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Restaurant Loans Merchant Cash Advance Alternative… Save Now (2020) Lending

Restaurant Loans Merchant Cash Advance Alternative… Save Now (2020) Lending

Welcome to the merchant cash advance
alternative option you need to know My name is Edwin DeLeon from
New York City at In this masterclass you will learn
about a hidden much better alternative to merchant cash advances they were
selling basically created specifically for restaurant owners thinking on
getting their first merchant cash advance and seeking a better mca option or maybe you have an existing one or two merchant cash advances and it may be causing you
some issues and you want to get out of them and consolidate and refinance them
to get lower payments you’ll also learn about the advantages and
disadvantages of each now There are nine types of restaurant owners who this
training is for you you can’t get a bank business loan due to bad credit
this is definitely for you if you have currently cashflow working capital
problems a time sensitive situation you need quick cash in several days or you have no collateral to put up or a new restaurant for 4 months and you
can’t get loan or you got great credit but the bank can’t deliver the cash you need
quickly and have to wait 45- 180 days to get your cash or you’re seeking a better cash advance
alternative but don’t know where to get one
or STOP.. don’t sign any merchant cash advance agreement till you learn about
this better mca alternative option or Maybe you got one to two merchant cash advances and is causing you restaurant cash flow issues and you need to get out of your merchant cash
advance and consolidate the remaining mca debt now Who’s this training not for
well it’s not for you you’ve got great credit you can get better rates at your
local bank however if you need a super-fast loan okay in two to seven
days then continue watching the video because the banks cannot compete with
merchant cash advances for our speed Now does this sound like you you tried
several local banks and all have declined you for a business
loan now you’re experiencing cash flow problems working capital problems
you’re worried losing sleep at night because you don’t have enough working
capital reserves to cover you for several months of operating expenses
payroll may be unexpected expenses emergency equipment repairs or maybe
you’re a type of restaurant that is very seasonal it’s you know it’s kind of like
a summer season type of restaurant where you make most of your money and but you
need money to carry over till to the spring time Now what is a merchant cash
advance for one thing it is not a business loan I repeat pay attention it
is not a business loan the MCA provider gives you basically a fast upfront
discounted sum of cash for your future credit card receivables okay so it is
not a business loan it is the cash advance now it is a popular solution
used by restaurant owners when they are in need of quick capital for the
restaurant but are unaware of other better merchant cash advance
alternatives now this particular product was specifically designed for restaurant
owners who want a better alternative to merchant cash advances but don’t know
where to go for one okay now how do you pay back well you basically paid
back on a daily basis of merchant cash advance and is usually paid back based
on the trick daily credit card sales also payments go up or go down as your
sales go up or your sales go down so it may fluctuate now what are the pros of
merchant cash advances here are seven of them there’s no fixed monthly payment or
pay off date they’re super quick super fast get your money in two to three days
after applying no risk of late fees ever because ping’s automatic your payment
depends on whether you have a slow month or whether you have a great month so
they flux her they go up or down depending on on how the month goes for
you whether it’s good or bad month if your business fails
usually there’s no legal liability but check the fine print because different
merchant cash advance providers work differently if you have bad credit it’s
not a problem and it’s very super fast to get your
money it’s an easy one page application process and very little paper paperwork
needed all you need is basically three to four month bank statements and that’s
about it now what are the disadvantages of merchant
cash advances well the merchant cash advances fees will
cost you more basically than the traditional bank and the interest rates
are typically higher than a traditional bank loan usually you can’t switch
credit card processors okay so read the fine print again okay now let’s look at
total advantages of our merchant cash advance alternative there are longer
payments twelve to thirty six months versus merchant cash advance is six six
to twelve months but MCAS go from three to six to nine to twelve months
excuse me now the lower fixed payments are available through alternative
term loans vs. merchant cash advances which have no fixed payments if you have
a great month in sales you still pay the same versus the merchant cash advance
where you pay you will pay more if you have a great month or alternative is
tax-deductible MCAS are not tax deductible save on the total cost of the
loan versus MCA which will be higher on your total cost keep more of your
profits in your pockets as opposed to the merchant cash advances now there’s
no hard credit pulls so your credit score will not get affected but you know
once again make sure you ask your your representative whether it’s a hard pull
or soft pull on your credit okay it is not a cash advance so it’s not tied to
your credit card sales okay you have no collateral it’s not a problem
so usually banks ask you for collateral we don’t so look into this further
because we don’t require the collateral from you it’s an unsecured term loan
there’s early payoff options not with an MCA now it’s a simple
application process little documents required superfast all you need to
provide us is with three to four bank statements okay once again credit is not
an issue your credit score’s is not a problem okay now let’s look at one big
disadvantages of our merchants cats advanced alternative it takes longer
than the merchant cash advance in merchant cash advance can get you the
money very very fast super fast it one two three dates alternative yet on yet
it’s better but it’s going to take you six to seven days to get it so you’ll
have to wait six to seven days as opposed to one three days with a
merchant as amassed a quick note the financing option you choose to go with
whether it’s the MCA merchant cash advance or our term loan alternative
which is basically a bank loan okay will be based upon your need and how fast you
need the capital okay now please check out the other problem specific training
videos in the description area they’re great valuable other training videos
which revealed the pros and cons for all other restaurant loan alternatives that
are available to you which you probably may know some about already but the
others you’ve probably done if you got some questions you want to learn more
about our alternative loan program go down the hall to the description area
click on the link to schedule an online appointment online for the future okay
without speaking to us or if you need to speak to one of us right away go down
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blessed day until next training video

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