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Trump blames his critics for spreading coronavirus panic

Trump blames his critics for spreading coronavirus panic

  • Trump is crazy nuttzo..
    Is derailed train has been disabled for an extraordinarily long time..
    Democrats have absolutely nothing to do with the spread of the current virus trouble.
    in the stock market crash is due to Trump's ineptness and the rest of the not knowing how to handle money the other side of this is that the market crashed before the Democratic debates on Tuesday,
    The crash has absolutely no relationship with the Democratic Party.. the Republicans are in power and Trump's Orange crush brain dear leader is in charge.
    For a short while anyway

  • Lefty's want to blame Conservative Leaders for things out of their control and act like they are not taking enough action to combat it for political chessmanship… Scott Morrison has no control over the weather [and has nothing to do with the origin of the bushfires/drought] and the lefty's become unhinged when he ruins their targeted attack on him by mentioning that reality… So too Donald Trump doesn't have anything to do with the origin of the coronavirus yet the lefty's want to target him on it as if he's supposedly not doing enough to combat it… Even in the face of global Health Organizations declaring there is no real prevention method to the possible pandemic spread of the virus [minus incinerators like in China…] Do you see how the left expect the right to be to blame for the uncontrollable??? Just pathetic that they think these smears will work on Persons with common sense rationality…

  • We will see how this plays out. What Hand Sanitizer is formulated, packaged and distributed in the United States and employs American Workers? Get checked out. Take a swab of a bus or subway guardrail and look at it even in non pandemic times and….

  • It isn't the whole world that is concerned about the spreading coronavirus pandemic it is the Democrats. It's all about Trump!
    Trump has systematically gutted the national health agencies that Obama strengthened just for pandemic threats to the USA after the ebola outbreaks…Trump is a disease called INEPT!

  • Trump is right though, the Democrats are trying to start a panic. The best thing to do is to not panic, otherwise it will just become worst.

  • Oh please, get off the cross you old toad. The disease is here and it's real. It spreads its own concerns. We'll soon hear how Hillary concocted the disease in her basement laboratory and let it free on the public. There, I beat you to it.

  • First thing Pelosi and Schumer did was make it political. They will use anything, even a deadly disease outbreak, as an excuse to bash the President.

  • It’s true! POTUS is in control! Fake News and Deep State throwing fear into people! Do not listen to these zombies! FAKE NEWS and Stupid Face Pelosi…BAD’

  • You know the Japanese prime minister just 'strongly encouraged' all elementary schools and high schools to temporarily close from March 2. The Japanese have been advised not to bulk buy masks as leaving others with none is likely to come back and bite you as it's more likely that the person who couldn't get a mask will give it to you. The coronavirus is real!

  • He's right to say so, especially after all that has happened, and here's how the script may have developed so far.
    China loses out on trade deal.
    China releases virus.
    Trumps boom economy is force-fed a disaster, in an effort to get said economy to tank out, just in time for November.
    The script is playing out in real time before our very eyes.
    Control is key, close borders.

  • Community transmission es a growing concern. 45 has deregulated le country. Including, CDC, FDA, et NIH funding.

  • Well let's see if God is on Trump's side to fight the virus spread as he publicly said that everything is under control. If he fails he could not blame Obama, the Dems or the medias. It would be his failure

  • The stock market is spiraling downward and so is the economy that was overhyped by Trump just like he's saying the coronavirus is overhyped.Trump is and has always been a failure. Trump is hero of the stupid. Bloomberg 2020

  • So trump contradict the experts about the coronavirus and down play the seriousness of it but he blames the dems for being concerned. He contradict our intelligence agencies, national weather service, and now the CDC but he blames the dems. Wow.

  • I hear Trump has put Mike Pence in charge of the disease. If anyone can save us, Mike can. I hear he is praying hard. Just a couple of months ago an asteroid was set to hit us, and it would have destroyed the entire planet, but Mike prayed for it to miss us, and it did! Maybe he can pray for climate change to go away too. That would be great.

  • Yes… the Coronavirus is a very scary thing. Eventually, it WILL pass. As in all worldwide disasters there is always one blessing…and that's the coming together of all humanity fighting together with one common cause! God Bless

  • The Devil; hence Satan is a damned liar, who comes to steal. And he is damned; a dead man walking! So what will happen to the money for this virus when it never reaches a pandemic level? Evidently the money is there if needed; but right now it is not yet needed. Looks like an attempt to steal on a grand scale from the American people. It is the flu; maybe a little different version, but the flu none the less! And if one has HIV/AIDS; therefore a seriously compromised immune system, which also leads to other underlying medical conditions or if one is elderly and has one or more ongoing medical/health problems, then they are at an increased risk, just like those with HIV/AIDS, yet maybe not as much at risk depending on the condition of their immune system. And those who already have serious allergy problems, especially severe cases of asthma! So to freak out everyone over this is absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible as hell; besides as the Lord told us all, it is the wicked that shall be removed from this earth! Gather first the tares and bind them in bundles to burn. And the end time plagues will not encompass the entire earth! Another attempt at changing the laws to steal!

