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How to use the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro — Apple Support

How to use the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro — Apple Support

The Touch Bar at the top of your
MacBook Pro keyboard changes based on the apps
you’re using, putting helpful shortcuts
and controls right at your fingertips. When you start up
your MacBook Pro, you’ll automatically
see the Control Strip displayed on the right
side of your Touch Bar. The Control Strip includes
a few familiar buttons, like display brightness,
volume, mute, and Siri. It’s always accessible,
no matter what app you’re using. You can tap the volume
or brightness icons, and then move the slider left
or right to control the setting, or just drag the slider
to adjust. When you’re done,
tap anywhere outside the slider to go back to the Control Strip, or wait a few seconds for the slider to disappear
automatically. ♪ Music playing ♪ To see more controls, tap the arrow to expand
the Control Strip. Now you can control
media playback, and keyboard brightness. When you’re done, tap the X on the left side
of the Touch Bar. Based on what you’re doing
or which app you’re using, the Touch Bar
automatically changes to bring the most relevant tools
closer to your fingertips. Let’s see how the Touch Bar
adjusts in Finder. In Finder, you can use Icon view to see options
for organizing your files. ♪ When you’re done,
tap the X on the left. To send a file or a folder, tap the Share button, then choose
how you want to share it. ♪ You can also tap the Tag icon
to apply a tag to an item. ♪ Then tap the X to close. Now let’s explore
the Touch Bar in Mail. You can use the Touch Bar
for common tasks like composing, replying to,
and archiving messages. Drafting an email? Use predictive input to quickly
insert the words or emojis you’re looking for. You can also format
your text from here. Want to add more emojis? Tap the emoji icon
to see the ones you use most, or swipe to find more. Then tap the X to collapse
the Touch Bar again, then tap Send
to send your email on its way. Now that you know a little
about the Touch Bar, you can discover even more
ways to use it with your apps. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to the
Apple Support channel, or click a video
to keep watching now.

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