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Lancaster Complex 360°

Lancaster Complex 360°

Lancaster is ensuite halls on campus and
a bit like Saltash – it’s right in the heart of everything so if you want to pan
around and you can see Sports Center just up
there and it’s next to the Bishop Complex you keep going around put the
River Pin and the nice green places you’ve got Saltash in the background
then the Arts Center just in the foreground here and then having one
round further you can see the Lecture Center and that also leads to social building
so you really are in the centre of everything I’m really close no more than
kind of five minute walk to the social building and 30 seconds just from
here and now I’m going to be showing you around and from the ensuite rooms so check it out We’re just quickly looking in one of the Lancaster ensuite rooms
before we go and see the kitchen now you’ve already seen an ensuite room within the
bishop complex so as you can see it’s pretty much the same it’s only the shape
of the room and a little bit the layout that’s different but you get all the
same facilities that’s basically the same size and so let’s go and check out
one of the kitchens This is the Lancaster kitchen and this is a typical
kitchen that you can expect to find with ensuite rooms so this one caters for 10
people and as you can see each cupboard correlates with the room number that
everyone’s got cupboard for their food which is lockable so you can pop a
lock on there if you want to and and then you’ve got the crockery cutlery
pots and pans cupboards as well there’s two sinks two draining boards, two ovens two grills and two hobs so if you are looking to sort cook with your flatmates
there’s plenty of room for you but you’ll probably find that with lectures that you’re all here
at different times so if you want to cook together you can arrange that plenty of
cupboard space you’ve got fridges and freezers you get
a shelf space in each and as you start turn around towards your left
you’ll see the bin facilities there and we do recycle so it will tell you what you
need to put in each bin and you’ve got the table and the chairs behind it’s
really great for sitting and eating together socializing together and
and building those relationships with your flatmate there’s a Hoover ironing board
and an iron which you can use in here and also in your room facility as well to
clean your room and there’s also a mop and bucket which is great for cleaning
your ensuite and the kitchen does come with a kettle but the microwave and
toaster you can purchase with your flatmates when you get here and yes if
you just want to take a look around and there’s some lovely views as well
out of windows so it’s a really nice location because this is in the heart of
campus and you’re really close to the teaching a social ability so if you want
to be in the nearest ensuite to teaching social securities then Lancaster’s the
hall for you. Let’s go and check out some more halls!

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