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Manny’s Choice Spaghetti Dinner was delicious!

Manny’s Choice Spaghetti Dinner was delicious!

hey I ordered some things from
Manny’s Choice and wanted to show you how how it went. The olive oil is great. I
was making spaghetti so chopped some onions chopped up some mushrooms and that’s the
pasta that I got and it was super easy I went by the directions. So I’m just
making the spaghetti sauce. I used Paul Newman’s organic for my base and then we like it a little bit of spicy so I got the Arrabbiata sauce from Manny’s. It was very
good. As you can see I’d already used some of it it really gave a little kick
the pasta cooked up exactly in the 13 minutes like they said and I set the
table and I ate it in a flash it was so good Thanks Manny’s

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