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Ten Bells Pub Haunted Jack the Ripper London pub Spitalfields Whitechapel

okay welcome to London’s Spitalfields Spitalfields
market is right beside me now I can’t talk about October here in London without talking
about Halloween Its a big celebration here at the end of the month it’s not quite as
big as it is in other countries because it’s a little overshadowed by an event here on
5th of November each year called Guy Fawkes night AKA bonfire night or fireworks night
and Guy Fawkes night involves fireworks and fun fairs and huge bonfires so it’s always
outshone Halloween a little which is pumpkins and fancy dress but I thought we’d end on
something Halloween inspired so something a little spooky now obviously London’s an
ancient city so it’s got plenty of grim and gruesome and historic stories from the past
so I thought rather than making this rather dark I’d just come somewhere a little bit
spooky one of London’s pubs the ten bells here behind me linked to Jack the Ripper were
just down the road from Whitechapel and previous landlords have claimed it’s haunted and staff
and drinkers in the pub have reported a number of unexpected events the pub is named after
the church bells here there has been a pub here since the 1700’s next to the church one
way or another so let’s pop into the ten bells to get a drink so the ten bells pub is a pretty historic
and renowned East end London pub with a dark past however today it’s a very welcoming pub
and the perfect place to get a drink if you’re in the area the pub is most famous for its
connections with Jack the Ripper now much about Jack the Ripper remains a mystery but
one thing is known and well documented his victims lived close to this pub and it’s believed
they drank here at least one had their last drink in this very pub so it’s also highly
likely the Ripper would have visited here and even drank here too the food and cocktail
menus also featured a detailed history of the pub and some of its more renowned and
famous connections from its very long history the bar on street level has amazing Victorian
tiled walls and then upstairs where we’re having a drink is another bar which feels
more like a vintage cocktail bar okay guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this
look at London during the month of October and the autumn winter season so from the ten
bells and London’s Spitalfields until next time Toodles! The End

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