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NYC FOOD GUIDE Best Local Places to Eat Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

NYC FOOD GUIDE Best Local Places to Eat Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

I’m Jen your local New York City guide
and people are constantly asking me where are the best places to eat in New
York City there are so many places people could actually go to a new place
for breakfast lunch and dinner and then honestly never repeat another restaurant
for 20 years there’s a crazy stat it is insane but I am about to share some of
my favorite spots some of the local spots that I keep going to week after
week I’m actually addicted to these places I wasn’t sure I was going to
share them because they’re my local favorite but you know what I’m gonna
share them if you subscribe I guess I can’t tell if you subscribe but please
do it subscribe click the like button comment your favorite spots to go eat
and let’s get into it let’s go to the first place for breakfast! You go for the Instagrammable
pancakes but stay for the other amazing dishes like the breakfast sandwich
complete with potato chips and the creative cocktails after working in
restaurants this experienced trio of Brooklynites would take Sundays for
granted exploring their neighborhood for good drinks and food they started this
neighborhood spot near Domino Park that offers some of the best breakfast brunch
and dinner in a three-story bright space that is so welcoming in any season I
love to sit outside during warmer months or warm up with a cozy cocktail when
it’s cooler one of my favorite cocktails is the sweet and creatively displayed
Havana honey bear drink it is served in an adorable bear shaped honey bottle
elegantly chilled on ice. Visitors come for the incredibly fluffy pancakes on
white marble tabletops the pancakes are made with malt powder and buttermilk in
small pans with lots of batter that forces it to bake upwards instead of
spread across a larger pan and then there’s the syrup it’s a hazelnut maple
praline syrup that doesn’t immediately soak up into the pancakes but spreads
very nicely. This is the bagel store in Williamsburg
I live here in Williamsburg I used to live a block away from this… dangerous
now I live a little bit farther in Williamsburg but it’s not a far walk. I
am having my normal breakfast snack which is this amazing rainbow bagel I
love it I highly recommend it it’s at the bagel store come here early because
I got here before 10:00 a.m. I was hungry and I had to wait in line and I
think the secret’s out but it’s okay because it’s still worth it it’s just
this really fun amazing rainbow bagel one of my favorite places for breakfast
is definitely BEC, this amazing ciabatta sandwich I know it’s not on a
bagel! Can you believe it? New York they don’t make breakfast here which is not on bagels but actually this is a really fun classy spot is a little bit
expensive for a breakfast sandwich at about eleven dollars for one of these
with some bacon this is actually a pancetta egg fig I’m obsessed with the
fact that this comes with that fig jam and honey and ricotta cheese instead of
the other cheeses. I am absolutely obsessed with this
sandwich it is just so good so let’s take a bite! it’s that fig sweet and salty oh my gosh the panceta some of the sandwiches have bacon some have prosciutto some have panceta it’s just so good. Joe’s steamed
rice roll is a popular Flushing restaurant that just expanded to its
second location in Manhattan’s Chinatown head to Canal Street Market to try these
budget-friendly gooey Chinese crepes the most popular menu item is Joe’s
signature roll with pork beef shrimp egg and lettuce. We are here at Joe’s steamed
rice rolls in Canal Street Market I almost didn’t want to tell you about
this place it’s that good it is my favorite spot I have been told that Jen
you come here too often you’re addicted and you know what it’s true I’m addicted
to these because they’re so so good thank you to my friend TJ CupofTJ for
telling me about this spot it is my favorite right now it has an amazing
peanut sauce it has a sweet sauce soy sauce sriracha on top I got the pork and
I add an egg for $1 worth it you can get bean sprouts you can get
all sorts of different little vegetables inside and it’s just this amazing thing
even though it’s called rice rolls there’s no real rice it’s actually just
this thing that it’s like a big rice noodle that they make right in front of
you they pour it out it heats up on on this large area and then they roll it
they sort of scrape it off and then they roll it into this little roll
around the meat that you choose or shrimp or whatever and it’s just so good
every time oh my gosh I just, any day that ends up this is a good day I highly
