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Restaurant Foods To Steer Clear Of According To Chefs

Restaurant Foods To Steer Clear Of According To Chefs

If you’re concerned about getting the best
possible bite for your buck, dining out can be intimidating. How can you guarantee a good meal, considering
the wide array of menu items available? Fortunately, professional chefs love to gossip
about the restaurant industry, offering up handy “Do’s and Don’ts” for puzzled diners. Here are a few restaurant foods you should
steer clear of, according to the pros. Truffles and caviar If you tend to enjoy the finer things in life,
you may be better off savoring them at home. Luxury food items have a higher markup and
are almost never worth the extra cost. Chef Tim Carey told Salon: “I avoid high-end ingredients like white truffles
and caviar, because as a chef, I can get them wholesale for much cheaper. However, for guests, they may find that these
ingredients are less costly outside of a restaurant at retail stores.” So if you love this high-end fare and simply
have to have it, source it yourself and eat it at home. The markup just isn’t worth it. Cheap salads Another item not worth ordering, but for the
opposite reason, is the simple wedge salad. Chefs don’t bother wasting a good night out
ordering something they could easily and cheaply prepare at home. We talked with celebrity chef Ariane Resnick,
and she said “You’re literally paying over ten dollars
for a chunk of iceberg lettuce, often with prefab commercial dressing.” If you love a big salad for dinner, order
one with a bit more imagination and quality ingredients worth the markup. Or stay home and eat all the wedge salad your
heart desires. Chef Kayson Chong told Reader’s Digest it’s
best to also skip the house salad. “I prefer to have something special that a
chef created with seasonal products and interesting combinations. I like experiencing new and exciting things
to eat when I go to other restaurants, not something I can find easily anywhere.” Valentine’s day menus For many couples, Valentine’s Day dinner is
a pretty big deal. You have to make a reservation weeks ahead
of time, and if you happen to forget until the day before, don’t even bother trying. The irony is that Valentine’s Day is actually
the worst time to try out a new restaurant. The preset Valentine’s menu is never a good
move, and chefs avoid it. Gordon Ramsay told Town & Country: “Valentine’s day is the worst day of the year
to go out. Busy kitchens with tons of diners means you
don’t get the true feeling of the restaurant. You should be cooking on Valentine’s. What’s more romantic than a meal cooked for
your partner with a good bottle of wine?” “I just want to kiss my wife.” “Awwww.” Substitutions Unless you’re allergic to a specific ingredient,
one chef says it’s best to never ask for substitutions, especially at a high-end restaurant. Chef Christopher Faulkner told Delish: “Unless you are allergic to something, never
sub-out one ingredient for another on a composed dish. In a trusted restaurant, the chef knows what
he is doing, and a great marriage has been pre-arranged.” Chicken Parmesan Chef Ryan Ososky told Reader’s Digest he steers
clear of chicken while dining out because it’s typically overcooked. Chef Phil Pretty, however, doesn’t mind ordering
chicken in restaurants, as long as it is not Chicken Parmesan. He told Salon: “I would never, ever order Chicken Parmesan. It’s always frozen before cooked and tastes
like a gross version of chicken nuggets.” Anything, if the bathrooms are filthy If you’re trying out a new restaurant, don’t
be afraid to check out the bathroom before ordering. According to Anthony Bourdain, if the bathroom
looks bad, the kitchen probably looks worse. He noted in his book Kitchen Confidential: “I won’t eat in a restaurant with filthy bathrooms. This isn’t a hard call. They let you see the bathrooms. If the restaurant can’t be bothered to replace
the puck in the urinal or keep the toilets and floors clean, then just imagine what their
refrigeration and work spaces look like.” “Oooh. Not good.” Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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  • Could you do a video on foods you should have at restaurants? Stuff that's hard to prepare at home, I know I won't bother to make my own french onion soup, beef wellington or demi-glace!

  • I worked in a restaurant where the servers picked the house salad up with bare hands and placed it in the bowl. Never had tongs and only a few servers would wash their hands before making a salad.

