
bit of chili in there but you really taste
the flavor of the beef. Oh that’s juicy too and oily. Let’s try the sauce which
is a very unique sauce. This is a sauce unlike I’ve ever seen. There’s some oil on there. There’s some peanuts in
there and it’s really like thick and chunky. Look at that. It’s like jelly or jam almost. Mhm, that’s wow. It’s like like blobby. It’s like jam. It is almost kind of fruity. It’s a little bit sweet and
very nutty and you do taste that like undertone of
chili oil but what’s amazing is the beef and just how
juicy and oily that beef is. Oh the beef is awesome. And then she has a plate of
chilis and shallots as well. Taste that? Oh yeah, oh that’s a beautiful green burst of heat in your mouth. Oh that’s what you need. The sauce is quite sweet so balanced with the juicy beef and with that chili. Now let me grab a shallot and that completes the satay experience. That full round. Let’s do it again. Step one, step two, step three. Oh one more step, I totally
forgot about the cucumber. And that’s the full experience. Her beef though. It’s so flavorful. It’s so juicy. It’s so oily. I’m in heaven here as
soon as you finish those, she adds more right from
the grill so they remain hot as you keep on eating. Yeah, the beef, the beef is awesome. (upbeat music) Once you are satisfied,
you just give her the word. She’ll literally just
keep giving you skewers until you tell her the word
and when you’re satisfied you tell her, okay that’s good and then she’ll count your sticks and it’s five baht per stick. Oh that was great. The beef itself was delicious
and the surrounding, the atmosphere is just, it’s awesome. The sauce is a little bit on
the sweet side for me kind of. It’s almost custardy and nutty but it was very interesting satay that I’ve never had before. So that was a lot of fun. That was well worth checking out. – (speaking in a foreign language) – That was fun. Now Ying what did you think? – Yes – So cool to be sitting
there eating satay, no? So the next thing we have
planned today is lunch. We have reservations at noon, right? Serves some rare, very hard to find Bolang traditional Thai dishes. (upbeat music) Welcome to lunch and the restaurant is called (speaks in foreign language). It’s a little bit outside
of the center of Chiang Mai but in a nice little neighborhood. It’s quite a nice place and
it’s known to be a real classic, a real, a place that’s
really preserving very rare, very hard to find Thai dishes and snacks. So I’m excited and we’ll
see what they have. – [Ying] (speaks in a foreign language) – We chose to sit outside. It’s a really nice garden area. They have some waterfalls. Very pleasant. We’re just noticing how heavy the menu is. Oh beautiful photos in this menu. As soon as you sit down, they
give you a little platter of (speaks in a foreign
language), which is green mango, beautifully cut and then a
(speaks in a foreign language), it’s a sweet sauce but it’s
like sweet but also savory because there’s shallots in
it, there’s chilis in it. Oh wow, oh that is superb. It’s salty, it’s shrimpy. But then it’s sweet and
like tamorindy as well. Oh what just came, Ying? – Saeng wa goong – Saeng wa goong Gonna put a little bit of the fried shrimp cracklings on top. There’s also a citrus in here
called somsa and the shrimp. Wow look at what she just gave us. Oh that is gorgeous. Okay first bite of the saeng wa. Mhm, oh the shrimp. That is like almost crab in texture. Beautiful presented. You can taste the caper lime peel in there and then you got the
crunchy shrimp as well. Stunningly refreshing and good. (upbeat music) – (speaks in a foreign language) – [Mark] I’m trying to find words man. This is… – The texture is perfect. It’s like engineered deliciousness. – [Mark] This is called kratong tong and they’re little gold
little cups filled with I think it does have a little
bit of western influence. There’s corn, there’s carrots,
there’s mince meat in here. But you got that crunch,
you got the mince meats like a mince meat pot pie. We got so many dishes to try. Let’s try the next dish
together, the chaw muang Chaw muang (speaking
in a foreign language) – [Waitress] (speaking
in a foreign language) – It’s like some of the
prettiest food you’ll ever see. I would imagine that
the blue color is coming from butterfly pea. – [Joel] Yup. – [Mark] And then it’s
covered in coconut milk. There you can see some
garlic shavings on there. So it’s, I think it might
be the sweet, savory kind of contract and then you
chase it with all that herbs and vegetables, the lettuce, the cilantro. I think that’s it. So maybe we should use a spoon. Everything is just pinched perfectly into this little floral dumpling. (upbeat music) – Warm too. – [Mark] Mh-hm, it’s one
of those things where you It’s kind of deserty but at
the same time it’s savory. Very sweet but at the same time garlicky and then that’s why you gotta
chase it with that herb. (upbeat music) And that just adds to the contrast. Do you remember the name of this one? – [Joel] Room, room – [Mark] I mean everything
is taken into consideration and the time intensive decorations. That looks like a little egg neck wrapper. Look at that neck like yolky wrapper. – Wow.
