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Jeep Wrangler JK RedRock 4×4 Dual Outlet Axle-Back Exhaust w/ Black Tips Sound Clip & Review

Jeep Wrangler JK RedRock 4×4 Dual Outlet Axle-Back Exhaust w/ Black Tips Sound Clip & Review

Hey, guys. It’s Sara with And today, we have a review and install of
the RedRock 4×4 Dual Outlet Exhaust with Black Tips, fitting your ’07 through ’18 Jeep Wrangler
JK. This is perfect for the Jeep owner who’s looking
for a budget-friendly exhaust that’s gonna give you a bit deeper and louder sound over
factory and the improved style of the dual black tips. This dual-tip exhaust features a low restriction
muffler, as well as 409 construction with a nice black finish. This is also available in polished. So, as far as sound goes, I’m gonna give this
one a two out of five on the loudness meter. It does have a bit of an improvement over
factory, but because this is not the most restrictive part of the system, it’s not going
to be crazy loud. So, this option is great for the daily driver
or for someone who takes their Jeep light offroading. After taking in some hardcore offroading situations
or rock crawling, this is not gonna be the best choice because of the clearance. While there is a little bit more clearance
around the muffler area because it is smaller, there’s not much more where the tips are concerned. So, if you are doing some rock rolling, you
might wanna consider a high clearance exhaust option. So, as far as price goes, this one comes in
at around $275, making it the most budget-friendly axle-back option for your Jeep. I’m giving this install one out of three wrenches
on the difficulty meter. This exhaust features direct bolt-up installation
and can be done within one hour. All right, so with that said, let’s jump into
our install. For this install, you will need an impact
gun or a ratchet, an exhaust hanger removal tool, and a 15-millimeter socket. All right, so, with the Jeep in the air, and
you do not need a lift for this install, but we’re using one to give you a better look
at the underside of this exhaust, grab a 15-millimeter socket and remove the clamp that’s holding
on the back portion of your exhaust to the front portion. This over axle pipe is staying in place so
we’re moving this clamp right here. Next up, we’re gonna remove the exhaust from
the hangers. It may help to spray a little bit of lubricant
on these hangers so they can slide out of the bushing a little easier. Repeat that with the other hanger on the opposite
side. With both of the hangers free, you can wiggle
the back part of the exhaust off of the clamp. All right, now that we have our factory exhaust
uninstalled from our Jeep, we can check it out side by side with this new exhaust. So, the first thing you may have noticed is
this one features a dual exit where the factory only has that single slash-cut pipe. This one features some nice roll tips. It features 409 stainless construction, which
is not quite as nice as a 304 system would be, but it’s still definitely an upgrade over
your factory system. And we finished it off with this nice black
finish, which is also available in polished. One more thing to note with this exhaust is
that it’s quite a bit smaller than your factory system, and they’ve angled the muffler up
quite a bit. We’re just gonna give you a little more clearance
over the large muffler of your factory system. All right, so with that said, let’s jump right
into our install. Before we install the exhaust on the Jeep,
slide your clamp up and over. Now, we can install the exhaust portion. And there is a notch on the front of the pipe,
you wanna try to line that up, similar to factory. Once you install the exhaust over the pipe,
install the hangers. Line up the clamp over top of your exhaust. Grab your 15-millimeter socket and tighten
it down. At this point, you can install the tips. Make sure you’re putting the clamp on first. Install the tip over top. You can align it as you go. Line it up so your tip is even. Align your clamp. And then using a 15-millimeter socket, tighten
it down. All right, so, that’s gonna do it for the
view and install of this RedRock 4×4 exhaust. Remember for all things Jeep, keep it at

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  • Sorry, but I don't care who manufacturer is, you can not, CAN NOT, make a V6 sound good. They always sound muddied, hollow, muffled, and like crap.

  • I have this exhaust and gotta say, fuckin love it, ive had for a year and not disappointed with it, got a nice low idle sound and in low rpms its rumble is awesome i think, i love just going on drives n just listening to it but thats me a 19 year old, im a loud n proud kinda jeeper and i did notice a 1 mpg gain but i like to push the pedal alil bit so my mileage is the same as someone with 35s. All in all great product 👍✌

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