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Toronto Travel Guide | Assembly Chef’s Hall: 17 Best Restaurants Under One Roof

Toronto Travel Guide | Assembly Chef’s Hall: 17 Best Restaurants Under One Roof

(upbeat music) – Hey everybody, it’s gunnarolla. I’m here today at Assembly
Chef’s Hall in Toronto, Canada. It’s a brand new dining experience and pretty unique in North America. It’s perfect if you’re like me and you just wanna eat all the things. You’ll find them here. Let’s check it out. Assembly Chef’s Hall is a new
concept in Downtown Toronto where you can experience global cuisine from 17 of Toronto’s top chefs. So I’m here with Andreas, the mastermind behind
Assembly Chef’s Hall. I’m walking into this space. It’s unlike anything I’ve
experienced in Toronto. It’s not a food court, it’s not a market. What is this? – So the Chef’s Hall is
a chef service restaurant where you transact directly
with best-in-class chefs from across the city in
each of their categories. So from barbecue to Thai, to standing omakase to vegan. There’s something for
everyone within the space and you as a customer can engage, interact directly with 17
of Toronto’s best chefs, who’ve each designed and
built their own restaurants within the incubator space. – [Gunnarolla] For someone like me who can be very indecisive
when it comes to what to eat, I can just walk around–
– Totally. – And get inspired.
– You can do that. And sometimes you’re dining
out with someone else that you can never
agree on on what to have and the beauty is you can come here, neither of you can agree but
you can agree on the fact that there’s something
for both of you here, even though each of you may end up having something different that night. – [Gunnarolla] Well if there’s one person I know I can agree with, it’s Chef Nick Liu,
the genius behind DaiLo and now Little DaiLo. – Dude, you know what, come back here. I’m gonna feed you some stuff. – [Gunnarolla] So how would you describe the food that you serve
at DaiLo, Little DaiLo. – We like to call it new Asian cuisine. We take some of the things that I was taught by my grandmother and kind of switch them
around a little bit. It is really kind of a big cross between French techniques
and French plating with Asian techniques and Asian flavors. So little DaiLo is, some
of our greatest hits like the sweet and sour pork, truffle fried rice, the Asian slaw. Now we have some peking duck wnich is confit duck first and then we deep-fry them so it’s nice and crispy on the outside, really soft kind of
confit meat on the inside. Look at those (bleep).
– It’s (bleep). – And massive.
– It’s (bleep) beautiful. (laughing) So this is what you
call the DaiLo platter. It’s everything that we
do here at Little DaiLo. – This is my lunch and my dinner. – DaiLo. (laughing) – [Gunnarolla] Okay, so
many different scents. I can smell the truffle,
the sweet and sour. We got this deep-fried amazingness. Where do you begin eating this? – I would probably start with taking the meat off the duck. – [Gunnarolla] Oh, it
just peels right off. – [Chef Nick] It just pulls right off. – [Gunnarolla] So you get your pancake. – [Chef Nick] We’ll take
some of the cucumber salad. – I’m gonna go ahead, first bite. Mmm! – The thing is, the reason why I came up with this style of Peking duck is ’cause whenever I’m in
Chinatown or a Chinese restaurant and I’m eating these, the first course, I’m always like, “You know what’d be really great in this, like confit duck. – I so agree.
– ‘Cause– (laughing) – Chopsticks agree. – You got those nice
kind of salty, the fatty. – Yeah.
– Right? And then you still get that
crispy from the outside from frying it. So we call this sweet and sour pork hocks. (upbeat music) – I love the combination of textures. Outside it’s crispy. Love the crispy but inside it’s so tender compared to food court spring salad. This is not overbearing. – [Chef Nick] And it’s made
with all-natural ingredients. – It’s a color you’d find in nature. It’s not a radioactive red. Next to Little DaiLo, you’ll find Boemo by Chef Ivana Raca and Chopped Canada’s Brad Smith. – Boemo, we just thought
bohemian vibes, free spirit, that’s what we are. We don’t wanna put ourselves in a box and say we do Italian or
French food or this and that. We say our motto is we cook
whatever the (bleep) we want. – Essentially that’s
what made me fall in love with Ivana’s food was, you can ask her to do anything and the first time she’s gonna
make it, it’s gonna be epic. And when I came to her I said, “This is gonna be a really tough task, what I’m gonna ask you to do. I’m gonna give you 400 square
feet of a brand new kitchen, I’m gonna put a thousand
people a week in front of you. I wanna do a small menu and I wanna execute it