– Wow. – [Waiter] (speaking
in a foreign language) – [Girl in The Background]
(speaking in a foreign language) – [Mark] Wow. – (speaking in a foreign language) – Three layers – (speaking in a foreign
language) That looks like a sausage roll. (speaking
in a foreign language) (upbeat music) The coconut – (speaking in a foreign language) – [Mark] That sweet coconut in there and then like the yolky
omelet thin wrapper. As we were taking a bite of the last dish, the owner (speaking in
a foreign language), she came with the
platter of the, it’s kind of like sausage wrapped
into an egg wrapper with (speaking in a foreign language), which is a Chinese (speaking
in a foreign language) sausage in the middle. It’s kind of like a sausage roll-up. Look at how beautiful that is. Did it come with that sauce? – [Joel] Yes. – [Mark] I think it did, right? Every bite there’s a cucumber foundation. Cucumber base on the bottom. Look at that so you get the roll-up with a cucumber on the bottom. Look at the, oh it just
slipped off of the spoon. Oh no, I’m sorry. – [Joel] It’s like dropping a piece of artwork. – [Mark] I’m sorry. I did drop it and oh that’s celery. Okay my bad about that. (upbeat music) Oh this one is great. There’s so many different
contrasts of flavor. You got the sweet Chinese sausage. You got the like meatball
and then the egg wrapper which is crunchy. – [Joel] Yeah. In the meatball, crunchy celery and then there was also the celery leaf. – Wow, I’ve never had anything
like this in Thailand. Next up for the mee krob. This is the fried like
silky egg and noodles and there should be noodle, yeah okay. So on the top you can see
it’s like a egg shaving so they drizzle the egg
into the oil so it fries. Then, on the bottom it’s
actually the mee, the noodles. Oh look at that egg net, egg net. (upbeat music) – Really, wow. Look at this green onion. I think I’ll just one bite it. Oh wow. The noodles, the noodles
just kind of like dissolve into your mouth. You can really taste the
sweet tamarind in there. Wow this is like cripsyness drenched in like tamarindy dressing. – [Waiter] Chiang da pad thai – [Mark] This is a vegetable
stir fried with egg. Be careful of the chilis. – [Joel] Oh that smells so good. (upbeat music) – Oh it’s spinachy. It’s got that really soft
slightly slimy texture to it. So the way they fried it,
you can taste the smoky, you can taste the garlic. Oh that is superb. Okay next up is the gaeng ranjuan This is another classic dish. I think pork bones. There’s some chilis
floating around in there. It’s very aromatic. I’m just gonna try the soup with a couple of chilis in there. Oh you can see the little slivers of, I believe, lemongrass in there too. Try the broth first. (upbeat music) It’s almost fruity. – [Joel] Yeah, I taste fruit in there. I was gonna ask is it like a plum? – [Mark] Passionfruity – [Joel] Yeah. – [Mark] Passionfruity
– [Joel] Wow. – [Mark] But at the same time porky. The pork is just fall off the bone tender. Okay next we’re gonna try the khao yam which is a southern Thai rice
salad and I’ve asked my wife, Ying, to do the honors of mixing it. Wow mix that all with (speaking
in a foreign language), which is a fermented fish versera sauce, which is the dressing. (upbeat music) Oh there’s red cabbage in here too. In one bite of this you
got like 25 ingredients. – Oh yeah. – Every time I eat this dish, the one word that comes to mind, herbaceous. Such a harmony. – So many fresh ingredients
like it’s such a bite that makes your mouth feel alive. – [Mark] Next dish and
again just spectacular, nam prik kai boo, which
is the crab eggs dip with a variety of vegetables. Stunning, I’m going green bean and you can see the
yellowness from the crab eggs but then also some crab
meat on the side there. Then little pellets of I don’t
know what they are exactly. Oh, you don’t expect it
to be cold like that. It’s like refreshing
immediately and it’s so yolky from all of the crab roe. – [Joel] I don’t know if I ever had that before. – [Mark] Yeah. With a crunchiness factor, mhm. Oh (laughter) (speaking
in a foreign language) – [Joel] Thank you, God. – [Mark] so we’re still
