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THAILAND’S CRAZIEST RESTAURANT (สถานีมีหอย) –  Huamum Night Market Bangkok

THAILAND’S CRAZIEST RESTAURANT (สถานีมีหอย) – Huamum Night Market Bangkok

tonight wearing wha mom night mom so we’re gonna check this place out
kinda says some black guys and dresses dancing so we’re gonna see what that’s
all about we’re gonna eat a lot of food and so it
took us about three minutes from our house to get here but Pelican take back
what you say this this night market is actually
pretty much like a heated night market you weren’t say a lot of tourists here
it’s a great place to come and get away from the main markets
so let’s go say hi so we’re gonna take a look through the show up stash our weed
and do it up at the top before we go and get some food to eat what I like about
this market is its laid-back atmosphere there’s no like one hustling you to buy
and pressuring you to buy stuff if you go up and want to buy you buy you don’t
find that with you definitely who’s that everybody can be courteous for the name you look a bit like him now when you do
that face okay look at the smile come on your side’s face because we just
hit the food section this is straight away she’s happy I’m not gonna say
nothing shrimp salmon they look good pad thai not an island can’t go wrong with Pad Thai Baht I
think we’ve got better options we’re gonna get a juice what choose two on I’ll have passion fruit and mango can you Aspen no syrup no sugar
they always put sugar in their juices it doesn’t really need it the fruit is
super sweet well the boss he goes where he wants the
guys where he wants okay we’ve got our shakes 40 baht each so it’s like a
dollar fifty each three dollars for two shakes can’t go
wrong let’s go have a look at some more food
so along here there’s like lots of street food and then over gonna get two
awards for restaurants which will probably in the restaurant I’m gonna have the for flavor you put on a what’s it called this chicken this is isn’t it and his last crispy for one month
oh really yeah that’s good so I just told them that we’re not going to eat
street food in the first two stores we saw we bought juice and what else did
you buy someone likes her food their snails well they look like smiles which one’s
your favorite you don’t like that you should hate the grasshopper you found a place to eat yet but you’re eating has your work don’t
get too full we’re gonna have dinner okay Oh okay so what is this restaurant here and there’s panic in today’s East
Asian have to show this okay so this is like the main attraction of this markets
like all these guys dancing in women’s clothes hello it’s funny when they try and be serious
and they’re like wearing that anything when their shows on they play but like
when they like and as the lights are they’re like so serious serious back to white on okay the first dish has arrived and what
is that you’re there I want to know what it is before I eat
it what kind
Wow I don’t really eat shellfish that’s how
we always style sure whatever style it’s a snail show good you like everything does there’s
not a good indication that’s a big oyster you’re with lime what’s the source
talk to me it’s a big oyster
okay sigh everything this out doesn’t get me
banned from YouTube nothing good okay let’s go can I have it back what do you think of the restaurant they
call you by the name so if you
a party but have fun and have like nine fools
so which is very fresh so I recommend you to come here
check this restaurant out just got one paper and you need one the paper
crazy now we finish the dinner and we got a
lot of bars she looks so angry my god these parlors cool later
sank behind another car Wow look at this kind of romantic I don’t get in while this place is cool having fun so food you watch five minutes you can
order again what are you doing you’re going to give
me a copyright strike singing so good so I always buy these ones they’re like
shiny colleague colorful vegetables why
when you like something not something you want to that takes his time he’s like an artist put the effort into that one he’s gonna she’s all about the speed
I love and that one this guy takes some pride so delicate too bad you didn’t get one you know is the charcoal and match ice-cream and charcoal never had
chocolate ice cream before hey let me try okay they didn’t tell me what you think no no and that brownie choco gray color yeah do you like my method I am good
sweet really so that’s the night market we’re gonna
wrap it up here until next time dream bigger much sooner

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