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Pro-Trump News Outlet The Epoch Times Funded By Chinese Spiritual Group | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Pro-Trump News Outlet The Epoch Times Funded By Chinese Spiritual Group | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  • This is also what NBC News/Brandy Zadrozny is up to now..attacking private citizens, moms of disabled children

  • Oh noooos…. ha ha! — They say right on their website: "The Epoch Times was founded in the United States in the year 2000 in response to communist repression and censorship in China. Our founders, Chinese-Americans who themselves had fled communism, sought to create an independent media to bring the world uncensored and truthful information." — Just delete Facebook, btw. Just delete it! — So Epoch Times do "weird" interviews? Huh? — "American Thought Leaders" interviews on Epoch Times Youtube are pretty good. MSNBC "Morning Joe" has several Council on Foreign Relations members, so you all have your own little cabal agenda going on. Sorry MSNBC, but you aren't the only game in town to push your propaganda anymore. HA! Get over it!

  • Wow. Such dishonest reporting. I love the Epoch Times and gladly vote for them with my dollars. Not "dark money." NBC is a pro communist propaganda outlet. This is complete panicking on their part.

  • I used to watch MSNBC daily. Until the Russian delusion melted your brains. Thank God for The Epoch Times without them journalism would be truly dead.

  • Thats alot coming from a network supported by a corporation. How does it feel to be told what to do?? Don't answer that!…So much for the free press!… Free oppression is more like it! So tell me, what candidate will you choose for me this time? Biden, Harris, Castro, Sanders, Warren, Buttigeig…..???

  • So what. I haven't seen any Trump ads. I have heard of this Falun Gong who are being persecuted in China. You are fake news and I never listen to you. They are doing better than you. You are jealous. You are trying to smear Trump. LIARS. I CAN'T STAND YOUR'E FAKE NEWS. I READ ABOUT YOU IN THE EPOCH TIMES. They are beating you.

  • Not a group. these guys are spewing fake news. The Epoch Times is a multi-language newspaper founded in 2000 by John Tang and a group of Chinese Americans associated with the Falun Gong spiritual group. Wierd interviews. lol ! they are Jealous! it started in 2000 not 10 years ago. they have known about this, but want to bash it since they show conservative news. Employees are not all spiritual, and what they said here was more fake as usual. What else would you expect from a socialistic far left news organization

  • NBC sounds jealous, their reporters have their overlords hands shoved up their arses and aren't allowed to speak any truth. The Epoch Times reports facts, you know what facts are don't you?

  • You really spent 5 months researching this story and it’s just full of misinformation!! This is just your narrative, not the truth!!

  • You all hate it when there is a new kid on the block who tells the truth, just like all the Alternate news sources on the Internet, who are killing you in viewership and making you obsolete, Must do what you all do best, lie and destroy whoever opposes YOUR truth. Losers!!! lol

  • Chinese spiritual group who also happen to be Americans. This is why I only deal with independent media. Everything else is totally fake news. You cannot trust any of the alphabet news outlets especially this one and the number one offender the president calls out all the time.

  • Notice how MSNBC won’t quote any of the Epoch Times news articles. It’s because the Epoch Times is spot on reporting the truth and they don’t want the truth getting out! This is simply Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” 101. You accuse your opponent of what YOU are guilty of.

  • I have to call b.s. on this. Epoch media group is based in N.Y. It was founded by John Tang. It is published in chinese but is banned by the communist Chinese government. It is banned I would assume for its conservative, anti communist values. It is a privately owned outlet and can advertise for whomever it chooses. I'm not sure where you got your conspiracy theories from but a simple search on wikipedia will prove your story false. Good day!

  • So since MSNBC is Jewish owned and since Jewish sources contribute more than half of all DNC campaign funds I think we can safely say that MSNBC is a Jewish propaganda outlet.

  • MSNBC,NBC is now the biggest Liars of fake news over taking CNN all 3 of them are the Armpit for their left wing nut Globalist Power Freaks, nothing but paid Liars, majority of America see right through them for what they are Left Wing Hack Liars, they will be Branded that title forever

  • Trying to make this persecuted spiritual group as something evil. Does anyone of these 3 know this group at all & why it's for Trump? Anything to sell a story. I am NOT part of this group but do understand why.