  • The restroom kitchen idea is biased as hell. Customers uses the restrooms and they make hell of a mess. A kitchen is for cooking it’s gonna be a little messy but you can’t compare the two.

  • the house salad is usually included in your meal, I personally enjoy it because it gives the chef a chance to show the type of food they're making, not all house salads have to be the same.

  • Not subbing is BS. If I am eating at a high end rest. paying more, I expect more. If I hate shrooms and can get a dish with all ingredients but shrooms I should be able to GET WHAT I WANT. Every palate is different. Just sayin.

  • What dirty restaurants do people go to where the chicken parm is pre Frozen, if you go to those restaurants you don't care about quality anyways

  • I agree with overcooked chicken and it's often the most boring thing on a menu. The specials is one to look out for often it's full of whatever the kitchen needs to get rid of before it goes off.

  • Are you kiddin ! I want to go out for holidays esp Valentine's Day ..any restaurant is just great and up scale

  • when going to a new restaurant, ask staff members what are the most popular dishes, or what the restaurant specializes in. This is a huge indicator of what is the freshest dishes and what the restaurant knows how to do well. You might want to try that seafood pasta at the steak house. But if they only get 3 orders of them a month, the seafood is going to be old and frozen, and the cooks are likely not going to be very skilled at making it.

  • That last one is not true… usually at the end of the night, the kitchen staff will clean the kitchen… the kitchen staff however do not clean the toilets… also, I know with the place that I work at, the manager of the whole place has nothing to do with the kitchen so if the toilets are dirty, the manager of the KITCHEN still might have made the effort to make sure the kitchen and everything is clean

  • My mom would never let us order spaghetti or meatloaf in a restaurant because we could get them at home. When we took a trip she also insisted that we eat at local places rather than chains, since we could eat at chains anytime.

  • I love how the 1st idea talks about higher markup. Every restaurant has a higher markup. Than the chef guy says I don't buy it because I can get it cheaper at wholesale. Really? No shit.

  • I don't have to worry about most of these things because I usually order off of the kid's menu.

  • I mean, if it's an ingredient I dislike in it's entirety, the chef's expertise doesn't matter much, does it? If I'm not going to substitute it, I'm just going to eat around it, which seems like a waste.

  • Ok the bathroom thing is not always true. The front of house employees are generally the ones who tend to the bathrooms. Those who work in the kitchen are the ones who clean the kitchen. I have worked in kitchens that we kept spotless and yet the front of house people would only half-ass the bathrooms.

  • I NEVER go out on Valentines. I enjoy cooking for my wife. Whatever she wants or something I surprise with. The cooking is part of the gift.

  • Before Salad-Stupidity went out of hand, you could order very good, very cheap salads in Spain. Now in the big cities they always want a big buck for it.

  • This womans voice is complete experience of nails across a chalkboard. I need to implement the CC option. But, this is YouTube … So, I would think you should enjoy the entire experience. With sound. 😏

  • Lol at Anthony Bourdain. I watched him eat a literal warthog's shit-packed asshole in Africa on his TV show, and he's saying he wouldn't eat in a restaurant with a dirty bathroom here? Ok, Tony. And the snobbery of the other douche about chicken parm? News flash buddy: different people like different things, and not everyone eats at Olive Garden to get their Italian food.

  • This story really deserves to be told in a more documentary manner. This hit and run journalism is really amateurish.

  • I used to work at a restaurant, we had the nastiest bathroom so of course we had roaches and mice in our kitchen. Had to clean 5 sauce pans for one order of mac n cheese fuck that


  • Terrific video footage! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we like to notice this kind of content. We create Travel & Food films too, world wide, and so we are always interested in inspirations and perhaps ideas. Thank You.

  • And in response to the last one, some restaurants are implementing a policy of bathrooms being for customers only. How deceptive.

  • Anthony bourdain giving advice on restaurants when he himself eats greasy streetfoods and junk food restaurants in his shows? Yeah ok.

