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New Mexico eatery offers ‘The Wall’ burrito and ‘The Immigrant’ taco

An Albuquerque restaurant is under fire for giving items on its menu controversial names such as a vegan taco called ‘The Immigrant’ and a burrito called ‘The Wall’  Urban Taqueria’s owner, Hanif Mohamed, an immigrant immigrant himself, named the menu items using terms coined by President Trump as a means to keep the debate going during such a polarized time, he says But the menu, which also includes items such as the ‘Lock Her Up’ chicken tinga burrito and the ‘Fake News’ chipotle chicken, has been received with anger in some quarters  Patricia Perea, a University of New Mexico professor told Fox News that normalizing such phrases that have been said in a context of hate speech is dangerous ‘It seems fun, it seems like you can make fun of this and maybe make it lighthearted, but you really can’t, you’re offending a whole community,’ Perea said   ‘It’s normalizing the terms and potentially turning them into funny or humorous terms, and the more that you do that, the more likely people are to repeat them and perhaps forget the contexts in which they were said ‘But owner Mohamed, who opened the restaurant six weeks ago and employs a number of immigrants, disagreed with the controversial naming of the items and said most people who work in are fine with it ‘Ninety-nine percent of the people who walk in, more than 99 percent, don’t seem to have an issue with it,’ Mohamed said  ‘The menu’s not designed to insult people or hurt people, but it’s just meant to keep the conversation going as to what’s happening around us ‘ Another customer took the menu names in jest, too, adding: ‘To me it’s not offensive,’ said Christy Garcia  ‘I just think it’s interesting that they decided to be so bold with the names.’ 

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