  • Thank you shady Chinese religious group for the advertisements I kept seeing. I've been looking for a real news site I could trust in since all the old ones like NBC seem to be constantly engaging in propaganda, just like this video which is trying to insinuate that because these people funded it it must be lies. I went to The Epoch Times website for a few weeks and decided they are worth subscribing to. I mean don't these people realize we can just go there and read it for ourselves? Well of course they count on people trusting their narrative and therefor not actually doing that. It's amazing and scary how many people are caught up in this type of cognitive dissonance brought on by the old guard medias propaganda.

  • I’m sorry
    This is the President of the United States they are supporting right?
    Not some archenemies of the country or a world wanted terrorist?!
    Mmkay just checking

  • This is the ultimate joke created by a news network in decadence. only brainless, individuals believe this story. Epoch time is one of the few newsgroups that unveiled what was behind the Russian gate. All these pseudo-journalists make me sick to my stomach

  • When an outfit insists that it reports "The Truth" you need to immediately suspect them of the opposite.

  • If anything look at Hollywood it’s 98% Liberal and backed out of allowing the Taiwan flag on the uniform of the upcoming Top Gun movie because of China. If anything it’s the left that has ties with China just like the left hated Reagan for being part of the disbanding of the USSR.

  • Ye, the religion is very good, it can cure cancer for specific races for example: Americans, Australians, Canadians, British.

  • Hilarious MSNBC really!! Are you really that SCARED of “Epoch Times” or any alternative source for news Epoch Times is a worldwide media outlet who’ve told more truths in their one “Spygate” investigation than you the so called MSM have told since you started your propaganda campaign against a President his administration and SIXTY THREE MILLION PEOPLE SO GO DRY YOUR EYES QUIT COMPLAINING AND DO YOUR JOBS. MAKE AN EFFORT TO RESTORE YOUR CREDIBILITY.

  • Falun Gong ("FG") requires Practitioners to be politically silent but their attendance at rallies is leveraged as support the Far Right at the national level. PRC Chinese are typically non-participants in Western elections. This is a dishonest trick whereby Li Hongzhi usurps the voices of politically ignorant Practitioners without their knowledge or knowing consent.

  • The Falun Gong have been persecuted in China for years. Just about anyone that China persecutes is probably an ally of America…not all but most.

  • Are these talking heads serious? Are they so stupid they don’t even know their “news” and all the other mainstream media channels are just another arm of the DNC, Democrats, Hillary, etc……..

    It’s just amazing how gone these people are. They truly live in a different reality than most people.

  • Are there any Falun Gong left or have they all been executed for their internal organs by the CCP?
    Wikipedia states Epoch Times it was started by Falun Gong members (would that be a problem if it was a leftist news outlet?)
    Is Wikipedia where these goof balls got their story???
    What wrong with these "journalist" the word is epoch (eh sound) not EEEpoch?
    (Maybe the 2 "reporters" didn't want to embarrass whats-her-face?)

  • MSNBC are fools…this has been known for a long time now…these idiots didn't break this story. CW Chanter said all this several months ago, jackasses.

  • Of course if MSNBC says it's bad, and you check it out and notice their claims aren't listed anywhere else, it's just more of the same DNC we lost, hate this country activist networking. What, pray tell, do they have to offer while we go on without them>>>> hate Trump, he wins?

  • I love how one of the only media outlets in the nation that doesn't belong to one of the 6 news conglomerates is immediately branded by the mainstream media as a "Pro-Trump News outlet". 90 percent of the news media outlets in America are all owned by one of these 6 corporations, 5 of them being liberal. As such most news in America, MSNBC included, is not trying to deliver you the truth, but is trying to convince you to see the world the same way they do, which is why they have so casually branded the Epoch Times as "Pro-Trump". Just because they don't try to attack Trump on a daily basis like everyone else doesn't mean that they are "Pro-Trump". Our hostile media is one of the reasons why I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but a nihilist. Our two-party political system which elects its presidents with the help of an electoral college is simply a system that cannot work, which is why there is always so much gridlock.

  • Chinese-American ex-pats, Falun Gong. . . not "the Chinese", you lying, deceitful, devil-whores at NBC forgot to mention that.
    NBC is funded by Hungarian-commi $$: Soros. Go rot now, thanks.
    The only thing "getting crazier and crazier" are the brainwashed idiots on the Left. . .truly dumbfounded by the level of hypocrisy and the absolute lack of ethic and morals from the Left and their machine.

  • Anti Chinese communist government non profit.?? Religious people who are ant communist. Ok, so what. I would be worried if it was a communist group trying to derail the election or heavy socialist group. Pro U.S. anti communist is good with me.
    Unless you want communism and or heavy socialism in the U.S. this should not be a problem for you either.

