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The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Japan – Kyoto Kitcho

The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Japan – Kyoto Kitcho

  • Wow, I was just having some of your old videos playing on shuffle while I get some work done when this one popped up. The way you guys edited it, the B shots, the interviews, is all so gorgeous and gives off such a tranquil vibe

  • I love the traditional Japanese architecture. It seems like an illusion at 7:57 (with the black beams and wall paper) when she turns to walk down the hall its like she disappeared into a different dimension. I love how bright and airy the room feels with the natural light that is let in. When I win the lottery I want different sections in my dream home where I custom design traditional homes from my favorite cultures so I can get a little bit of everything, I could have a bed and breakfast for every culture. Oh God it would be so perfect. :')

  • The Okami are so graceful. They carry such an air around them. I know they are serving you, but it feels like AN HONOR to be served by them.
    Man, I hope I get to go to Japan one day.

  • This is how restaurants should be… quiet, calm and relaxing! Part of all that is the very nature around the building. There isn't much decoration inside of the building so that your focus is drawn outside to the beautiful plants and trees and listen to the wind through the leaves and the trickle of the stream. I wish we had places like that here. Waitress know how to be quiet and respectful, talk softly, move gently, no rushing around.

  • La femme avec ses cheveux teinté rose me donne envie de vomir.
    En tout cas, elle ne s'accorde en rien au lieu.
    Sinon le restaurant très beau, très apaisant.

  • I don't understand if foreigners need to bow because it's got no meaning for them. In UK foreigners may not give me handshake and I accept that.

  • 0:13畳の縁を踏む?(・・?)信じられん

  • So beautiful! i went to a ryokan in yamanashi prefecture mt fuji for 2 days and it was amazing. Next time will try Kyoto!!! By the way, you guys are amazing! Salam from Indonesia

  • Unfortunately there is a very aggressive looking up-lamp in the room which would spoil the atmosphere as well as the food for me. It really has to go.

  • This place is beautiful and the food looks exquisite! As I scrolled down to the box description area and saw it is a 3 Michelin Star resturant, I knew it was out of my financial possibilities hehe. I still clicked on the restaurant's website, and all I can say is "one day in the near future"… I will treat my honey and myself to this beautiful place.
    Love these type of videos (and your other videos about Japan too haha).

  • I have eaten there at least 20 times in the past 20 years and to me it is not the most beautiful restaurant in Japan, it might be the most beautiful restaurant in the world . Now before giving me a little heart , let me finish .
    The restaurant and its surroundings, make it arguably the most beautiful in the world to me , but as for the cuisine , i thought it was dreadful and the price of the menu, is not justified AT ALL by the dishes served . We often end up eating there because my mother in law is Japanese and originally from Kyoto and she invites us there at least once a year , and of course it would be extremely impolite to decline , and besides i do love the beauty and serenity of the place . But i usually stick to the lowest and most basic menu or just having tea and sweets now (which i am sure does not make me a popular guest) . Plus i am vegetarian and married to a vegan and the Kitcho couldn't care less about it so huge thumbs down for the cuisine served and the service . But the place is truly beautiful , especially in the fall and on a snowy winter day .

  • ステキな懐石料理ですね

  • Japan is so interesting and beautiful. See how even after a horrible, brutal war we can forgive and forget! We are so much alike!

  • This is too much for me – I love elegance and tradition but one can carry it too far. This is no place to relax despite the wonderful natural setting.

  • I am sorry but Where is food? It’s so tiny, I will have to go my hotel room and dig my backpack for some post dinner food because I will be very hungry

  • Hello. May I know what the background song for the first minute? I’ve heard it in other video, but I couldnt find anything related to the title anywhere.

  • This video is so beautifully directed, shot, and edited. I love how instead of showing the behind the scenes experience (like other shows) you show the chef speaking about his (and the restaurant's) intention for the guest experience they offer; Pure thought, attention to detail, and care:).

