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INDONESIAN STREET FOOD in MEDAN, Indonesia | Mind blowing LOCAL Indonesian food | Medan street food

INDONESIAN STREET FOOD in MEDAN, Indonesia | Mind blowing LOCAL Indonesian food | Medan street food

we’re in Medan in North Sumatra, Indonesia and we are here to eat, we’re gonna be filming a bunch of
food videos here and we are so excited so let’s get food hunting Medan is made up
of diverse ethnic communities and there is just one word for its food scene:
exciting in this video we’re taking you to where the locals eat the city’s most
popular curry noodles, spicy and sweet Indonesian fruit salad, smoky fish BBQ
and more, get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry, let’s
eat! our first stop is at this really local
place where we’re grabbing a kari bihun which is a rice vermicelli
curry noodle and this place is packed with locals and is
super popular and it’s meant to be amazing check out this bowl of kari bihun so
it’s a curry vermicelli noodle soup and you can get beef or chicken but we have
opted for a mix of both so the best of both worlds and it comes with these huge
chunks of potato which look really soft and just check out this soup, so it’s a
coconut base and you can see there’s a tonne of spice on the top, all right so
what I’m gonna do is just like get into it so a bunch of that vermicelli and
then some of that beef as well and hopefully I get a slurp of that broth which is sort of clinging to those noodles mmmmmm whoa
that’s really good, the beef just melts in your mouth it is so tender and then the
noodles have sucked up a lot of the flavour from that broth,
the broth is beautiful, I’m just going to get a spoonful of that broth and taste it properly ohhhhhh that’s amazing it’s got a really strong coconut flavour and just a
really beautiful spiciness so you can really taste those spices and then the
heat from the chilli, that is so good alright so there’s some condiments on
the table there’s some shallots they might be pickled actually so I’m going
to add a little spoonful of those just to give the bowl of kari some freshness
and crunch all right let’s go again, oh man those
noodles then some of those shallots, mm-hmm and then a bit of chicken ohhhh this is really good, those shallots are
pickled so they have a real vinegary sourness and they add a real freshness
to the bowl of soup and then that chicken, it’s really flavoursome and it
still has a bit of bite so it’s not just really tender, you can really, as you chew it,
taste the flavour of the chicken, this is amazing look how the noodles are just covered in that broth, it’s such a great thickness
I want to try just a bit of the broth actually Oh yum, really really coconut-y and a
really good chilli spice, not too punchy though Oh that is good oh the broth has just infused into those
noodles and it’s just coating them really really thickly, I reckon this potato is gonna taste amazing because that will have taken on
lots of that flavour, just gonna go potato ohhh that is good, the outer and then sort of the
flesh on the outer edge had sucked in some flavour and then the centre was
just a classic boiled potato so it had sort of two different flavours going on at once
this is really, really good, I reckon these um shallots probably add quite a bit
of flavour, so really small how they’re how they’re chopped up and pickled but
hmm whoa massive punch of flavour, really really
tangy ohhhh they’re gonna start to I think release their flavour into that
soup ohhhhh this is a great start to the day that was an incredibly good first stop
we were chatting with the owner when we finished eating and it’s been there
since 1983 and it came from another city so it’s even older than that so really established business and incredible- third generation! super good noodles, we are on to our next
stop I think we’re heading for rujak now real hot chilli this rujak place is incredible we’ve
just watched the whole process of it being made but look at the end result
before I get into that, so rujak comes in many different forms this one is a fruit
based rujak so there’s just this so many different fruits underneath this
incredible sauce which we just got to see being made on the big stone over
there so he’s got a big stone press and a big stone slab and so in there is
peanuts, shrimp paste, chillies, little very hot, most likely, very hot
chillies, what else? There was a ton of stuff went in there, oh young bananas was a
really interesting ingredient so really small little young bananas not quite
ripe yet and the dominant smell when he was
crushing all those ingredients together was the peanuts and the banana and it
actually smelt like having peanut butter and banana on toast which is one of my
favorite breakfast little combos and so then that sauce was dumped on a whole
lot of cut vegetables and fruits so there is from memory there is pineapple,
there is cucumber, there’s wax apple there’s guava I think I might have seen
some papaya go in there there’s definitely more than that in there but
that’s the start, it’s so incredible oh and then the peanuts on top so it’s had a
whole lot of peanuts dumped on top of it as well, let’s just go for, let’s go for
this a piece of pineapple let’s keep it simple to start us off Ohhhhhh yum so they actually made up a special batch
of the sauce for us, a small little batch so this is it’s fresh as it gets
and we asked for lots of chillies but it’s not too spicy and not too hot from
the chillies, it’s just got a beautiful zing and the peanut flavour is really