  • You guys just can't stand anything you can't dominate. By the way I heard you gave them a huge increase of subscribers, probably tripled Trump Supporters after this story, even though you got the story wrong.

  • We all know you people at MSNBC are liars, twisters, and make up your own news. How did you find out that Fe lon Gong is supporting The Epoch Times. Did you know that China removes the practitioners imprisons these people and removes their body parts while they are alive. Better price you know. Well I'll be researching this because I know you people usually lie or twist a piece of information totally out of reality.

  • im looking at a cancer diagnosis and if it gets me i don't want my children to have to live with a evil man like Trump in office

  • This is an American group. How are they dark money, how are they grifters, how are they like a Russian troll farm, or end of timers, they are a spiritual group that is persecuted in China by the communist Chinese government. What a hit piece!

  • I have been subscribing to The Epoch Times for a long time and they are excellent with really good investigative reporting. The best, really.
    The dumbasses at MSNBC are talking about a Chinese news paper called Epoch Times NOT the American The Epoch Times. And they're clearly afraid of the competition and are using that Chinese news paper as a source to exaggerate and lie to us, and to frame it as some super important news is just nuts. The reporters who "broke this extraordinary story" are just as laughable as the rest of the MSNBC news.

  • The Chinese spiritual group is a small part of their funding so???… NEXT!!!! please report on the 68 sasquatch Patterson film, or if dinosaurs had actual feathers! BTW MSNBC is (1%) corporate run news outlet that pays almost no tax, and has full DNC support and influence… That is like me telling my brother 'do you know that you came from a human being??(When i came from such as well).. Oh the irony….

  • Is Epoch times giving the world the truth? I don't care about their religion as long as they are giving the world the truth and are covering news that I have never seen from the American media, I'm Interested!!

  • Epoch Times ads disrupting streams of conventional news stories covering current impeachment news as often as every 3 to 4 minutes.

  • "Exclusively learned?" Can you say "deeply delusional?" There's never been ANY question who about who owns and controls The Epoch Times. It's never been a secret. The only question is where does NBC dredge up these morons to pose as news reporters. By the why who owns NBC? Comcast. One of the nation's leading s***bag corporations. For example: and this

  • I knew the first time I saw their ad yes on FB that they were a far right wing group but I did not know they were also foreign funded.. I have complained about them and their ads but I still see them almost every day… Please Please Youtube Please American shut these companies down in America this is no different then any other type of racism and hate group.. they must not be allowed to take root here… Period !

  • The Epoch times is actually the independent truth teller while Zionist owned MSNBC is the propaganda station. Why does 6 corporations own 96% of the American media? Why are all 6 corporations owned and controlled by Jews? Why does MSNBC and CNN seem so pro war? Why does the mainstream media support regime change wars? Why do they talk about Trump 24/7 and ignore real events all over the country and the world? Why do they promote a few shootings by white people but ignore the hundreds by black people? Why do they promote fake news every day?


  • Now they are saying Epoch is a Communist Owned fake news site? WOW, the dumb sheep who only spew out lies,
    Must not even remember what a real news station is, and is suppose to be. Fact Checking Before Reporting News.
    Epoch is a great news station. Don't listen to these Fake News sites talking crap about a REAL NEWS STATION!

  • since when has a "spiritual group" been a bad thing? All religions are spiritual, yoga is spiritual, meditation is spiritual. Anything anti-communism is fine by me, in fact, i am going to subscribe to the Epoch times right now. Down with communism, total control over a countries citizens does not work.

  • CNN obviously anti-trump
    CBS concocted that goofy 1950’s western show about Trumps Wall, so obviously anti-trump.
    Now NBC waving their anti-trump flag.
    Fox is obviously pro-Trump.
    That’s 4 of the Big 6 Media conglomerates taking a solid political line.
    Media cannot be trusted with their “responsibility to Democracy to frame political issues for the viewers” as my Government textbook says.
    They are for-sale to the highest bidder, foreign or domestic.

  • IF Epoch times funded by Falun Gong …gues what? MSNBC is funded indirectly by the Chineses Communist Party (CCP) to make this video. CCP already owns carmike AKA AMC theathers, have influenced in movies like marvel. Any Chinese company is obligated to allow CCP access all information and promote "party" but they call it "Chinese characteristics" Funny how many Chinese, even Jet Li move to Maylasia, Singapore, USA,, Australia, etc once they can or have dual citizenship.

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