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Reading Rainbow anyway so what’s the first thing you
want to do when you come to Long Beach what’s the first thing you want to do I
want to go to the beach baby let’s go to the beaches with some beaches you win
hey yo what’s good fam I woke up in peace mall welcome to another day in the
life I’m here with my cousin oh he’s getting acclimated his first week in
America how you like it I like it so good so today I’m showing him around
this is my first place I’m showing them we are in beautiful Long Beach check
this out we are standing for the damage my mine
wheeler fended off sliding slowly away baby I’m no problem
oh geez oh geez it’s all gonna know what you know before you got started everyone
fell 30 days that one for me how are you for me so right now we’re at the pike
outlet I do some shopping doing some sightseeing and just introduced them to
California if you seen sit with my home Southern California and let’s do this
people go that’s kind of nice but a cup of this first pair of shoes come on cuz
this first pair like you soon how you feeling for how you feel I feel so
thankful so just wrapped up the first spontaneous shopping of the day got my
man some new kicks to walk around in America with
traveling to America so we’re going to make our way right
over there boom a few moments later so we stumbled upon what is this this
lighthouse at the top of a green grass hill it’s lit asleep so we out here going to wrap up our
first night film togethers how was your first week in the building’s arts
buildings in America awesome man so what was your best experience so far
being here food I blew your cat food oh yeah we wish the Golden Corral you know
I’m not promoting Golden Corral but golden girl has some good food we went
there earlier damn this view is amazing well she’ll count that V lay lay lay
come to it flip split split split alright guys so now we’re stepping away
from the flight house check it out we got a few pictures I’m going to put them
in right about here boom alright guys so on that note we go end the vlog today
thank you for watching if you liked this video tell some likes on this thing boom
boom boom if you haven’t yet if this is the first video you’re watching if
you’re from the Philippines or Asia or America Canada subscribe right join the
squad join the Filipino fam until next time
y’all know what it is live life cuz you only live once and suits your shot baby
shoot your shot I shall peace with nothing oh sorry for
leaving mommy and bus because my car was running hey you know what you need to do you
know you need to know you know always you need to do oh it’s what you need to

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