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[Learn Real Korean] At the Korean BBQ restaurant

[Learn Real Korean] At the Korean BBQ restaurant

Hi? I’m 허 쌤.
Today we are going to talk about the expression we use at the Korean BBQ restaurant If you’re studying in Korea right now, or at least once If you’ve ever been to Korea You’ve probably been to a 고깃집 once. The 고깃집 is a restaurant that bakes and eats beef or pork.
Koreans love to bake grill like this. If you meet with friends or you don’t have a special menu say ‘Let’s go to BBQ restaurant!’ It means let’s go grill and eat meat.
At first, maybe your Korean friend took you to the 고깃집. if you don’t have Korean friends, but you might want to eat meat. Right? At that time, how can we go and talk at the BBQ restaurant? What expression should I use to speak very naturally? Just say “this, please give me this.”
Do not do like this. Let’s practice to speak very skillfully When ordering the first time. When ordering from a 고깃집. Just ‘Please give me this’ You can do this. but The meat in the 고깃집 is served in several servings. Say ‘몇 인분’. So “1 serving(1인분)” means the amount you can eat alone In general, there are many places where people don’t sell for 1 serving.
Nowadays, more people eat meat alone, so there are a few restaurants which serve 1 serving But most of them can be ordered from two servings.
So give me two pork belly Give me three servings of pork belly. Please give me some meat for N people.
you should talk like this I think we can’t cover names of meats here If you look for ‘고기 부위 이름’, you’ll find names like pork belly, neck, sirloin… etc. Find it out and Studying the meats name what you want to eat in advance will probably help.
So, “Give me sirloin for N people” You can say this
So you ordered the meat like that And while eating meat. I think I’m short of eating. I want to eat more. Usually 1인분 is not enough for one person. So I want to eat more
How do you say that? How do I call an waiter?
Usually Koreans say ‘여기요!’ You can do this. ‘여기요!’ Or if she is a woman, you can call her like this. ‘이모!’ Or you can just say “사장님!” If you call like this
they are not the boss, but the waiters, but just call them ‘사장님!’ Then anyone will come to your table just say ‘boss, here ~!’ like this.
When I went to America, I was a little surprised that the American don’t call the waiters.
they are just waiting for the waiter to come. just waiting or waiting for the waiter to come and ask me first. But Koreans have to call
if you don’t call them, they would not come to you. So you have to call them. “Hey!”, “somebody!” Should be called like this
And If you want to say ‘I want to eat more meat.’ ‘Please give me some more meat for N servings.’
You can say this. What meat, pork belly. Two more pork belly please. It’s okay to say this and Koreans usually use the word ‘add’.
So say “please add two pork belly!” “Please add 2 servings of pork belly”
Say this. 삼겹살 2인분 추가요! Or If you want to eat rice, say ‘밥 추가요!’ You can say this. Let’s practice And when you go to a Korean restaurant, there are a lot of side dishes
I ordered meat, not meat but vegetables, kimchi, Steamed egg, soup, and many side dishes Koreans like to eat side dishes when they eat rice But these side dishes. If some side dishes are so delicious you want to eat more
Then say ‘please give me more.’ It’s okay to say There is no additional charge for ordering more side dishes.
Most side dishes are like that. A little expensive side dish, for example, meat side dish or something like that Sometimes there is an extra charge. But most kimchi and other simple side dishes can be given more if you say ‘please give me more’. After eating, “The boss, please give me some side dishes here” ‘반찬 좀 더 주세요,’ and the waiter will bring you side dishes kindly. You can comfortably say ‘Please give me some side dishes.’ And when you go to the meat house, the grill will be black if you grill the meat for a while. It turns black. The meat burns and the fire plate becomes black here. So if you grill the meat on the black plate again, the meat will burn. All blacked out you can’t eat
So the grill should be changed. So you need to say to waiter. How do you say that? “Please change the grill here.”
The word “갈다” means “replace” Instead of this, change to a new fire plate
‘Please change the grill here.’ ‘갈다’ ‘갈아 주세요’
Say this. “여기 불판 좀 갈아 주세요” If you do, they will turn it into a clean grill. While you eat, the waiter will come and ask you, ‘What are you going to eat?’ They will ask you this. ‘What will you eat?’
I’m eating now. but they come ask me “what’s going to be the meal?” What does that mean? Koreans have a culture of eating meal after eating meat There is a culture of eating rice, noodles, or fried rice I like to eat cold noodles after eating meat.
Cold noodles. Or some people like to eat stew with rice after eating meat. So you can choose what you want to eat. ‘What would you like to eat?’ ‘What? … What is this? .. Why? I’m already eating now…’ Don’t think like this If you ask the waiter ‘What kind of meal do you have? We have Doenjang-jjigae. There are also cold noodles, noodles, and fried rice
What would you like to order? the waiter will ask you What would you like to eat? Then talk about what you want to eat.
Most of the after meals are not free. So if you don’t want to eat, you don’t have to order. You can say, “I’m full. I’m good.” If you don’t want to eat, don’t eat, or if you want to eat, say ‘냉면 하나 주세요’, ‘볶음밥으로 할게요’ You can say this For example, cold noodles came out. or noodles. When you order cold noodles, kimchi noodles, or these noodles The waiter will bring scissors. Bring scissors and do this and ask me. What would this waiter say? The waiter may use ‘자르다’
“Can I cut this?” So if you like, “Yes, cut it out. pleas” “No, it’s okay.”
‘Can I cut the cold noodles?’ Yes, please cut / No, it’s ok
You can say this After eating all the cold noodles, I’m full now. we should pay for the meal. ‘계산하다’. Do not sit still waiting for the waiter at the table when checking in Korea. You have to go to pay There is a cashier at the entrance of the restaurant.
counter. Staff, where the boss is. you should go there and pay for your meal. ‘Check please.’ You can say this
Usually your order sheet will be on the restaurant table. ‘주문서’ Take the order sheet. Take it to the cashier and ask, “사장님, 계산해주세요.” There is no tip culture in Korea. You can give it if you want to It’s not a tipping culture. So don’t have to write a tip on your receipt. No need to tip. Just as you eat, the price on the menu The price on that menu includes tax. If the pork belly costs 12,000 won on menu, then you pay just 12,000 won. If you look near the entrance to the restaurant there is candies. There are things like coffee Such things are usually free. So just eat it.
When you don’t know whether it is free or not, Then ask, “Is this free?”
You can ask. “이거 무료예요?” Ask this question. If it is not free, you should pay for it. In most restaurants, things like candy and coffee are free. You can eat comfortably Today, we talked about the expression used in the BBQ house.
In fact, in most restaurants, we just look at the menu. Please give me two of these, you can order like this.
but in BBQ restaurant there are some expressions specially used. You may feel a bit difficult if you don’t know about the expressions and culture. Did it help you? Can you go to the BBQ house without your Korean friend? I hope it helps a lot
What else do you want to know? If you have any questions, like ‘I don’t know how to say at this place.’. please feel free to leave a comment and I will explain it kindly. Then we will meet in the next video

  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 맞아요 한국에 처음 왔을때 제가 식당에서 안부르고 오랜만에 기다리는적이 많았습니다 ㅎㅎㅎ 와 그때 넘 부끄럽고 아직 익숙하지 않아서 매날매날 불편했어요
    누구나 이렇게 부끄럽거나 불편하면 그냥 계속 연습하고 계속 말을 해보세요 저 믿으세요 곧 익숙해질수있어요~~
    If anyone feels awkward or uncomfortable because of cultural differences just keep on trying and speaking and it will get better soon! Trust me ^^

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