  • What a great argument for open boarders. Democrats are panicked over this virus but would unanimously give up any ability to monitor the health of people entering the country from the rest of the world. Its pretty bad, Ms Pelosi, when your hatred is so deep that you can't make up your mind how you feel about ANYTHING beside your hatred. Your judgement has not just clouded – it's left the building! This, kids, is what is meant by "he/she would cut off their nose to spite their face".

  • Why are there RESTRICTIONS on TESTING the person out WEST who had the CORONAVIRUS? the first HOSPITAL that he went to subspected he had the VIRUS. The hospital said they could not because he did not come from CHINA or other effective areas, this the first NON-CUMMUNITY trace back in AMERICA. TRUMP ADMINISTRATION must make sure there are NO RESTRICTIONS ON TESTING, and that there are 100 of thousands of test kits that can get anywhere within 24 hours in AMERICA. TRUMP will get the blame if there are not enough supplies to fight and prevent the spread of this virus. GOD SAVE THE REPUBLIC.

  • I'm telling you. Somebody somewhere got the virus and put it out on purpose. Its not a coincidence that it's during an election cycle. They will use whatever means available to beat Donald Trump , even if it means killing people. The evil dems are so desperate they'll do ANYTHING. now they're going after the stock market. Don't be fooled America. These people are evil diabolical maniacs. Just look at the Clintons and the Obamas. Murdering people is nothing to these people

  • Not a day goes by, for the past three years, that the democrats weren't attacking the president for something.
    They attacked for russian collusion, his hair, his weight, clothing, skin color even the bone spurs. And now is the
    coronavirus. The liberals are so very predictable. !

  • The reason you're seeing more outbreaks in other countries is because they didn't take the precautions ahead of time that we the United States did. Now honestly, I think we should shut down all international travel in and out of the United States. That would prevent anything from coming into this country. People can travel all around this country if they want just stop international travel. I think the president is on the right path. He's already stopped planes going in and out of China. They should totally stop planes. From going in and out of Asia and all of the airlines are not going to those countries either. But we are not other countries. So they got to stop comparing us to these other countries that have this outbreak.

  • Stock market failing, economy overhyped by Trumps delusional thoughts. Now he has nothing to offer the morons who voted for him. Bloomberg 2020 he'll get it done and drain the slimmest swamp in U.S history

  • Open borders, unchecked inflow of unknown illegal aliens, then corona virus.
    I'm not saying anything. I'm not even suggesting burning in hell of the dems for wanting a failed America…

  • 2.5 billion Trump
    8.5 billion Chuckie Boy
    If Trump proposed 20 billion, the Democrats would have said it isn’t enough. Who’s kidding who? Playing politics with a disease. New low.

  • Oh I bet these Demonrats really do want to clean up for their boss ( China) sure isn't we the people
    . Imagine going to work and every day half the other workers don't work they just follow you around trying to make you look bad. So how much has the President really done ? Holy cow !!!

  • As soon as China started to fly out people back to there own countries they already knew the danger of it and that they were basically letting it SPREAD China should have and could have stopped ALL flights as for Nancy Pelosi shut up Nancy you people playing your twisted demonic MIND GAMES keeping our President so busy with your B.S. distractions and now you want to play the blame games get out here with that

  • This is the most ridicolous comment section I have ever seen.
    Couldn't care less about USA's political pedantics, but the extreme ignorance, lack of reasoning, logic processing and obliviousness of the people commenting and liking here, I'm starting to hope you really don't take preemptive measures over in USA in regards to the virus. A cleansing is long overdue, too many people would see humanity die off rather than having their baseless and pointless pride hurt, it's time for natural selection.

  • But our Administration is playing with lives; pres.Trump has foreseen the situation: the government response structure put in place by the Obama administration in response to Ebola that was removed by the Trump administration, leaving the U.S. unprepared for a potential spread of the coronavirus, and unlikely to follow China's model of containment.

  • It’s God’s plague . Learn to love it , lean to live it .
    Send all your money to Trumps religious advisor today or you will go to hell .
    It’s the new Apocalypse agenda .. working with Israel to keep it all on schedule .
    Send that money today . Really , these religious types are known for never deceiving people for their money .
    Do it .

  • Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s communist China trying to slow down USA economy it was made in laboratory NOT FISH MARKET , I don’t trust them Chinese it effects older people and China has ageing population problem.

  • The Dear Leader couldn't tell you the difference between a vaccine and an antibiotic. He didn't even know that flu kills tens of thousand in the US every year. Total ignorance and incompetence.

