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– Hello again, Roaches! Do you ever get the
itch to roach on the go? Well I sure do! And there’s no better way
to do it than PUBG Mobile, the best mobile battle
royale game out there! They’ve got a lot of
cool skins in this game, but I think I’m gonna
have to be a No-skin. Dropping from a plane? That’s weird, that actually makes sense! (screams) I’m naked! Deploy parachute! Damn, I landed on my bum again. Let’s get inside and
find some fresh threads. Oooh, a vest with no shirt. Look Grandpappy, I’m a real cowboy now! Now gimme them chaps! (assault rifle firing) (assault rifle firing)
How am I not dead? This vest is amazing! Boy, that guy was not good at roaching! All right, now I’ve got supplies. Let’s get roaching, PUBG style. (assault rifle firing) – [Roaching Guy] Roached! – Nothing better than looting
some guy’s corpse; feels good. Oh no, my teammate died! Wait, I didn’t even
know I had one of those! Let’s jump out of the window
and see what’s out here. It’s the Roachmobile! Vrooom vrooom! Nothing but open road. You
might even call it a roach trip! (audience laughs hysterically
at such an incredible joke) Package over yonder; let’s check it out. (gun fires)
(screams) Someone is shooting at
me! But what did I do? (gun fires again)
I see ya, boy! – [Roaching Guy] Roached!
Or should I say, saw you, boy. I’ll take that. More energy drinks! That’s what doctor always says! (bang bang) I hear a bang bang! (more gunshots ring out)
(grunts) I’m hit! Where are you?! Hiding in
plain sight, eh? Clever… – [Roaching Guy] Roached! And now you’re dead.
Not so clever anymore! Back to the Roachmobile!
On the roach again, I just can’t wait to
be on the roach again! Roachin’ anyone who’s not my friend! Damn, I never did learn to
drive. Thanks a lot, dad. Who needs doors when you have windows? That’s what I always say! It’s a ghost!
(gun fires haphazardly) Or, he’s about to become one! – [Roaching Guy] Roached! – I got him, team, if
you’re still out there. On the roach again! Wait, what’s that sound? You can’t hide from me! (girly scream) You were
much closer than I expected! (an exchange of gunfire) (an exchange of gunfire) – [Roaching Guy] Roached!
– That’s one more down! But the fight isn’t over just yet. – [Roaching Guy] Double roach! – They don’t call me Captain
Accuracy for nothing! – [Captain Accuracy]
Yarr, that be my name! – Let’s head to the
circle, come along squad. Someone’s shooting at
me again; settle down! – [Roaching Guy] Roached! – That’s what you get
for coming at the Roach! I’ll kill anyone that comes for the free iPhone 11 PUBG Mobile is giving away. More on that later. (ding) Time to find my long lost squad members. Rabi, is that you? Get in
loser, we’re going roaching! Hey, he doesn’t have shoes
either. I like this guy! Get behind me, shoeless pal! Drive-by roaching! (laughs) Oh, I guess I’m on the mountain now. Look alive, number three! Good shooting, friend.
Wow, what a headshot! Hey, quit stealing my roaches! We turned ’em into a box. There’s only one enemy left… It’s the last showdown! And… – [Roaching Guy] Roached!
– Game! Winner winner roaching dinner! Not all heroes wear pants, kids. Hey check it out, PUBG Mobile also has a new Team Deathmatch
mode. Let’s check it out! These must be my roachmates. – [Roachmate] Let’s go.
– Come on, new best friends! I like those leather pants. (gunfire erupts) Don’t you dare roach my BFF! (the firefight continues) I’m under fire, guys. It’s two on Roach! – [Roaching Guy] Roached! – One down! – [Roaching Guy] Roached! – Terminator the exterminator! Hiding on top of a crate? Bold move! That’s a one-way ticket to
Roachville, population: You. Two more baddies. You
sure you wanna do this? I’ll avenge you! – [Roaching Guy] Roached! – Avenged! No, I died the way I came into
this world: in my underwear! Wow, I never thought I’d love again. But that was before I played
Deathmatch on PUBG Mobile with it’s cool battle royale enhancements! (ding) Yeah, you better run!
21 to four, you fool. – [Roaching Guy] Roached! – Sharpshooter; I did it, Grandpappy! – [Grandpappy] Not too shabby, boy! – Way to go, team. We’re
roaching ’em left and right. (girly scream) Help! (gunfire roars from all directions) Hey you, eat my shotgun!
– [Roaching Guy] Roached! – I hate surprise parties! – [Announcer] Killing
spree for the blue team! – Killing spree, you said it, lady! Hey you, come here! – [Roaching Guy] Roached! – Turned that dude into swiss cheese. Oooh, I like winning! Look out, grenade! Woohoo, we did it team!
No thanks to Tanner! What? That should be me! Thanks to PUBG for
sponsoring this episode. And, did you know PUBG’s
most valuable event is a board game featuring
the Walking Dead. It is a total 100% reward game. All you gotta do is roll, roaches! Let’s see what we get… (dramatic, atmospheric music) Nice! Thanks for watching,
guys. What a great PUBG session. So many roaches, so little time. Don’t forget to check out the
link in the description below to play the PUBG Mobile
on your phone today! You can also enter to
win an iPhone 11 Pro Max just by logging in every
day until October 21st. And, for logging in 15 days in a row, you’ll get a free D-Camo R45 weapon skin! Oooooh, neat. See you guys next time, this episode is… – [Roaching Guy] Roached! (relaxing outro music) (relaxing outro music) (relaxing outro music) (relaxing outro music)

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