  • Well when you go to any restaurant and order anything, you will be paying more for it than it would probably take to make it yourself. however, you are getting an expert in cooking to make it for you (at least hopefully) or at least a dish that is prepared right (again, hopefully). My point is that you are paying for the convenience of not having to do anything but say what you want and then eat it.

  • I'm guessing most of the bathrooms Anthony Bourdain encounters in his travels aren't the best.

  • LMFAO…..never listen to chefs….ever! Chefs are the most egocentric people on the planet and will condescend anything that isn't trendy or "high end". Chefs are also the most wasteful people on Earth. What chefs waste in food to get uniform cuts, could feed small nation's yearly. Listen to to locals, not done uptight self aggrandizing chef. By the way, I am an ACF certified Chef with 20 years experience.😉

  • Buyer Beware On Everything. Use at own Risk to a degree.. sad we cannot trust products Even. organic scams or fakes/ knockoffs and pure scams……Price gouging and both quality and quantity do not match. Getting too pricey to fine dining..triple cost on Special Occasions. Salads are just salads most offered not worth the few scraps given beyond the bowl of lettuce… Yes if bathroom filthy imagine the kitchen and who washes their hands.. EAT UP,,,

  • We used to go to a place that didn't even have a bathroom. You could see roaches running out from under the kitchen door. Best food ever!….until it got shut down by the health inspector.

  • Stopped watching when chef in first video said he didn’t buy white truffles because HE can get them wholesale….how fucking lame. Your videos are shit

  • One of the things my parents best man said to avoid, anything labelled hotter than hot at any Asian restaurant. The chili will overpower anything.

  • Whenever I dine out I always bring some truffles and caviar to sprinkle on my food. Fine dining!

  • That thing about avoiding house salad? I don't think it should apply to California Dreaming. Their house salad, with house dressing is amazing.

  • Chicken Parmesan is tasty, but decidedly NOT Italian. Nor is Veal Parmesan. They just don't eat those things in Italy. They are American-Italian dishes.

  • Who wants to go out with their girlfriend on Valentine's Day? Tell her you have to work, then go out and cheat on her with lonely, dateless, loser chicks!

  • The last one doesn't make much sense though. The formula "if their bathrooms are bad, their kitchens are worse" is built on an assumption that bathrooms are of higher priority than kitchens, which as I imagine is most likely not the case for eateries.

  • As a part-time dishwasher for many years, I can tell you this is something I do at any eating place I go to. Check out the restrooms. If employees and guests share the restrooms, how do they look. Are they clean, is there soap, are the floors clean even in the corners? If you have just one, "NO", LEAVE Fast. The kitchen will be even worse !!

  • This video is kinda dumb. I’m a cook. Don’t order seafood on Sunday or seafood specials. Fisherman don’t deliver on weekends and seafood specials means there is leftover stuff that needs to get used up. ^_^ Oh and please stay home on Valentine’s Day it’s madness

  • If you have dietary restrictions, don't be afraid to request those substitutions. Restaurants are well aware that people have allergies or different lifestyles and in most cases they will switch it up for you because they want your business. Just remember to be patient with them, as complicated orders can sometimes be confusing

  • That's not true about chicken parmesan at the Olive Garden. I used to make it there. Breaded and baked the chicken itself. It then went straight to the line to get sauce and cheese.

  • I'll never get in a restaurant that doesn't look so clean and there isn't much ambience into it.

  • Nah, I substitute certain things. Especially that mashed potatoes with the stuffed Chicken Marsala at Olive garden. I tell them replace it with fettuccini alfredo. Really upgraded the meal 🙃

  • If worked some places with a very nice valentines day menu.
    Usually you'll have to reserve a seat a week in advance
    and a lot of times its gonna be expensive.
    so they wont have to rush you in order to make a profit.
    sometimes they'll make it a "no kids allowed" affair
    in a good place its worth it

  • Followed the bathroom rule with restaurants since middle school. You can try a restuarant with a disgusting bathroom: Eat at your own risk.

  • I ordered a chef special sushi plate on Wednesday at an asia n fusion place in Dallas I spent the next week in bed and the bathrom!!! No more sushi for me!!!

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