strong, I want to get some more, let’s I need like a combo so I think I’ve got some
cucumber here, I need a bit of guava or ahhhh this one star fruit, there’s some star
fruit I might have some guava and some star fruit mmm, mmm
hmm oh that is amazing,
I got a bit more of the sauce that time so it had that shrimp paste taste,
quite salty, a little bit it’s almost sharp, it’s very strong it’s a fermented
shrimp paste so it’s quite strong and punchy and salty and those chillies again just sing and the vegetables are all super fresh the fruit and vege are all
fresh, so they’re not all cooked or anything they’re just as you’d expect so I had
cucumber in there just beautiful fresh crunchy cucumber covered in that sauce and
it’s getting a bit more spicy now so those little chillies are ramping up
their heat this is one hell of a good snack another vital ingredient in this rujak is palm sugar which Thomas forgot to mention and when you watch him he
just puts these huge chunks of palm sugar onto that big stone on which he’s
grinding the sauce on and they just fall apart, the palm sugar is really soft and oh
my gosh I just can’t wait to get in, I’m just gonna get just a huge spoonful of this
sauce to see what it tastes like oh man that is beautiful, it’s thick, it’s very
sweet from that palm sugar it’s just almost a smoky sweetness and then that
hit of chilli at the end there is just amazing let’s get some of this fruit, all
right the tropical fruit is just
incredible that pineapple is just bursting with juice and flavour and
sweetness, this is amazing that was incredibly, incredibly good, so
much flavour out of what seems so simple like a sauce on a bunch of fruit, doesn’t
sound like much but wow it was, like blow your mind good and everyone was so
friendly, yes, it was a lot of fun filming there were lots of smiles and lots of
help from everyone with giving us the best stuff so we’re now heading off to
our next location we’re going for ikan bakar which is fish barbecue I’m super excited about this ikan bakar
or grilled fish feast we’re about to get into and there’s so much delicious
smelling smoke wafting out onto the street let’s go and get some food our seafood feast has arrived and oh my
gosh it looks so good so let me talk you through what we’ve got, this here is gourami so gourami is a freshwater fish and what they’ve done is just butterflied
it and then slathered it with this spice paste and then they’ve cooked it over
charcoal on that grill, over here we have got some white rice and then this ikan kembung which is a mackerel and it’s been covered with that same spice paste
and then we have some sauces, so this is sambal which is a chilli paste and then I
think that dark sauce is probably kecap manis which is a sweet soy sauce
with I think some chilli in there and then to go with that we have got urap
which is a salad and it’s made out of spiced coconut, some chilli and then cooked
vegetables so I can see bean sprouts beans and I think some cassava leaves let’s start with this gourami so I’ve got a wedge of lime here, so I’m gonna squeeze that all over the top and then let’s just dig right in this fish looks insane so I’m just gonna get a piece from the side here, whoaaaaa and it is so soft look at that it just peels away I barely had to touch it
I’m just gonna go with the fish and nothing else whoa that is insanely good, it’s really
meaty but very soft so the flesh is very soft and that spice paste is very mild it’s not overly chilli hot or anything like that it’s just a very mild, beautiful flavour
you can serve taste shallots and garlic in there and a little bit of a hint of
spice but man that fish it’s just melt in your mouth I’m gonna get more of this fish and
dip it in those sauces you can see here how like just beautiful and
charred it is where that spice paste has sort of hit that heat and oh my gosh
this is really, really good so I’m just going to dip it in that kecap that kecap manis is very sweet, has a hint of chilli, it’s almost smoky in flavour ohhh that fish though it is so soft and tender, has a
beautiful smokiness from that, being on that grill, I’m gonna try some of this urap so I’ll get a bit of urap and then some
rice so there’s coconut in there I can see beans and bean sprouts and then the long bits here are cassava leaves I believe that’s really good, the coconut is
very very fragrant it’s got a really nice spiciness to
it and then those vegetable still have a bit of crunch they haven’t been boiled down
to mush, they’re really still sort of vibrant and have a texture, a really great accompaniment I’m gonna rip into this
mackerel so it’s a much more oily fish it will be, and much more firmer flesh and
it’s covered in that spice mix again oh it’s so soft that came away really
easily but let’s get it in the sambal so the sambal looks really, really spicy
it’s got full chilli seeds in there mmmm yum mmmm that’s got a beautiful smokiness it’s
it’s really taken on from the smoke from all the charcoal and the fish itself
is perfect sometimes mackerel or any sort of oily fish like this can become
almost chewy and squeaky on your teeth sort of almost bouncy and overdone that is
not at all, it’s incredibly soft and beautiful and it breaks up in your mouth, just flakes apart and the oiliness is really nice it’s not too heavy on the oil, mmm that is yum I want to try the one that Sheena’s already had, there’s a nice end bit here
already broken off it looks super crispy on the edge I’m gonna dunk it in the
kecap with the spice of chilli in there as well just follow that with a bit of nasi mmmm wow that is much sweeter that fish