recommend it. When asked where are the best tacos in New York City there is
only one place that comes to mind my favorite place for tacos los tacos
and numero uno. There are now two locations the original
in Chelsea Market and the newer outpost in Times Square. Despite their success this place still feels like a small roadside stand with
no seating only counters to eat your food. My two favorite taco flavors are carne asada – steak taco and adobada –
pork taco with small slices of pineapple on top there’s also the pollo asado –
grilled chicken or for vegetarians the nopal – grilled cactus.
I love the rich flavors of the marinated meats the fresh corn tortillas that are
flattened right in front of you and of course the fact that their guacamole
sauce comes on every single taco without charging you extra and these tacos are
super affordable for a New York City meal and there you have it the best
tacos in New York City! Bareburger is one of my favorite local
burger joints I have tasted famous burgers around the world but this spot
is still so unique for how they make their burgers and their huge selection.
Bareburger started in Astoria Queens and is now a global chain with awesome
service that doesn’t feel like a chain. They partner with local sustainable
farmers to ensure clean comfort food to help build a better food system their
menu is almost half vegetarian including awesome plant-based burger options like
the famous impossible burger that I could barely tell apart from a classic
meat burger meat lovers will also revel at the tasty all natural selection of
burgers from beef to bison it is a healthy and environmentally conscious
burger chain even their furniture is built with reclaimed and recycled
materials making each space unique. With a name like best pizza this place is
not afraid to call it as it is Frank Pinello inspired by his
Bensonhurst Brooklyn roots Sicilian heritage and New York City pizza
traditions opened this joint in 2010 in Williamsburg he learned cooking from his
Sicilian grandmother and practiced making pizza at top spots before he
opened his own place in addition to making the best pizza in my opinion in
Brooklyn and perhaps the entire city he hosts the pizza show on Vice my favorite
two slices are the grandma a classic thick square Sicilian slice and the
white slice which is packed with flavor the white pizza is topped with ricotta
and caramelized onions and finished off with a sesame seed crust. I’ve been to all the best mac and cheese
spots in New York City and nothing compares to cafeteria in Chelsea you
must order the truffle oil mac and cheese or sample that and to others in
the Mac attack sampling the best part is that this simple but classy joint is
open 24 hours it is perfect for brunch or comfort food after a late night when
everything else is closed this is open this is one of my all-time favorite ice
cream places in New York City did you know it was started in 2008 out of a
buttery yellow truck on the streets of New York City the juxtaposition of the
classic American ice cream truck and the traditional fresh ice cream helped Van
Leeuwen expand to storefronts and trucks all around New York City and LA all ice
cream is made from scratch in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. You can even find pints in
select grocery stores. Their vegan ice creams are delightfully delicious and
don’t taste vegan at all they are one of the only ice cream places that offers
one of my favorite toppings the nutritious and crunchy cocoa nibs which
come from raw cocoa beans following their families ice cream
making traditions. Tipsy scoop puts a modern boozy twist on ice cream this
artisanal ice cream company sells 5% ABV concoctions they infuse ice cream
flavors with liqueurs for fun flavors like tequila Mexican hot chocolate cake
batter vodka martini and vanilla bean bourbon in the summer I love froze
topped with boozy rose gummies and rose petals the service here was amazing and
I love that they have a location in Manhattan and Brooklyn and even Las
Vegas this is froze all day and it is so fresh it tastes just like froze! Wow it’s like the best drink I’ve ever
had but it’s not a drink because it’s ice cream this is the best best thing
ever! Chinatown ice cream factory has been family-run since 1978 visit to enjoy American classics and Asian-inspired flavors like black sesame,
lychee, wasabi and Durian the small shop can form a line but it’s worth the wait
I love the taste of this ice cream which is so vibrant and flavorful you have to
try it for yourself thank you so much for watching please click to subscribe
and bell button so you don’t miss any videos I have a ton more New York City videos
so just keep watching for more details to check out the blog post link down
below as always say yes to new adventures and we’ll see you next time

