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Restaurant POS Systems, Restaurant Management & Improving Service with Presto Express

Restaurant POS Systems, Restaurant Management & Improving Service with Presto Express

Meet Fred. Fred is a busy restaurant manager
who owns a chain of bistro’s. However, Fred is finding that his front of
house staff are spending more time walking to and from the kitchen, and not enough time
is being spent with the customers. Fred is also finding it difficult to predict
the food he will need, which is resulting in a lot of food spoilage.
On top of this, Fred also has other responsibilities, such as managing a busy staff rota, managing
stock and delivery levels and monitoring customer feedback. Presto Express makes restaurant management
easy. Fred Opted for the PResto Express Pro Package. It includes a handheld waiter ordering
system, a customer ordering point of sale system also known as an EPOS system, two printers and access to the cloud
restaurant management reporting tool. Fred’s staff love that the waiter point of
sale system saves them time walking to and from the kitchen. Orders are instantly printed
to the kitchen and the bar, so they can spend more time with the customer. Fred’s customers love the easy to use, interactive
table top system. It displays a fantastic high resolution digital menu, ideal for promoting
delicious food. Fred Loves how Presto Express makes reporting
easy through the Golden Lines reporting system. Fred can now more easily forecast what food
will be needed for a shift, what meals are popular – this helps to reduce food wastage
and helps to forecast how many staff he will need for a shift well in advance – keeping
staff happy. Whatever your restaurant needs, Presto Express
has a restaurant management solution which can help to resolve your issues. Presto Express
restaurant management solutions start at as little as 50 pence per day. Please request
your free product demonstration today by visiting

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