to the highest level but I want it the fastest possible. And so what we’ve done now is we’ve taken her gnocchi, which is top 10 three
years in a row in Toronto. We’ve taken a burger that’s gonna be on everyone’s
top 10 list this year and we’ve done everything fresh to order, that day in under four minutes. – [Chef Ivana] So today
we’re gonna be sampling the white truffle cream gnocchi, roasted mushrooms, shaved
black truffle right on top, and just finished with a
little bit of parmesano. – [Gunnarolla] All right, gnocchi, my favorite of the pastas. – Yeah, this one’s gonna be great ’cause it’s truffle gnocchi with ricotta, some of my favorite two combinations. That’s good, eh? Soft, just melts in your mouth. – That truffle. – [Chef Nick] I’m telling you truffle is one of my all-time favorite things. – [Gunnarolla] You can
make any ordinary dish super fancy with truffle. – [Chef Nick] You really can. (laughing) – That’s love. That’s love. Our next stop is Tachi, Canada’s first stand-up sushi shop specializing in an omakase experience that’s limited to eight
spots and 30 minutes. For this traditional experience, the sushi chef decides
which items you eat. – Omakase basically is trust. You trust the chef whatever that he gives out to you to eat. Seeing the customer eating
the sushi right away and enjoying it, having a smile on their face, I think it’s the most
satisfying thing for a chef. I believe we are different because we really really emphasize on how we season and cook the rice. The rice is very important. It’s kinda like, no one really wants to
eat some soggy pasta. It doesn’t matter how good the sauce is. I’ll leave it there. – Yeah, so in my opinion, Jackie does some of the
best rice in Toronto and that’s why his sushi is so good ’cause it’s really all about the rice. And isn’t that beautiful? I mean it’s like our rice is–
– Yeah. – It’s glistening, it’s beautiful. I mean the way he makes it as well. I think anybody can enjoy this, right? You put it in your mouth, everything kind of speaks for itself. – Well I think too in North America we’re so used to all-you-can-eat sushi and I just need to cram all this stuff in my mouth.
– Yeah. – [Gunnarolla] Which is, I
mean, which is ridiculous ’cause they’re not using
good quality products and I think people that come here, well actually don’t know the
difference automatically. – [Gunnarolla and Chef Nick] Cheers. – Mmm! (laughing) I haven’t had real sushi
in Toronto ’til today. I’ve never had–
– It’s so good. (laughing) – [Gunnarolla] Next on today’s menu is Cherry Street Bar-B-Que specializing in pit-smoked meats, drawing on a variety of
regional styles and influences and they’ve perfected their techniques, so don’t expect to need
a lot of extra sauce. – We do traditional Texas
style, southern-style barbecue, all cooked on wood. No gas, no electric. Today we’re gonna taste the menu. I’m not gonna cheat you. (laughing) I want you guys to eat it all. So we’ll put a nice little
platter together for you. It’ll consist of our
baby backs, our sides, some turkey brisket, a little pulled pork, and you definitely gotta try the beans ’cause people can’t stop talking about it. – Oh god, it’s so good. Jesus Christ. (laughing) – [Gunnarolla] It’s perfect. The texture, the tenderness is perfect, the taste is perfect. It’s not too messy. I hate when you got meat and it’s just covered in sauce. – Eat some of that right there. Right? – That rub, what the hell? (laughing) These beans though. (laughing) Alright, I think that means
it’s time for dessert. We’re heading over to
Short and Sweet BakeShop where you’ll find delicious takes on your favorite homemade classics baked from scratch every morning using only the finest ingredients. We are a nut-free bakeshop. So no nut products, peanuts,
tree nuts all that stuff. We bake from scratch fresh everyday. For this location, we deliver
here multiple times a day. We are the only bakeshop at Assembly. We’re for the most part,
the only dessert spot here. So yeah, you can expect some really really fun cool stuff from us. Today we’re gonna try
two different Sammies and the cupcake flavors. – Okay, love s’mores. Cheers.
– Cheers, man. Yeah, nothing wrong with that. (laughing) – Alright, there’s a lot going on here. We got chocolate, we got marshmallow, we got a cookie, we got cupcakes. We got explosions, we got a mess. That’s a sign of a good meal though. Thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you next time. A la prochaine. That’s just a first taste of some of the many different options you can try at Assembly Chef’s Hall. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe
and ‘like’ gunnarolla for more food and travel recommendations. A la prochaine!

