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Tasting REAL School Lunch Food That People Love! Natalies Outlet

That looks like a rock. Oh my God this looks like a human! Hello guys! It’s me Natalie The other day my fiance Dennis was actually on reddit and he was showing me school foods that people actually get at school Let me just say they weren’t the best of things today he put together a bunch of those pictures pretty much recreated those School foods, so I’m gonna taste them these are legit school foods that are out there you guys let me comment Let me know what you always gravitate towards when you go to school lunch tweet me pictures of your back-to-school food I want to see how good or how bad you have it. Are you guys ready for this? I’m not. Alright Dennis bring in the dancing lobsters hello, I’m not in this one, no, and I’m very lucky because it’s not good shout out to school lunches on reddit Drawn smell, I like it, mostly that one smells really good, smell that, like popcorn chicken, oh my god Oooh smells like Jupiter’s breath. these fries are Aww Man everything stinks. What do we have here a philly cheesesteak? It tastes pretty good, not too bad. I’m kind of into this meal. It’s a fatty but good meal. Oh my Lord this tastes like pepto bismol If this was warmed up, I would give this a four bring it not healthy, but pretty good Here we have our lunchable which actually I would say this is something I would take too school very often. this looks like card board we have pepperoni That smells pretty good. It’s still like it, and then we got cheese ewww it doesn’t taste very good? So my favorite part about this was actually creating this so here. We have the Marinara sauce Then I remember other kids doing this they actually used to bring a spoon in here man. They cheap that And then our cheese Let’s taste it Okay, my childhood Wow, wow. Oh my gosh made my mouth water school memories personally when my parents would buy this I would be like YES! They are the best parents in the world when kids would bring this to school I’d be like that’s a cool case, so this is so pretty good to me Let me know in the comments if you guys still eat this and what is your favorite lunchable? I like this one. I guess Oh, it doesn’t come with chocolate anymore 😞 Corn Bread. I don’t know what that is. What is that? Right I’d be happy eating this……… man It’s cold if you think about it in school You don’t really have microwaves if you have a microwave you got a lug urious school My fries are cold my corn dog is cold my corn is pink that looks like a rock I mean its, tasty This looks like a human this looks very raw, okay this smells good this smells bad. It’s like it covers up the stink fries kind of soggy It’s probably canned corn this I’m not a big fan of brownies. I know you guys are gonna kill me. I’m not a big fan about This doesn’t even what is this it’s like a piece of bone this does not look edible. It’s tasteless I Give this up. It’s tasty in the moment, but I know you’re still gonna be hungry after and this is a Close I would say that this is the actually like first complete meal, not the kind of meal that you would take to school But the one that you would get at school. Oh Not good. I know those me. Oh. Oh those are not good meals Mustard ice no mustard from miles away. Oh My God, what is that? I kind of wanted a bag? We have chocolate milk. I just hate her talk Please then we have this really cold ratchet looking wet soggy Not very well cooked or picked corn This is what it smell bet it looks good, but it’s just like pieces of really old American cheese it just falls apart It’s not even melted this print looks. Oh here. We go. Let’s get a little bit of everything Devine oh Don’t eat this next to a really cute guy or a girl because this gets in your teeth You got this is really nasty would it be cool like this. Why they do this yeah? Look at that meat. What color is that purple whoa that was rough? Oh This is so unhealthy for you so bad the milk smells milky Final rating I give this a – the only thing that helps us is the tater tots. Oh All right the next thing Snow white cheese. Oh it smell stinky though It look good for a second and then I saw the meat a very sad taco salad no dressing man We got the some of that and then I guess I’m merciful see you with this no Nacho cheese!😮 There’s rubies in this whole taco salad. You know what saves is the cheese. It’s kind of okay. I Personally would eat all of this if I was in school, and then I’d be hungry I hate that I like it, but it’s good I give this a 5 Yeah, while waiting here tomorrow? All you guys I’m doing the back-to-school giveaway it literally ends in less than one week If you still haven’t entered there are three awesome prizes for three awesome winners it is International make sure you just follow me on my instagram and comment on this picture what your dream job is and what grade you’re going? Into and then you’re automatically entered I’m picking winners and one minute I’m gonna announce it this Saturday and the full video with details on every product in there that you could win is linked down below check out Pizza right, what is this open earring? We got fishy tacos tropicana. You know I like this this wet food this has green spots on it I’m sure what that is everything is cold. What’s new you know what this doesn’t change like anything it’s like really dry I Can’t believe I lived my school days like this, so then here we go with this corn syrup e peach peach That’s quite good. I like this. It’s good, but I know it’s not really good like this is the kind of stuff They tell you you’re gonna lose weight, and then you gain weight because it’s all corn syrup. I give this a 2. It’s tasteless bitter Okay Take it away What we got here, we got mashed potatoes corn popcorn chicken and cheese, then we have this apple That looks like it has never been washed What’s ashy, and then we have this this cookie that has the chocolate chips not well distributed look at that. I’ll start with the cookie It’s like school cookies. It’s not really the best cookie, but At school it tastes a lot better because it’s like it makes up for the rest of the day honestly Tasty Popcorn chicken time I’m a skater water What is that we were supposed to prepare? It’s mashed potatoes for Natalie, but you don’t have any mashed potatoes So, what are we gonna do Jennifer? Potato so we’re just Gonna use the pudding Let’s find out if Nana can tell the difference between mashed potatoes and pudding Come taste it Come taste it. What is this? This is not mashed potatoes. This tastes like condensed milk. It’s so sweet oh Bad this was probably a really good meal, but I don’t know what happened here, all right This is one of the zero hit this button and turn our gauges on to be the first to watch my videos I love you guys have an amazing day. Don’t forget to live or die

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