waiting on a fish, aren’t you? One more fish to come but in the mean time they brought out the deserts. So we’re gonna just taste the
deserts real fast and these I don’t think I’ve ever
seen a more beautiful desert in my life. So it’s sweet potato,
which is simmered in syrup and then covered in coconut
milk and just carved into flowers again. If you got a piece of
the flower and eat with a oh yeah you can see the
starchiness of that, oh man I feel kind of
bad tearing into this. – [Joel] It’s cool they have
to cook it enough to be eaten but also soft enough
to cut it so artfully. – [Mark] It’s dripping with coconut milk. Wow really delicate. – [Ying] It’s crunchy also, right? – Yeah it’s cooked perfectly
so it’s starchy and soft but kind of crunchy at
the same time, right. – [Ying] Yeah. – And so it’s like
exactly cooked perfectly how they want it. Love it, huh? – Mh. – [Mark] Oh the fish. Here comes the fish. That’s the final dish we ordered, Ying? – Mh-hm. – [Mark] The final dish we got
was a black cod samoon prai and so it’s a fried fish with
Thai herbs, which in this case happened to be like a massive pile of shredded deep fried
lemongrass and a second pile of fried caper lime season. Looks like there’s some
basil in there too. You could dump the sauce
over the whole thing but I think I’ll just
anoint this side first. Joel, let’s go from this side,
mix in some of the herbs. – [Joel] Look at that. – [Mark] Right out of the oil. Oh yes it is with some of the I’m gonna make this This is a dish that you wanna
make your bite count, right? – [Joel] Yeah, look at all those leaves. – [Mark] Pile of fried lemongrass. The caper lime leaves,
the fish is under there and some of the sauce. (upbeat music) Oh yeah, oh wow. The lemongrass cause normally
you’re not really meant to eat lemongrass unless
it’s shaved very fine or unless it’s shredded
and deep fried like this but it is so fragrant. – [Joel] And that fish so warm and soft. That’s glorious. – [Mark] That’s spectacular. (upbeat music) Wow that is blowing my mouth right now. – Even, I’m still getting the after taste from the first bite. That is a mountain of
deep fried lemongrass. – Okay, I think we have
successfully tasted everything that we ordered. What a treat. The style of food is more
of the Borang traditional but also royal Thai food which
is always a little more mild and sweet in taste overall. So like it depends on your
mood, you know, like the food incredibly high quality, incredibly good, incredibly balanced and
also just the time it took to prepare all those dishes
and to the decoration. I mean that was for sure one
of the most beautiful meals I’ve ever had but yeah
the food is on the milder, sweeter side everything
but yeah really good. That was a meal experience. That was a meal experience. (upbeat music) It’s been kind of a mixed
bag day of food today and we weren’t really sure
what we were even gonna do. We were gonna go to dinner
after that giant lunch but we have decided. We had a little break back at the house but we have decided to
come out for dinner tonight and not that hungry but
this is a restaurant, I really wanted to
check out before leaving or in Chiang Mai. So it’s called Lerd
Rote Tai Rome Ma-Feuang. You just totally walk all
the way through their house to the patio. This is kind of the front
patio of their house and then you get to the
restaurant which is out here over looking (speaking
in a foreign language). Over looking the river. And the other interesting
thing is that this is mainly a sea food restaurant and
Chiang Mai is actually very, very far from the sea. So normally I would not chose
to eat sea food in Chiang Mai but people from Chiang Mai say this is one of the greatest restaurants. Many people really like
highly recommend it so that’s why we’re here
and I’m very excited. – [Joel] Oh Micah look at that. – [Mark] Dropped off the
first dish on our table. It’s called (speaking
in a foreign language) shrimp chili salt. The entire restaurant
just erupted with garlic as soon as she set this on the table. Maybe our (speaking in a foreign language) is coming right now. We’re about to take a bite of the shrimp when she just unleashed
all the other dishes. The main event of dinner,