  • Assembly is one of my new favourite spots downtown so I'm glad you finally made a video about it! I went there recently and had the peking duck, and alfajores from short and sweet. Both were insanely good. Next time try the brussel sprouts from LoveChix!

  • This was so Well edited, great balance between the food shots and the talking! And it left me hungry, so great stuff 🙈!

  • Super well-made video!!!

    It had me drooling over my laptop. Definitely going to have to stop by next time I’m in town!

    Love all your food videos! Amazing!!

  • This looks like heaven on earth!
    Can you come and live in London for a few months so you can ferret out all the best spots for me here? 😛

  • Gunnarolla should be hired by the Toronto Tourism Board. I really want to visit after seeing his vlogs about the area!
    À bientôt, j'espère !

  • Oh, this is cool! It's a very similar concept to El Nacional here in Barcelona, which I highly recommend checking out, should you find yourself in this 'ol city.

  • I'm actually getting the chance to visit Toronto for the first time later this year. Maybe I can convince the fam to head over and try this out. (Or just sneak off on my own.)

  • This was great! Looks good for a date night too (hope they're open at night as well), where you can try different things and chat and share. P.S. Gnocchi to die for

  • how do you afford to make high quality content like this with so few subs..

    and why do you have so few subs…

  • Gunnarolla, this was a great video showcasing such diverse cuisine. I am from Barbados and went Canada last year for the first time- I passed through Toronto in-transit and went Edmonton- But i am planning a trip to Toronto soon so i can go to this place. My plan is to sample at least 7 restaurants.

  • I really want to try Cherry St BBQ, I only know of a handful of places that I hear does southern style BBQ right and I have yet to try any of them. I have this obsession with brisket right now, I ran brisket where I work on a LTO for a month and it was pretty decent considering it was only roasted as opposed to smoked but I've been dying to try the legit stuff.

  • Video style is great! BUT some of the items you featured are not a regular item on the current menu @ assembly. It is more so available at their respective full sized locations. Dailo doesnt actually serve duck @ assembly(unless we missed something?). The sampler spread you feature here is deceiving lol. In order to have what you were served you'd literally need to buy a little bit of everything(if it is available on menu).

  • Actually it is just a food court. I was there. Food was very good (Japanese). On the outside we ran by on first attempt. Actually the place itself is ab bit odd. The "kitchens" are very accurate, shiny, clean and really provide a variety of cooking styles. What the clip here does not show is the halls appearance. That is on the one hand side a very skilled filming capability, but on the other hand a disappointing experience in reality on the first sight. I would call the place a deep independent style food court in a mezzanine floor with no investment to look inviting. As said the food is very good. So it is a good place for a private visit but definitely not a place for business partners. Edit: Prices were fair beginning Sept. 2019. Visit the place alone before you date for making out.

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