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I Opened a Restaurant for Homeless DOGS!

I Opened a Restaurant for Homeless DOGS!

(gong reverberates) – Here we go, yay! Welcome to Dogihana, the first
ever restaurant for dogs. Dogihana is a hibachi style
Japanese-inspired restaurant where we’ll serve, salad,
soup, fried rice, chicken, even doggy ice cream. But just as important as the quality and deliciousness of the food
is the experience of Dogihana. I’m gonna show you how we did it from building it to marketing it. I have always wanted to
open a restaurant for dogs, and I can’t believe I actually
got the opportunity to do it. Just a reminder, I’m a pro. Please don’t try any of
these things at home. It’ll be great. Welcome to Dogihana.
(gong reverberates) There are few things that
make a restaurant successful, but one of those is a new,
innovative, delicious menu. We’ve gotta do that with multiple courses, so first we’re gonna
start with an appetizer, a delicious doggy salad. Second, something to warm your bowl and warm your heart, some
delicious bone broth. Third, we want to keep
your palate engaged, so we’re gonna toss
you a shrimp appetizer. The main course, none other
than chicken fried rice, a classic, a staple, but done
different here at Dogihana’s. Last but not least, my favorite dessert that I know everyone will
stick around for and love, our PB matcha ice cream. We are open for business. Let’s do this. (laughs) Zach Skow, come on in right here. I’ll let you check in. – What’s the name? Frank, Frank. Frank, party of four. Okay, welcome to Dogihana. Have you been with us before? No, good, that makes sense. It just opened today. Why are you looking at me like that? – Welcome to Dogihana. – I’m excited to be here, man. – This is Zach Skow. If you don’t know Zach
Skow, you are missing out. He’s the founder of Marley’s Mutts. – I’m incredibly excited about this. – Well, I hear we have a
special birthday today. Is that right?
– We do indeed. He’s 111 years old. This is in dog years. – You’ve come to the right place because Dogihana is the
birthday headquarters. Now, this is Frank Gallagher
’cause he looks like Frank, and he’s been through some tough times. His family actually dropped
him off at the rescue, and Zach said that for days,
Frank just stood by the door waiting for his family to return. Now, the good news is Zach scooped him up. He’s taken him into his home, and together we’re all gonna
help Frank find a home. Now, he’s a senior dog, but he still deserves just
as much love as any other dog and a home for his final days. Okay, now this is Betty, but I’m gonna tell you a little secret. She’s actually undercover as a food critic named Golden Ramsay. Now, she doesn’t think we
know, but we’re onto her. This little guy right here, Jack Jack, comes from Camp Golden Years, which is the senior dog
camp at Marley’s Mutts. And last but not least is Cora Rose. This bunny rabbit of a
dog actually has a home. She lives with Zach permanently because she stole a
special place in his heart. How are your shrimp tossing skills? We would like to have
you be one of our chefs. – Your table’s ready. – Okay, it’s time to eat, and you might be wondering
how you can get a reservation. The good news is you can join us. Just hit that subscribe button
and turn on notifications. Normally, the guest
doesn’t sit with the chef, but I don’t think you
say no to rescue dogs. I thought we’d start off
with a little entertainment. Do you like egg rolls? I’ve got one right here.
(comedic rimshot crashes) This is only the beginning. Why don’t we just get right
into the food service? First, at Dogihana, as we
talked about on the menu, we’ll be serving the salad. Salad, please.
(gong reverberates) Oh, that was really good. We didn’t even rehearse that. As you know, dogs don’t eat salad, but veggies are really good for dogs, like carrots and broccoli. Why don’t we start with
the first dog here? – Nice work, Cora. Get in there, do what you gotta do. Take it down. (breathing and crunching) It’s widely known that Dogihana
has the best vegetables. – We have our next course,
which is a miso soup. Our version on that is
going to be bone broth. It’s delicious and healthy for dogs, and it’s gonna be something
they love to slurp up. Dinner is served. – Oh, so you want his. Franklin, it puts hair
on your chest, Frank. – [Kelly] What about hair on his back? – That’s what I meant. Not interested in the bone broth. – Golden Ramsay just
gave us a negative review on our miso soup bone broth.
(string vibrates) – Hm. – No, all right. That course didn’t work out. Better grab the shrimp. All right, did you guys hear the news? – What?
– No, what’s going on? – Golden Ramsay is here,
– What? – The number one dog critic. Yeah, so I need you guys
to step up your game. I mean, you know who Golden
