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Norfolk Premium Outlets Groundbreaking

Norfolk Premium Outlets Groundbreaking

Norfolk Premium Outlets, Virginia’s newest
upscale outlet center, has officially broken ground.
Today is an awesome day for the City of Norfolk and the state of Virginia.
This site will be ready for the residents and visitors of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake,
and Hampton Roads to shop. On behalf of Governor McAuliffe’s administration,
we want to welcome the Simon Group. Very proud of the role that the state’s
going to be playing by expanding the interstate out here, some 9 million dollars worth of
development to help people get in and out of here.
This is not just for the City of Norfolk, it’s for the whole region.
Scheduled to open in summer 2017, the center will offer approximately 85 stores featuring
high-quality designer and name brands at an impressive savings of 25 to 65 percent every
day. Norfolk Premium Outlets will be the next generation
of designer shopping and demonstrates the private sector’s recognition of Norfolk
as the crossroads of Hampton Roads. This is in fact the most important regional
retail development since the MacArthur Center opened and will induce, we believe, additional
development in the North Hampton Boulevard corridor, which has been a priority for Norfolk,
and I will say Virginia Beach as well, for many, many years.
Everybody’s asking me: what stores are coming? Who’s going to be here?
When can we shop? When can we shop?
That’s coming, y’all gotta’ be patient for that, but what’s really exciting is
that today is a milestone and this is a regional location for Premium Outlets and what we do
with the draw that we pull, millions of shoppers a year.
This is the perfect site, I-64, North Hampton Boulevard out here, is ideal.
But we’re excited to open in time for next summer season to capture the tourism here
in this market. Start those cash registers ringing.
Upscale, premium outlet mall, you know, increase tourism across the city we believe, but also
create 800 jobs here. Conservatively, about 3 million dollars in
additional tax revenue. So it will create jobs, it will create tax
revenue, and we’re still going to maintain a lot of it in open space for the community,
probably have better access for the community than a golf course.
It’s very exciting because it’s another thing that puts Norfolk on the map.
Just like the Premium Outlets in Williamsburg, people come from all around, so people will
come here to shop and they will get a Norfolk experience.
And so, as a shopper, I can really appreciate that!
For Norfolk News Now, I’m Chris Free.

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