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  • There is no second hand flavored nic ejuice vapor, while second hand cigarette smoke kills 41,000 people a year. There is no evidence from any study showing second hand vape is harmful. Any man claiming the right to order another man to do anything is slavery and slavery is prohibited. This kind of harrassment is un Constitutional. Are they going to make everyone in the kitchen wear a mask to keep saliva from contaminating food, no…why not if its just saliva and any saliva can possibly contaminate food? The level of insanity is very high in public officers, who think they can order other people around and punish them if they dont comply. If I cant order anyone around, i couldn't have given that power to a legislator or cop, they dont have that power and they didn't get it from a voter. The consent of the governed is absent. (DecOfIndependence).

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