  • As to be expected, I haven't visited any of those spots when I went to New York last month, but spots I did visit that I genuinely enjoyed like Liberty Bagel, Big Mozz (Chelsea Markets) and Katz's Delicatessen. Thanks for the video! Makes me want to come back and give New York another go. 🙂

  • Which was your favorite? Or which restaurants did I miss that I need to add in a future video? Comment below! Thanks!

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    Thanks, Jen! 👍

  • Been amazing to see Joe’s Steamed Rice Roll expand from it’s original stall in Flushing. That freshly ground rice makes all the difference

  • Los Tacos No 1 is a good choice – really like their fresh corn tortillas. Only our late night tacos al pastor cart in Queens can compete with that adobada haha

  • Really like that white slice at Best Pizza – the sesame seeds make a big difference! The Pizza Show is awesome btw

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  • I’ve been to Bare Burger in Bayside for years. Great to hear they have expanded. Thanks for the tips. 🔥

  • This food video is making me so hungry 😋. There’s an endless amount of good eating places in the city.
    You know you’re a foodie when I’ve been to 4 of the places you listed! (Would have been 5 if you didn’t move on from Van Leeuwen 😂) I’m also proud to see Bareburger move on from my hometown of Astoria to locations all around the country!
    If I had to make a list of my favorite food spots it would be like 100 pages long, lol

  • you gotta try toms diner ! it’s on the corner of washington ave and sterling pl in brooklyn !! huge portions for super cheap

  • We love the way you go to town on the food you're showing us. Most people would take a dainty nibble. You're letting us know that this is NOT nibble food. 😀 One of our favorite places that we go for breakfast almost every time we're there (and STILL do not know the name) is this little bodega by Battery Park. It's a few stores down from the McDonalds, when you get out of the Ferry terminal. Their sandwiches are PACKED and so delicious. They have the BEST corned beef, egg and cheese bagel sandwich i've ever had. Thanks for another great video that has us SALIVATING to get back to NYC.

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  • Nice job Jenn. Bare Burger near us seems to survive despite being on 1st Ave. We should try it sometime.

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    NYC hotel prices are really high during that period

  • Hey girl, i'm from Portugal and i'm going to New York in August and i'm really excited, thank you for your amazing videos!!!

  • You had some cool spots on your list that I’m excited to check out! I also really enjoy Mamoun’s falafel for their falafel pita and almost every Sunday morning I go to Brooklyn bagels. It’s dangerously close to me near Washington square park 😂

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  • Great video! Loved it. I got so hungry after watching it. All the food looked great but I have a few favorites. Rainbow bagel, Ciabatta sandwich, plant based burger, Mac n cheese (OMG), rice rolls and all the ice cream. When I am back in the city, I will go to at least 3 of the restaurants. Thanks for making such a great video and making me aware of the great food and restaurants (which I did not know about).

  • I’m making a little NYC bucket list for the rest of this summer bc I definitely don’t explore it as much as I want to & I live close enough to go by train. I want to try ALL the restaurants 😝
    Thanks for the videos

  • Great video and great places!But too much suffering for your food..Beef,pork..All these animals died for a sandwich.
    Go vegan!New York offers that choice and has some awesome alternatives.

  • Thank you for the awesome Tips 😍
    Visiting NYC in February for the 3rd Time and happy to Taste some of your Tips 😊

    Greetings from Germany 😊

  • Ever been to Razza Pizza Artigianale in Jersey City on Grove Stree. I've been to a dozen-plus recommended pizza places in and around the city, and Razza definitely beats them all. I make sure I stop by for dinner there every time I visit, it's that good.

  • nice video!!my favorite donut shop is Peter Pan Greenpoint,Brooklyn
    🍩🍩I will try the bagel shop and tacos numero uno next year!!
    awesome video Jennifer!!! I like your YouTube channel 👏👏

  • Van Leeuwen is The best I haven’t been to one of the shops but I have tried the ice cream from a coworker who brought it in for us to taste as that’s where he was working at the time as well making the Ice cream. I normally don’t care for vanilla unless it has chocolate in it and I put chocolate in the ice cream but it really didn’t need it is it was just good on its own and I was so surprised by how good it was on its own.

  • For excellent tacos, go to La Chula in East Harlem. I'm from San Antonio, Texas, and these were the best tacos I've had in the city so far.

  • Will be there next week. I have a channel too and I will be recording my experience. Gotta try out some of those places.

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