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Master Dimsum | The Exclusive Dimsum Outlet of Kolkata

Master Dimsum | The Exclusive Dimsum Outlet of Kolkata

Welcome to the Rooftop Rannaghar show, Shila da and Deba da! Thank you Anindya! After Chapter 2, we are meeting again at Master Dimsum. If you ask me what is the meaning of the word Dim sum, the answer is ‘Heart’s delight’. The Chinese people always eat healthy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So they live longer. There is only one secret- dim sum. It’s made of steamed or boiled dim sum flour, which is very light. The filling inside is also completely boiled or steamed. Momo is a Tibetan dish, but what we have brought here, this is absolutely international. It has been brought from China and Japan. We have brought Japanese Gyoza which exactly looks like momo. But momo is steamed, and this gyoza is shallow fried. When you will taste it, you will understand. Wherever we go, in any international airport, we find a dim sum store and a sushi store. From there we got the idea of opening a similar thing in Kolkata. We all love momos, and we always eat that. But dim sum is much lighter, much healthier, and quite different from momo. Though they look similar. So we thought of opening a dim sum store in every corner of the city, and popularize dim sum as a finger food. Bengalis always want to taste everything. But if they come here, they have to take a full plate of everything if they want to taste everything. They wouldn’t be able to do that because they would be full easily. So we have ‘Wholesome dimsum’ which is a combo platter with one piece of every item. To make dim sum, one needs a detailed training. Our main production is being conducted from China. Chef Peter Chin is behind our endeavor. You can see him here in this picture. We have convinced him to come with us in this business. Apart from dim sum, we have our rare black pepper sauce which is made of olive oil. You wouldn’t find it in any shop. Olive oil is expensive and good for your heart. Chef makes this sauce exclusively for Master Dimsum. We have our copyright on it. So we have named it Chef Peter’s secret sauce. We have started with dim sum, this is the first one at Southern Avenue where we are now. Within 7 days we are opening two more outlets at Acropolis Mall and Lake Mall. And by Puja we will open five more outlets. By 2019 we will open a total 25 outlets all over Kolkata. The idea is, we should have a Master Dimsum store every 3-4 kilometres. Dim sum is a very popular breakfast item in China. So all the dim sum stores there start at 7 o’clock in the morning. To follow that trend, we are also opening this store from 8 am during weekends. So you will get breakfast also. The foodies of Kolkata go to Terreti Bazar to have Chinese breakfast. Now we are bringing that Chinese breakfast to every corner of the city. Pocket pinch for two? 300 INR. Thanks for giving Rooftop Rannaghar a wonderful time! All the best to Rooftop Rannaghar as well.

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