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Tiny Harris Robbed! $750K worth of jewelry stolen from her Lamborghini (photos)

Tiny Harris Robbed! $750K worth of jewelry stolen from her Lamborghini (photos)

Ardi welcome back and we’re talking
Tomica tiny harris and we’re talking about the revelation that took place on
Sunday now it was reported to the police that she was having cocktails with
friends while at bar a mouth feet I believe that’s how you say a mile fie
whatever so when her blue velour bag was stolen from the inside of her
Lamborghini SUV I’ve included the pictures in the video I’ve also included
the pictures of the bar and so forth but let’s go you know to this story so she
said she enjoyed drinks around 8:45 p.m. and didn’t leave until 11:23 p.m. or so
that’s when she realized her jewels had been taken police said there were no
signs of forced entry into the vehicle and/or damaged and as you know they want
to learn and observe the vehicle and whatnot so Atlanta Police spokesman
investigator James Wade said this all in a statement her friend went to the car
to retrieve a deck of cards but say she has no knowledge of what happened to the
jewels now her wedding rings from her husband
TI watches and stud earrings were reported as some of the stolen jewelry
left inside a blue floor bag on top of the center of her console in the
Lamborghini SUV now people on Twitter are going crazy saying something sketchy
is happening but I just I’m wondering why did she not have on
her wedding ring I mean because I’m really baffled by that I mean if you’re
married wouldn’t I mean isn’t that like something
that you would wear I mean I can understand you might want to take it off
every now and then but if you’re out in public
why not wear your wedding ring you know what I mean and then as I want to you
know go google this place I was looking and it seems like a pretty open place my
questions I have that I want to know is you know well if there wasn’t nothing
done to the car per se or the SUV whatever have it be I mean isn’t there
doesn’t she have some kind of alarm on it or I mean wouldn’t something go off I
mean you got an expensive car like that that’s something you would want to
definitely have an alarm one and you know you have your jewelry in there to
me it just doesn’t make sense but whatever have it be I mean criminals are
crazy don’t you know do what they gotta do to get what they gotta get but then
like I said seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars in jewelry in your car
and your wedding ring which I like I said I don’t know why you wouldn’t have
your wedding ring on but you know I guess that’s all to meanly her decision
but that’s just me speaking out loud and you know thinking out loud
so whatever and then like I said it looks like a pretty open space unless
she was inside the bar because it looks like the outside of the bar is pretty
open and you can see what’s going on but then not only that the security and the
parking area said they didn’t see anything suspicious so what the hell is
going on like someone put on Twitter they said like Mark Zuckerberg said some
people have too much money they’re not billionaires but how does one even carry
around nearly 1 million dollars in valuable valuable jewelry and leave it
in a car like loose change that you find in between the seats
you know hell I don’t even have a lunch enough lunch money makes no sense to me
now after tea I last month said he felt accosted and basically exploited by the
repeated calls from money by a pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church join
Kanye West Sunday service one person joked that the church had perhaps robbed
tiny now mind you these are all comments that
were made online by you know people just you know finding you know funniness out
of the whole situation but I gotta say no matter how much money you make you
can’t I mean what Wendy I mean you still want to take that extra security and
make sure you know your valuables are you know you keep a watch on your
valuables I mean unless you got insurance to cover it I mean but then
stolen all there has to be some kind of criteria for insurance you know to even
cover our loss like that so and I don’t even know if her insurance is gonna
cover it I mean if she clearly didn’t hear a car alarm and you know it
possibly wasn’t locked because if there wasn’t any forced entry or anything like
that tchau alrighty guys what do you think it
is a shame it’s such a shame you don’t hurt valuables got taken and I feel so
bad for her anyway I’ll see you guys later bye alright I decided I wanted to
add to this video because I had some other questions like my other questions
are where any other where any of the other cars like broken into or robbed
that were around her car did she get to this bar and decide you know I’m gonna
take off on my jewelry put it in this bag and then go in there and if that was
the case what was he used to even bringing a jewelry and if it was a
sketchy area in which it looks like on you know Google and Google Maps and
things that sort Y even take like the Lamborghini I’m quite sure they might
have like a Chevy truck or something like that I don’t know and is she sure
that it got you know stolen I mean it’s a possibility she could have
been drunk and just forgot she put it somewhere but I mean if she says it’s
stolen I have no choice but to believe her and that was stolen I don’t know
these are just questions I have you know I mean if anybody has answers could you
please go ahead and answer them for me but I can’t really get paid no you know
what I can’t get past I cannot get past she didn’t have her wedding ring away I
mean was it a safety issue and if it really was a safety issue why even wear
your jewelry why not just wear you know a fake get a duplicate wedding ring like
the one that you had and just wear that like when you go when you know you’re
gonna be in sketchy areas and things of that sort you know I’m saying it makes
some more sense to me to do that then you know where real jewelry cuz it’s
like yeah if I had jewelry like that I will leave my real jewelry in the house
and wear my fake jewelry my duplicate fake jewelry out the places like this so
if you know it was a robbery or something like that and people were
coming in and doing like an invasion or of some sort they would have my fake
jewelry they wouldn’t have my real jewelry which will be at home safe in a
safe I’m just sayin all right guys so I will see you later bye

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