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Losing hair? Tokyo pub gives discount to bald customers

Bald is beautiful at a new Tokyo pub, where
they are giving discounts to customers who are suffering from hair loss. So if you fancy a cheap drink and have lost
your luscious locks, head to this Japanese pub in Tokyo’s Akasaka district, where they
are encouraging people to embrace their hair loss. Baldness is a very delicate issue in Japan,
but in Hollywood there are a number of stars who completely ignore their hairless state
and proudly carry out their work. I thought it would be nice to foster that spirit here. While a lack of hair in Japan is not so much of a
problem compared to western nations, it still affects 26 per cent of men. When you first start to go bald, it’s a huge
shock, no question. But then I had a “so-what” attitude, It’s shiny and it’s great. Each bald customer gets a discount of around
$5 and the more hairless people you have in a group the bigger the discount.

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