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Let’s eat lunch or dinner together (Gatbab system)(Subtitled)

Let’s eat lunch or dinner together (Gatbab system)(Subtitled)

Hello, everyone.
Welcome to the Gatbab system. These days, We tend to eat alone at work, school, home, etc. so we want to make a service for people who want to have a good meal with someone. We believe that If we had a good meal together, we could spend a good time and learn something from each other and expand our horizons. We are supposed to open our events at a restaurant with a particular topic and we are planning to have a meal with 4 or 6 people. we are going to make our events more fun
and constructive and we can help our participants communicate with each other well so as to get them great chances in their life. Just join our group and take part in our events now. Thanks everyone.

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