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Overheard Dinner Date

Overheard Dinner Date

♪♪ [cheering] So what’d you want
to talk about, sweetie? Well, us. What’s with that tone,
is there a problem? No, no, no-no-no-no. It’s– Well– There is one thing. Honey, is this
about Kent and I? I told you, we’re
just friends. I mean, I know there’s
a history there or whatever, but if you can’t accept
that that’s in the past, then that’s your
problem, not mine. Well– [soft gasp noise] [laughter] Kent and I are best
friends, okay, so if there’s anything going
on between you two– [laughter] then I need to know. Honey, I would never
betray you like that. I know. So, you can trust
me when I say that nothing
happened last night. [laughter] [crashing] Oh no! Wait, weren’t you
with me last night? Well, yeah, but then I had
to run to Kent’s house. [scoffs] Run to his house? Yeah! I had to drop off
some things. [laughter] What kind of things? Yeah, what kind
of things? [laughter] Come on. It’s not like that. [scoffs] Not like what? Not like you’re still in love
with my best friend and you two have been
carrying on[screams] [laughter]this whole ti?No! Not the whole time. Oh, so it is true! [scoffs] It’s not like you pay enough
attention to notice anyway.What?[laughter] That’s not true! Yeah? When’s the last
we did something even remotely
spontaneous? I don’t know. I don’t have
my day planner. Yeah, exactly. When was the last time you
held me under the stars or wrapped me up
in your arms and said, Both: “I love you,
you complete me?” [laughter] You know I’ve never
seen that movie, so stop bringing it up! Stop it. And besides, what kind of guy
does that stuff anyways? The kind I fell
in love with. [moan] [laughter] I didn’t know. [laughter] He didn’t know. You don’t know
anything. I didn’t think any
of that mattered. Didn’t matter. Because– [laughter] Because you never care! You never care. Look, I know
I’ve been distant. Oh yes, you have. [laughter] But– At least know
that I meant it? [muttering] Look at that, look at it! [crash] [laughter] [gasp] But– I thought you said there was
something wrong with me! Not something. One thing. [squeal] [thuds] [laughter] Your last name. Oh! [laughter] [cheer] [laughter] What are you doing? Are those our breadsticks? [clattering] [groan] Might I interest you in the fettuccini
flame-broiled passion– I mean, chicken? NO! Okay. Thank you, have a good night! [cheering] Hey friends! Thanks for watching
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