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Point Guard in Youth Basketball : Youth Point Guard Skills: Calling for Outlet Pass

Point Guard in Youth Basketball : Youth Point Guard Skills: Calling for Outlet Pass

Hi, this is Sean Hobson and right now we’re
working with our point guard. One responsibility that our point guard has to have, he has to
be the leader on the floor to get everything started. A lot of times that’s going to happen
after we get an offensive or a defensive rebound. In this case, we, right now, are playing on
defense. Once this shot goes up and this guy gets a rebound, he’s going to be clearing
the rebound out and he’s going to be looking to get the ball to the point guard. We don’t
want our post players to bring the ball up the floor. It’s the responsibility of the
point guard. The reason he’s the point guard is because he’s usually the ball handler and
he usually has the best understanding of the offense. That’s the guy we want to get the
ball in the hands. To make an outlet pass, this guy is going to be turning, he’s going
to be clearing out, he’s going to be looking up the floor, and again the point guard has
to come to the side that the ball is rebounded on. He has to read the defense. If the defense
is standing here, inside, he’s going to have to slide down to the outside. If the defense
is playing to the outside, he may have to come back to the inside a little bit. He has
to be calling for the ball and he has to be yelling outlet, outlet, outlet so that we
can get the ball out and headed down the floor. This is what it looks like at full speed.
Outlet, outlet, outlet. Good. Once he catches the ball, you see how he squares his feet,
he’s ready to get the ball up the floor and take it down and set up our next offense.
The outlet is a very important part of what the point guard does.

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