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Print Works Bistro in Greensboro | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

– [Bob] One of the first
things you need to know is that the Print Works Bistro
and the Green Valley Grill at the O.Henry Hotel,
owned by the same folks, have been named to the top
100 brunch spots in America by Open Table. That isn’t taken for granted. – It’s like throwing a party,
and getting a thank you note that you know is sincere,
to hear something like that. Just like great, some folk are enjoying the
party we’re throwing. Now let’s go throw
another one tomorrow, and the next day, and the
next day, ’cause you know, it’s sort of a restaurateurs
work is never done. You’re as good as the
last meal ya serve. – Print Works started
as a French bistro, but it’s been heavily
contextualized or adapted to the local area through
lots of experimentation. Avocado toast for example, seems like more of a California
thing than an French thing, but it’s definitely
a thing you see and hear about most everywhere,
and it is terrific here. Look at this, bacon, avocado,
on a nice challah bread, and then poached eggs on top,
so all that rich egg yolk runs down in there, ho ho ho. Oh, that would be so rich
even without the egg, but with the poached egg
on top, and the bacon, mm, that is exquisite. The most popular toast
item for brunch here is the French toast. This is challah bread, dipped
in a pots de creme custard, and then cooked on
a flattop grill, ’til it’s nice and crispy. Oh that’s incredibly rich. Wow. You talk about
strong visual appeal, Print Works makes its own
cinnamon buns for brunch, and they are things
of absolute beauty, to say nothing of being
incredibly delicious. Mm, warm vanilla sauce,
that is just perfect. Another striking breakfast
and brunch specialty, this one born out
of Dennis Quaintance growing up in Montana, is a glorious looking
hash built around savory, richly flavored short rib. It’s served in a
sizzling black skillet, and topped appropriately
with a couple of friend eggs. Oh, now I’ve had all
kinds of corned beef hash, and roast beef
hash, and whatever, but that short rib, that may
be the best hash I’ve ever had. Fried potatoes, onions, peppers, all the good stuff. Mm, mm mm mm. – The whole idea is that
we’re not, you know, cooking the next thing that’s on the cover
of some food magazine. We’re cooking things
that we genuinely enjoyed somewhere else, or at home,
or at somebody else’s home. And then we’re enjoying doing
this as a community effort. So you know, we’re
living the dream. – They’re always working
on and refining the menu here at Print Works Bistro. You will find it
absolutely delightful. – Print Works Bistro is
located at the Proximity Hotel at 702 Green Valley
Road, in Greensboro, and they’re open everyday for
breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their weekend brunch
is Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For reservations and
more information, give them a call
at 336-379-0699. Or go online to

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