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Jungle Queen Riverboat Dinner Cruise Review

Jungle Queen Riverboat Dinner Cruise Review

for this week’s adventure we board the
jungle Queen IV stay tuned I’m Apple and I’m Rob join us as we seek
out new adventures and escape 9 to 5 grind. We travel by land, sea and air searching for fun adventures
best-kept secrets culinary delights and tasty craft beers.
new episodes weekly, thanks for remembering to subscribe. We’re heading
down to Fort Lauderdale Beach find it to go on the jungle clean we’re gonna head
down there so jump between river boats and they do sightseeing tours and they
do a dinner cruise a pretty cool thing is they do a dinner cruise their private
aisle it’s down in Fort Lauderdale one thing’s for sure you’re gonna eat good
today says they have an all-you-can-eat barbecue dinner I don’t know after
spending the weekend Georgia I don’t know if anything’s gonna measure up so
they have barbecue right that was some great barbecue I hope they make fun oh we’re we’re totally stoked every time
we go out on the boat we’re in Luna cruising a new river here comes the
jungle queen motoring past us and we’ll like man one day we’re gonna do the
jungle queen and today is that day and we’re going to
the private aisle so you know they have like monkeys and alligators and all
kinds of wildlife there I thought I read that and like birds and stuff oh yeah
look at this there she is The Jungle Queen has a very rich history
in South Florida they started back in 1935 giving yeah so we’re talking almost
100 years ago these guys were giving sightseeing tours around South Florida
up to New River let’s go get our tickets they should have us ready to go
I feel like we’re Disney yeah I’m kind of looking forward to this barbecue you guys do have VIP seating on the boat
it’s gonna be the same color as your wristbands and then I’m printing out
your boarding passes normally the bouncer puts these on yeah yeah when he
to the club so we’re heading to coming up the tarp know that I am trying
to sell about Italy I know my linen like yeah well we were pre-gaming a little
bit before we got on board you guys are basically and we already
zone with five minutes away and do have them already we made it watch the folks enjoy guys
be off the boat it’s so pretty good evening I know I’ve exceeded my expectations
times 20 we just got here and look at them they’ve got shrimp waiting for us
they’ve got hand-cut french fries holds long me nope none for you
we have ribs barbecue chicken and cocktail shrimp alright guys we just got done with all
delicious and barbecue dinner here oh my god ribs were so freakin delicious I
have to say I’m surprised mainly because I’m a picky but when it
comes to food what wouldn’t hear all-you-can-eat you know you start to
think quality’s know like god I was surprised from all that we got off the
boat we walked into the dining room there was shrimp laying there and the
music yeah she’s a great singer really nice seasoned fries and they started
coming around trays and traces of chicken and and ribs and yeah or two slaw beans which we were
Malanda house all right so we just got a my I got a margarita you have a sangria
mm-hmm delicious and now you can see what’s
going on back behind us here they’re fixing to start off put a variety show
the longest-running variety show in the u.s. right yep let’s go check out some
of the sights to see around here all the way from the show to start I got so much
cool wildlife around here huh so far I’ve seen macaws african greys yeah copy
– there’s monkeys it’s so cool huh losing you wondering
I’m not double-fisting I’m just holding your end the day they want wrestled
alligators you can even explore the entire mystery of the jungle claim they
got old photos and pictures running a whole wall SOLAS in Poinciana that’s how they still
tickets huh that’s really neat as figurative TV shows remember the TV
show Glee well he never missed an episode either across the room while you
were singing I want you to turn this way this guy was laughing at you while you
were singing the reason I’m bringing Rafa up here is Rafa is obviously a
professional singer things aren’t so funny anymore are they our special guest
a nice man applause with Tina Turner so we just saw these three guys do an
awesome variety show for us here at the jungle queen and we can’t wait to come
back again nice to meet you guys right back alright
really nice owners yeah so I think it’s been a family business for a number of
years alright so we just got back hoes without
a 45-minute ride back from the island yeah Jeff fun
yeah I’m pooped I’m exhausted now this is too much fun
I’ll have to do it again right yeah I want to come during the day maybe like
the show alligator wrestling or whatever oh yeah
if you haven’t done so already you enjoyed this video go ahead and give it
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  • Just curious if the owners of the Jungle Queen sent you the invite? If they did it was a great idea because you both were great advertisement. You both seem to really have things figured out how to enjoy your life outside of life's responsibilities.

  • Lovely video, but I do have a question I’m planning a trip were doing and I was wandering If you would recommend this activity for adults, but especially if you think a teen and a child would enjoy it and not get bored. But also if the bars wouldnt be like a bad environment for the kids.

  • Did this last October the night before our cruise. It was one of the high points of the trip and we enjoyed it immensely. Highly recommend for dinner the night before a cruise.

  • how do you know when to get back on after the BBQ? do they announce it on a speaker? idget carried away with the Animals. lol

  • Great video! I have a couple questions as I'm interested in doing this as well. I saw in another comment that parking was not included, were there any other additional fees that people should know about before purchasing a ticket? Also were the bars on the boat and island complimentary?

  • Hi there. Great video from you guys. What is the name of the song in the video around 6:50 minutes that you all sing along with?

  • I stayed in Miami Beach (MI – My | AMI – Love em Portugues do Brasil) does not know Fort Lauderdale but now I already have a reason to go and meet him … Beautiful and wonderful I love Florida, congratulations.

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