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Many years ago a very wise man said to us that if you’re going to work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, that you need to create a restaurant that is a place that you would want to go to as a guest so that you love the time that you spend there. I think guests can expect an authentic experience, we are a bistro. It’s simple food. It’s rural food served in an urban environment. We don’t try to be something that we’re not, and as time goes by I think we’re becoming more and more a true bistro very bold flavors, very minimal presentation, and we focus a lot on putting all our efforts into the actual taste and content of the meal rather than trying to do crazy presentations. I went overseas straight after school, 2 months after finishing school. I just took a job through an agency where I ended up as like a kitchen hand kind of thing which is just a job handed to me you know, peeling potatoes, making chocolate truffles, all the basics and within a month the bug just bit me so badly and I could stop doing it. And then I got a job as an apprentice in the kitchen and they trained me up, and I basically started there, and then from there travelled through to Europe for a couple of months, ate in Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland, went all over the place. and then came back to South Africa, and worked in some really good kitchens over here as well. We’re sort of a mixed French and Italian bistro. In the winter months our food concentrates a little bit more on the French style. we use a bit more butter, a little bit more cream in our sauces, and that kind of thing, more slow-braised kind of dishes. It’s a bit more French then, and then in the summer time we’ve got a beautiful outside area lots of alfresco dining lots of olive oil, herbs, tomatoes, that kind of thing in the dishes, so summer months a bit more Italian, in the winter months levitating more towards French cuisine. You can anything here, from a stork party, to a bachelorette party in the snug to birthday parties. We’ve made amazing kid’s parties were they’ve made their own pizzas, engagements, we’ve had an enormous amount of people actually get engaged in the restaurant, which I think is a huge honor. And we’ve watched people’s children grow up in the restaurant as well. It’s laid back, yet it’s elegant at the same time. You know, it’s not just slap-dash sort of that standard, bog-standard Italian food that you get in so many South African restaurants. We concentrate on doing the basics right. If we’re serving a simple little pasta, It’s gonna have a really good quality olive oil on it, it’s gonna be seasoned well, it’s gonna be cooked perfectly and you know, that sort of elegance to it. but at the same time it’s relaxed as well, so you can be a rock star, or a movie star and come in here and have a meal, or just a student who lives around the corner, and we sort of cater a little bit to everybody kind of thing.

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