  • Blah blah blah,it always someone's fault.this is not a party rep/Dem virus.get a grip people.stock market just is not performing who is at fault for that…

  • The WHO and China knew this 3 months ago and didn't say nothing and now China did so good job containing it to spread worldwide and america isn't testing nobody just like Europe. Okay, no testing means less cases and less panic, economy is doing great I guess ?

  • God Bless President Trump from Canada 👍🇨🇦 Trudeau is a traitor and has sold us out to the UN! I don't know anyone who likes and/or voted for this lying sack of 💩? Trudeau is unfit to run his office, much less a country 🇨🇦 Trudeau is a fake feminist, just look how he treated Jody and Jane. Trudeau couldn't care less about Canadian job's, otherwise he would of cut his trip to Africa short, return to Canada and deal with the CN rail blockaids. Not wait 2 week's! The people on CN train's have nothing to do with the protests, yet are affected as thousand's upon thousand's of the passenger's lost their job's 🇨🇦 that doesn't sound like a peaceful protest to me? Not to mention the thousand's lives of innocent people who were in grave danger, because some idiot want's to derail the train's


  • dems/their news outlets are extremely critical of trump, saying terrible things about the way he has been handling this. pelosi says trump's response is late; however, just a few wks ago when the outbreak was first announced by china, trump immediately jumped on the problem. at that time, he and his administration announced a very aggressive response. these same dems and their puppets, at that time, said he was over-reacting; they were just as critical of him then for taking so-called unnecessary actions as they are now of him supposedly not taking sufficient action, plus their bellyaching and whining comes at a time when johns hopkins (one of the best hospitals in the world) has made a list ranking the response of each country to this epidemic – and on that list, the response of the u.s.a. (meaning pres trump's response to this problem that the dems/mainstream media think is either too drastic or not nearly good enough – i'm still waiting to see which one they finally decide) is # 1/the very best response of any country in the entire world. are they claiming that the people at johns hopkins don't know what they're talking about? this seems to be just one more example of the absolute stupidity and tds of these 2 particular groups of folks who had rather look like idiots than work with the pres even on something as important as this or to admit that trump actually has done something right.

  • Trumps an incompetent fool. More concerned about the markets crashing taking the economy down and his reelection. Putting himself first as usual.

  • We have the best medical in the world we need to calm down people and let our professional medical people take care of this

  • "No-one knows more about the Conovirus than me. In fact, I am the Corona virus." Donald J Trump the 45th President of the USA.

  • For now, I strongly suggest today's mentally deficient Democrat politicians, their corrupt mass media manure spreading outlets, and their radical party supporters, all put on surgical masks. Not to protect them from the coronavirus but just to put some sort of muffle over their mouths and protect the rest of us from their Trump Derangement Syndrome.
    On a side note, despite no reported cases in San Francisco as yet, the Mayor has declared a local emergency over the coronavirus. It’s nice to see that San Francisco officials are finally showing some concern over a disease that’s rumored to be spread by contact with human feces, but maybe they should have thought of that before deciding that defecating in the streets and parks is a human right.

  • The democrats trying to funnel the monies elsewhere that’s why schumer is asking for so much. What is the dems motto “Never let a good crisis go to waste” their words!

  • LOL,…he's blaming Media??? Ridiculous.
    Trump put a ban on travel to/from China, you don't do that unless you think it's a serious threat. Besides, I'd rather have them overcompensate than be chill about it and have it spread.

  • "The economy stupid" ! If you want the vaccine (made in China) a year from now, you will need to be a registered republican – promise to mow the white house lawn and shine his shoes.

  • I don't know who needs to hear this, but forbidding health officials and expert scientists from reporting on a global pandemic without clearance is not how a government in a democratic society is supposed to operate.

  • Coronavirus is nothing to fear ! God is great and is getting rid of sinners his own way for messing with his chosen ones and reverting the divine plan . China Iran huge players including Japan and corona is a Mexican beer who began the theft in 2009 . Coronavirus is a divine illness of protecting Gods children against terrorists .

  • The USA have been copying the Chinese government and even try to best them. When you have a president who blames his opponents, medical experts and other scientists on a disease, instead of putting everyone under his wing as a leader should do, to calm them down, you know you have an abnormal person in front of you. Glad I don’t have to count on that one to save my butt.
    Yes, you have to calm down people, but you have to tell them things how they are instead of hiding the truth

  • Yeah if you don't have a Medical PhD then shut the fck up and let the CDC has free reign and not suppress their advice and information.

  • Trumputin you are a disgrace. You only care about the stock market. Can’t wait to vote your &$&& out of office. Stop yo lies. God is watching you and is sick.

  • Donald Trump is ignorant with regard to viruses or infectious disease in general, and he isn't capable of learning about the coronavirus to any significant depth. He is the last person on earth that should be overseeing the effort to control an epidemic.

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