Ramsay’s dad is, right? – Of course.
– Gordon, Gordon Ramsay. – No, no, Guy Fieri. – Oh.
– Come on, come on. All right, step up your game. Let’s make this work, let’s go. – Do we really have to try
that hard if it’s just Guy? – All right, everyone sit
around the table here. This is for the five-star review. (yells) I just opened the restaurant. (whistles) (upbeat music) Sh. Oh, oh. (laughs) oh, oh, okay. – [Zach] Let me try, let me try. – Okay, okay. Here, you want a smaller piece? – Let’s bring in a chef
from down the street. – Small piece or big piece? – [Zach] Big piece is fine. – Okay, all right. – [Zach] All right. – There we go. Yay! Oh, chef! Oh (excited babbling). Good girl. Good girl, Gullet. All right, let’s give him a taste first. – Oh, God. – We’re gonna make this
a little more Frank-size. – [Man] Just waiting
for it to rain shrimp. – [Zach] Look alive, bud. – [Rocky] Okay, that shrimp was a hit, but that’s just the appetizer. One of the best parts is coming
up, the chicken fried rice. – [Cameraman] How’s it going? – I think it’s going good. When they came in, they
had a lot of questions that I was happy to answer. Welcome to Dogihana.
(relaxing music) I knew that if I wanted to
build a restaurant for dogs, that I would need to custom-make the table so that it was at their level. We measured it. We cut it. I even made sure that we
put the right top on it so it looked exactly like the tables of the restaurants that I visited before. But there’s something very
special about this restaurant because today we’re serving homeless dogs. A lot of rescue dogs have had it tough. So, I got postcards, and
I mailed it out to them so that they knew they were special, and this was going to be
something unique just for them. All right, come on in. – Look at this. – [Rocky] Oh, it’s so cool. We’ve got our t-shirts
with the Dogihana logo. – It’s cute because it’s
just like the Benihana logo. – The what? – Benihana. – Benihana, like the, isn’t that the whole? – Dogihana? – You haven’t heard of?
(suspenseful music) – This is how they do
it at the restaurant. Oh, I did it! Nailed it. Ah, you’d hear that sizzle. It smells good. This is gonna be perfect. This signifies how much I love dogs. My heart beats for doggos. Looking good. We’ve got rice, carrots, peas, eggs, a little bone broth, and some chicken. Here, I got a trick. You ready?
– Yeah. – Oh! (laughs) Well done, chef.
– Let’s do it. – [Rocky] Put that right there. All right. – [Man] Just play here. – [Man] Whoo. (electronic alarm tone rings)
It’s not a real grill. (slurping)
(upbeat music) We have our world-famous PB
matcha ice cream coming up. – [Man] Hey, we got any room for walk-ins? – We could take some walk-ins. Bring ’em on in. Man, business is going good. – [Woman] Dogihana. – Go ahead and take a seat. We also take wheel-ins. Here you go, here’s
some chicken fried rice. There you go. – [Cameramen] You well fed? What are you working on right now? – The PB matcha green tea ice cream. Is that what it’s called? – Looks good. – This is just nonfat Greek yogurt. We add a little bit of vanilla
and then some peanut butter. It’s kind of tart for the dogs. It’s not sweet, but they love it. – It’s our secret recipe. Did you just tell him all the ingredients? – I did, yeah. – Happy, happy birthday. Happy, happy birthday. Happy birthday, Frank,
oh happy birthday to you. – [Zach] Happy birthday, buddy. He’s all delicate with it. He can’t see the ice
cream, but it tastes good. – Dessert for everybody,
matcha peanut butter ice cream. Oh, yeah. Frank is available for
adoption, but we need your help. When you hit that like button, it’s more likely that other
people will see this video, and that person might just
be the one to adopt Frank. Share this with all of your friends, and do this for me, go
follow Zach right now. I’m gonna put the link
down in the description, and his Instagram is just right here. Go follow him ’cause he’s
gonna be putting updates on Frank on there, and you
gotta be following along. What do you think the saying
should be for Dogihana, like what should we say to
everyone when they leave? You know what, let’s ask them. Leave a comment down below. Let us know what you think the saying should be for Dogihana. You did a great job, chef.
– Thanks chef. Dogihana, where dogs go for
the Benihana experience. – For the what experience? – The Benihana experience, Benihana. – Never heard of it. – Staple, you go there for your birthday. The most delicious food, hibachi
style, that you can have. Every type, seafood, steak, chicken. – Nope, creative dream. Here it is.
(gong reverberates) And then I wanna make
sure that the experience of the restaurant is on-point,
so I ordered stickers. I put the stickers all
over the restaurant.

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