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Stress Test Time: The Chef Leaves The Kitchen (Highlight) | Bar Rescue

Stress Test Time: The Chef Leaves The Kitchen (Highlight) | Bar Rescue

– Hello.
– Hello. Let’s meet over here.
Grab a seat. – How does it feel?
– We’re good. We’re very excited
to be back in our home. Feel good to be
in your kitchen? Yes. Very good. Tonight, we have
to get ourselves ready. So the whole purpose of this is to expose
where we have our weaknesses. The average person
will drink about two cocktails
per hour down here. So we wanna get
the first one out
as quickly as we can, so we can get
the second one out. I’m gonna make this harder
on you, Chef. You ready? I expect you to come out
to the dining room. Which means
you have to trust them. – Yeah.
– Okay, but– okay,
but what’ll happen is, if I’m in the expo,
I can do that. But I’m in the stove,
I’m in the sautés. – So I can’t leave the fire–
– That’s the whole point. No, you have to go outside.
You have to leave it. Okay, okay, I’m gonna do it. You have to understand
that being out here is part of your job. It’s how you grow
the business. Your greatest asset,
is who you are. Okay, let’s do it.
Let’s do it. You guys ready for this? – Yeah.
– All righty, let’s get ready. – We gotta open
in a little while.
– Great.This bar hasn’t
served food or drinks
in over six months,
and I’m not sure
they can even do it properly. I wanna see Jonathan
manage quality,ticket times, and go out
to the dining room
and actually meet
all of his guests. All: Mofongo! Hello, everybody. – ( cheering )
– Are you guys excited?
Come on in. ( cheering continues ) Thank you for joining us. We’re super excited
to have you again. Welcome to Shibo.
I’ll be your waitress. ( speaking Spanish ) New people at the bar!
Hey, welcome! – Hi. Hello. Very good.
– We’ll be right with you. Point to ’em. There you go.
Good, good, good. Got it, Chef. There you are. We good?
We got our first order in. And… go. Eh… so, we’re on two. We should be doing
two at once. We should be doing
two at once, and we’re flying. Are we doing that
corner to corner? Okay. It’s too sweet.
You missed the lime. You missed the lime on that.
You gotta remake these. Jon:
Hurry up, hurry up. At this rate,
nobody’s gonna get anything. Do you know how to make
some of those drinks? – I do.
– You do, okay. Not one drink has hit
one table yet. Food’s gonna get out there before the drinks are
at this stage. – Hurry up.
– So we’re, uh– You’re getting
slammed now, guys. – All right, this is it.
– Here you go, Chef. Do or die,
next ten minutes, right? Do or die
is gonna make it
right here. ( speaking Spanish ) Brian. Brian. ( speaking Spanish ) ( bleep ) Rob:
So, Brian is falling behind.
He’s in serious trouble.He hasn’t made a drink
to get out there.Even the people across the bar
haven’t gotten their drinks.
So, Maria, thank goodness,
jumps behind the bar.They’re even getting the foodbefore the drink
hits the table,
if the drink hits
the table at all. Way too much mint. I noticed you looking
at your watch. I was just wondering
when the drinks were coming. That’s what I figured.
How long you been sitting here? – Ten minutes.
– And here’s your food, but you guys ordered
drinks as well. Joseph, can we try
to get their drinks
out here pretty quickly? Please enjoy, guys. Two more mint.
Let’s go. Two hands,
two hands, two hands. Two hands, not just one.
Two. Use this one. So, do any of your tables
have drinks? Not one. Rob: Jon, we still have
tickets all up in here. A huge line of tickets,
and a huge line of tickets. We’re about
25 drinks behind. You’ve got to make them two,
three, four at a time, or we’ll never catch up.

  • I just finished watching this episode these owners all they wanted was a free handout. they could have easily cleaned this restaurant by themselves it does not cost you a $100 to buy chemicals to clean a f**** restaurant. You just need a mop a bucket cleaning chemicals and a sponge that's all you need and trash bags… they just chose not to clean it because they thought he was going to give them another restaurant… Fucking lazy. everybody goes through a bad disaster either a hurricane or tornado ,but they always rebuild… they don't just abandon their house they try to rebuild it. These owners simply just abandon the restaurant plain and simple. They could have easily clean the restaurant come up with some money. then went to a local grocery store bought some stuff cook in the restaurant and prove to Joe that they are a good restaurant that they make good food. they could have present that the hurricane caused them to lose a lot of money and Joe could have easily helped them to get more inventory. Just leaving a restaurant the way it was as they did is a presentation of them not caring. I swear the chef Jonathan's wife is a f**** idiot she said Joe is a strong character… That has nothing to do with what he said just like what Joe says to help bars just like what chef Ramsay does that help restaurants it's common sense most of these owners don't even understand the word common sense that's why they fail.

  • The reviews for Shibo since the Bar Rescue makeover are mixed with people liking the food and having complaints about the service and wait times.  Shibo seems like more of a restaurant than a bar, but I guess their story was compelling enough to get Bar Rescue to pick them for a makeover.  If they want to succeed, they may have to get their service issues fixed.

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