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Hello there today. I feel like a Victoria’s secret model because I’m in this pink robe But I can promise you because nothing to do with Victoria’s secret today’s video has to do with spray-on makeup Spiders had the spray trend has kind of been rocking in beauty products. We have like Spray-on nail-Polish Spray-on hair graffiti and now spray-on Facial products all these were super cool looking so I wanted to kind of test them up for you and let you know if it Was worth your buck so let’s do this It’s a little bit about these products these are sephora Brand perfection mist Airbrush foundation and blush So they’re said to be oil-free and the blush is said to be waterproof the foundation itself was $28 I find that to be quite expensive especially if let’s say a drugstore works best and blush was $20 which I feel could be quite pricey than again if it’s not like a blush That’s like Superb currently there are [10] shades for the foundation Which is pretty average and four shades for the blush So let’s do this quick [beat] our faces start with these products basically you’re supposed to shake them [for] five minutes Wait for [five] seconds. Sorry that would be [one] thank yous from five seconds Also states to cover your clothes your hair and close your eyes and hold [ten] inches away move in circular motions And you can blend it with a brush or you can just spray directly [onto] the brush and let this product they say to cover Your hair to cover your clothes and to cover your eyes they say to hold this ten [ten] inches away, so That’s pretty good. I suppose to see where you’re shooting Did it do anything? Oh my god my earring [alright] note to self don’t get everywhere take off your ears. Oh It smells a lot like paint So if you’re into that then yeah, okay, I should have said that make sure you take off your earrings and your jewelry It’s gonna get everywhere this could get really messy guys. Yeah, okay? Okay, so this thing is in very a poppet, so I got a good old trash bag. We’re Keepin it on right here [alright]. Oh oh my god I’m so scared So my eyebrows have just turned a little bit themes curious to see how much product is Oh, yeah, it gives a lot of oh Oh, wow, that’s a lot of it’s super hard to breathe when you’re spraying this on like literally It’s like fumes upon themes upon and see [where] you’re spraying. So that is the issue. [it’s] a lot of trust people Before I think this looks super flawless on I think the color is super on point as well But I’m just going to try an extra layer just in case all over the face. Oh I’m getting on my hair. It’s making me blonde as you can see What is this? I’m a brunette. I’m on the dark side overall the foundation itself dries pretty matte and I’m going like this Oh, it, just it feels like my skin. That’s actually quite nice does it transfer? I’m gonna see right now Yeah, it does transfer a little bit right now. I’m gonna move on to the brush Which is like a really pretty spray it right here There you go So you can definitely add on to this blush adds a little bit of a shimmer try to keep the other eye Open just because how the heck am I to see where my cheek is people? ohh it got in my eyes The issue with this is you can’t see where you’re applying it and if you try to apply it up here It’s going to get on your eyes because honestly they already get on my eye. I mean if I come in closer Ooh, that’s a little bit too strong Whoa nelly? This is too much. They say [you] can apply it onto the brush, so I’m going to try [that] I mean of course I feel like that kind of defeats the purpose a little bit oh my God That’s too intense applying it on to your face airbrush is way better than applying it onto your brush I Would say if you’re like highly allergic to things I [would] [have] recommend this I mean It doesn’t say you know if you’re highly allergic [avoid] this kind [of] stuff honestly like I just feel suffocated On the skin it actually feels [very] nice, and I like the texture and [everything] the whole [application] is here Just sucks to have to apply this off like [in] [fuse]. I like it, but I don’t like it I might fill in my brows a little bit I’m gonna add a little bit more makeup on and look stick And then [I’ll] [wait] guys know like my final my final verdict on [alright] So this is the final result I feel [like] the foundation looks really beautiful I think it looks like clearly airbrushed very nice very beautiful the blush is too much for me And it was way too hard to see like where the heck I was even going with this so I don’t really recommend it overall I feel like this is really hard to apply In general [just] because first of all you can’t even see where you’re applying the foundation the concepts pretty cool if you get it Too close then it’s just to get near your eyes and if you get it too far then strips to spread over this foundation accentuates my nose hairs [they] also got all over my eyebrows the brown of my eyebrows isn’t popping through it also got on my lashes So make sure you have no makeup on before and it also got on my hairline overall I am going to return I don’t think these are for me I’m such a low maintenance kind of girl And I just feel like I don’t want to be worried about this getting all over my hair my eyes My nostrils my clothes or my earring comment down below about what you guys think about this product let me know if you are willing to test it out [however] to the Blog channel if you want to see more videos and we go down below what other video I’ve you like me to test out and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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