the crab stir fried. It’s in Thai (speaking
in a foreign language). It is crab stir fried with
just heaps of black pepper, and a heap of garlic. That looks insane. Okay but let’s still
start with the shrimp. This entire plate there’s
only like four prawns but it’s an entire plate. – [Joel] Look at the size of these guys – [Mark] And just the herbs and the garlic and the dude and the caper limes leaves. Just check out that, check out that. It fills the entire spoon. I’m gonna get a chili
on this bite as well, sure beats shallots. (upbeat music) Wow. – [Joel] Are you kidding with
the richness of that prawn. – And just it’s juicy. It’s naturally sweet. There’s so much like
pepper and fried shallots and all like fried to a crisp
to bring out the fragrance and the crunch. It’s literally like a forest
of fried herbs and spices. Wait we also got that tom
yum, the fire has stopped but it was flaming when she brought it. That just looks like such a
clear just beautiful fish broth. There’s chunks of fish, all the herbs. It’s very, very aromatic. I’m just gonna taste the broth first. (upbeat music) That is the, yeah, that’s the taste like just the sharp sourness
from lime juice followed by the lemongrass and the
thick caper lime flavor with the herbs in there and
just the like light fish stock but that sourness, they got it right. I think the only think that
I would’ve added to this is a few more of the dry roasted chilis. Sometimes they toast the dry chilis and then kind of crush them on
the top of tom yum like this. That’s the only thing like I
would’ve add but the sourness. It’s perfect, perfect. – [Joel] I’ve been smelling
even though I’ve been tasting the dishes, I’ve been
smelling this the entire time. – [Mark] The garlic and
pepper crust build up. It’s just solid and the oh these are the – [Joel] These are just one
crab piled onto a plate. Say hello to this guy. – [Mark] Hello. – [Joel] Oh and if you
look at the lid of the, lift up that back it’s just loaded look at
how much chili and garlic. – [Mark] Okay let’s begin
with these little the drums just sprouting and I think in order to maximize my first bite. – [Joel] That’s for you Spoon this on top Dude. – Oh and the green
onions, oh look at that. – That is a cheers worthy mega bite. (upbeat music) – I just got like solid
whole black peppercorns that just crunch and that crab, it
just is so tender and sweet. So you ready for the claws? – [Joel] Mh-hm. – [Mark] The claw action – [Joel] Look at that mountain. – [Mark] Dude, that one is huge. Okay now that we peeled
it, we have to reapply. Just look at this oil, garlic, oh wow, pepper onto this bite. That’s so much garlic and so much peppers. Oh wow I’m afraid of how
delicious this might be. Right, cheers. Wow dude that is – [Joel] My first kiss
was not as gentle as that. Oh my gosh. – [Mark] Okay we also got
(speaking in a foreign language) with a little bit of bumac squid in there. Joel is still in his own
disbelief world right now. So I’m just gonna quickly
taste the vegetable. He’s still recovering,
recovering from that claw. That’s one of the greatests. It was so good. Vegetable is nice too. Nice and like very perfectly salty. We’re just gonna sit here and embrace it and slowly lick our fingers and spoons and just devour everything. What a meal and then I
will catch up with you as soon as we finish this meal. (upbeat music) Never in all my days did I
dream, I would come to Chiang Mai to have an excelling sea food meal but that has just changed. That was a superb meal. It was so good. It’s so unassuming from the front. That’s the shop just a shop house and it’s almost like a museum. You walk into the front there. That’s actually the
garage with a motorbikes, then you walk to the
back to the patio area, to the river view but he is a chef. He is a master. What a day of food. I’ll have all the information
of all the food that we ate at the restaurants in
the description box below that you can check out and I
want to say a huge thank you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
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Mai and I will see you on the next video.

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