  • Nice intro to a beautiful part of Japan. But there is more to Kansai than Kyoto. For more hidden gems and a deeper travel see Midnight Runner by

  • the chef makes me.very happy.. he gives sooo much attention to the smallest details of cooking.. the endless ideas and possibilites on how to cook. His passion and curiousity to find some new way to cook to make his guests happy is making me happy and made me to cook better and better ..thank you for this!

  • This video is so heartwhelming! I went to Japan and it made me feel like I was in Kyoto again. The japanese people have a calm spirit. Every food cooked is prepared to taste good and look beautiful. Really good video 🙂

  • I am only discovering this video now?! And i've been following you guys for years! I'm actually crying at how beautiful this venue is and how artistically you both conveyed it to us. I hope Martina's dad an the both of you are doing well. And for the rest of your families too. Sending love from Perth, Australia <3

  • Does anyone know the name of the song starting at 2:38 ? It soothes me when I'm anxious so well yet I can't find it ;-;

  • This is very first time, that I didn't like something from Japan. Last thing, that I would enjoy in restaurant, is sitting in empty room being looked after by bunch of slaves. If that is how kings eat, I would never wish to be one. Reminds me of those pictures from luxury beach resorts, with couple having a lunch on beach, with no soul around, but waiter standing, waiting for next wish. You must be misanthrope to enjoy something like that.

  • I spent a little time going to Yokohama and Kobe back in the late 70's. Fell in love with the culture I was exposed to while I was there. I have always wanted to go back, but it wasn't to be. But I watch videos like this one and it makes me wonder. If I were to ever hit the lottery, I would take my wife over. I know she would love it. I have one question. If I were ever experience a restaurant like in your video, leave your shoes at the door and sit on the floor. I cant sit on the floor My legs and back won't allow it. Is it bad manners to the host to want or need to sit in a chair? Or is it more like don't use one of these places?

  • The setting and atmosphere/vibes remind me of the anime Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori.. or was the anime derived from this?

  • What a beautiful place! You can tell the staff really care about it – they're poetic in how they describe their work. The video editing was so peaceful and engaging, and Martina, that dress is absolutely stunning on you!

  • This video always makes me feel so peaceful and at ease. I am completely in love with the incredible footage and music of this video, and I cannot stop rewatching it even now!

  • This is one of the most respectful and symphonic beautiful videos that I've EVER seen! The main protagonist, the gentleman in the white, brought me such happiness when I would look at him and hear him speak. It's like watching the Buddha talking to us with such respect and compassion for nature and humans beings. I love this video a BIG THUMBS UP!

  • I saw this video then it was first published, but I needed to revisit this video because I just read this random question on Quora asking people about the most expensive meal they had ever eaten and one person mentioned this restaurant. Well, he mentioned Kitcho in Kyoto. I saw on their website that they have several locations now so I am not sure if this is the EXACT place he ate at. Anyway, he said that he ate there in the 1970s, they didn't take reservations, it was invitation only. No women were allowed to eat there, only men and there were only two women serving (like what you see in the video). He described the main woman as the wife of the owner. He also said that the women were not allowed to speak to or look directly at the guests.
    I was VERY curious to see if the restaurant was still open today so I did a google search and you video cam right up.
    It's amazing to see how much this place has changed since the 70s. I am glad the take reservations now and I am glad women can eat there!

  • This was so wonderfully done, breathtakingly beautiful and moving. Thank you so much for sharing and making this. Completely brightened my day.

  • I am not Japanese but I always admire, Japanese people and culture. I wish to learn more when I open my own restaurant. Thanks for the very nice video ❤️

  • wow, I wish I could have someday the oportunity (and cash) to go there, it's absolutely perfect. That's the only word you can use to describe it.

  • Your video really shows how Kyoto Kitcho and their Japanese cuisine are breathtaking and beautiful!
    It reminds me that this world is still beautiful, gentle and caring.

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