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How to use the Touch Bar with Photos on your MacBook Pro — Apple Support

How to use the Touch Bar with Photos on your MacBook Pro — Apple Support

The Touch Bar
on your MacBook Pro makes finding and editing photos
fast and easy. Here’s how. In your Library, open a photo. Then slide your finger across
the thumbnails on your Touch Bar to speed through your Library. Tap the heart to add a photo
to your Favorites album. Automatically adjust
your photo’s color, light, and contrast by tapping
the Auto Enhance button, or tap Rotate
to rotate the image. To add your pictures
to an album, press the space bar
to return to your Library. Once you’re there,
click to select a photo or multiple photos. Then tap Add to
on your Touch Bar to add them to an album. You can swipe to find
one of your existing albums, or create a new one. Want to make more adjustments? You can edit your photos
from the Touch Bar too. Open a photo, then click Edit in the top-right
corner of the window. You can adjust the brightness
in your photo by tapping Light
on your Touch Bar and sliding your finger along
the thumbnails. Adjust the color
by tapping the color wheel icon or tap the black-and-white icon to make your photo
black and white. Want to see your progress? Touch and hold
the Compare button to view your original image. Don’t forget, you can always
go back to the original by clicking Revert to Original
in the upper-left corner at any time. To add a filter to your photo, tap the Adjust button on
the left side of your Touch Bar, and tap Filters. Then, choose the one you want. To crop, tap the Adjust button
and select Crop. Tap the Aspect icon to choose
a preset ratio like a square. We’ll choose 16:9 for this one. When you’re finished picking
a ratio, tap the X. You can also slide your finger
along the Touch Bar to adjust the angle
of the photo. And if you’re all done editing,
tap Done. Now that you know how to use
the Touch Bar with Photos, you can find, edit, and save
your favorites even faster. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel, or click a video
to keep watching now.

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