than the mackerel wow that is perfectly cooked both of
these are just expertly barbecued, they’re just perfect I’m gonna go for a bit of a
combo bite so get a big bit of this gourami and then some rice and also some
urap ohh I spotted just a bone there on that fish, peel that away, okay Enak! Which means delicious, that is
so good the fish is just so tender and soft and then
that salad, is just a burst of flavour I really love the rice here in Indonesia
it’s very loose and the grains sort of have a bit of bite, it’s really delicious
and this restaurant is just very casual it’s very simple eatery, I love how
the fish is cooking right out on the street on those hot grills and then that
smoke is just wafting up and down the street, it’s a really cool atmosphere a very very good meal and next we’re
heading off to a place that’s got a lot of nostalgia going on, we want to
show you sort of a different side of some of the dining here in Medan our next is this restaurant that’s right behind me called Tip Top and this place has a bit of a history, it’s been here since 1934 and is one of Indonesia’s oldest restaurants so let’s go check out
their menu this restaurant has the most crazy nostalgic feel about it, so it’s
been here since the 30s but it kind of feels like it hasn’t changed since the
70s, the colours of the place sort of mottled pinks and and maybe whites but now they’re yellows and old photos on the wall and cane and
wicker chairs and the menu as well just look at this menu these ice cream photos
we’re gonna get this Moorkop one this is their house specialty but look at
these ice cream sundaes they have totally photos from the 70s it’s
absolutely brilliant it just takes you back in time it’s like being in a bit of
a museum and it’s so different to the food we’ve already been having in this
video so proper street food and what you think of when you think of Indonesia you
don’t think of this sort of place well I certainly don’t anyway check out Moorkop, it is crazy it’s like an old-school ice-cream sandwich so
there’s three layers, there’s the, I think it might be it looks like a sponge, it’s quite a soft sort of cake and then a scoop of vanilla ice cream and then I think that same sponge on the top
and it’s just been slathered with chocolate sauce
and it is going to melt really quickly so let’s just get into this thing ohhhhh, thank you oh my gosh look at that, oh my gosh this is gonna be so tasty alright so I’ve got
the sponge and then some of that ice cream and heaps of that chocolate sauce ohhh that’s good, the ice cream is really icy
in its texture, just a plain vanilla ice cream and then it’s like a sponge cookie and then it’s just like a classic old-school chocolate sauce, that’s going down really well we’ve ordered this as well which is called Pukler and it just looks like a slice
of Neapolitan ice cream oh it’s quite icy the ice cream so I think chocolate
vanilla and strawberry, let’s try some whoa, ohhhhh ice cream headache, that’s good it’s not too chocolatey it’s a little bit icy
the ice cream and the vanilla flavour is actually really strong that’s good, just
really simple, I love this place it’s so ridiculously nostalgic like just the
fact it’s a slice of ice cream on a little plate and that dish that Sheena had, you don’t see stuff like that anymore this is really cool and I
hope it’s shown you sort of the spread like we’ve talked about here in Medan how
you’ve got that ridiculous amazing street food but then you can come to this sort of place as well it’s totally different, this city is incredible for food that was a great food day here in Medan, we hope you’ve… Heeeeeeey! Good afternoon! we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing those really local spots
such good food we’ve really enjoyed our day we’ve got a bunch more videos coming
from here and all over Indonesia, thank you so much for watching we hope you
enjoyed that one, remember to hit that subscribe button, is that what you said already? I don’t know, the locals here are so
friendly, they’re so nice but if I didn’t say that hit that subscribe button and
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  • Hi guys, we are so stoked to bring you our Indonesia series! Food hunting here is epic and the locals are so friendly. Hope you enjoy some of these hidden gems in Medan! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค—๐ŸŽ‰ Cheers, Thomas & Sheena P.S Follow our travels along in real time over on Instagram stories @chasingaplate

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  • Thomas and Sheena. Sumatra as melting pot of cultures is agreeable, but as melting pot of religions is quite debatable. It is because the current Muslims population over there is +90%. However, many Malaysian cusines along the coastal sides where people from Sumatra migrated and settled into are of Sumatran origin. Sambal Ijo (hijau) eg. Minang foods in Negeri Sembilan are of Minang origin in Sumatra. The same goes to the old wooden houses styles of Negeri Sembilan which was based on Minang architecture styles – the distinctive Minang roofing styles. One more thing, Acheh, which is part of Sumatra is famously known as Serambi Mekah or the Balcony/Veranda of Mecca, due to many Islamic scholars originated from there, and it was the base of Islamic propagation in the early stages of Islamic period in South East Asian region. Jawa are still predominantly hindu-centric at that time compared to current time. 1,000 Rupiah worth of opinion. ๐Ÿ˜‡

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