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How to configure outlet information – Residential Care services

Welcome to the My Aged Care video that demonstrates how to set up your details in the provider portal if you provide Residential Aged Care services. By the end of this video you should understand how to add a new Residential Aged Care service item, configure the details for your new service, and add and configure details for the room types you offer. These functions are performed by an Organisation Administrator or Outlet Administrator in the provider portal. This video provides an overview of the information that needs to be configured at the outlet, service item and room type level. To add a new Residential Aged Care service from the Outlet Administration page, click on ‘Add service item’ and choose ‘Residential care’. You will need to select if the service is funded, that is subsidised by the Australian Government, or non-funded, which means they are privately funded services. For funded services, a list of available service items will display based on your organisation’s contractual information held in the department’s National Approved Provider System, more commonly referred to as NAPS. To add the service again to another outlet, you must make it inactive against the original. The new service will then be displayed under the associated tab for the program type. You can then configure the status of the service. Operational means that the service information will be displayed in the Public Service Finder and offline means it will not. If you are able to provide services, set your service availability to ‘Yes’ and status to ‘Operational’. For funded residential aged care services, you can also choose to manage a waitlist in My Aged Care. If you receive a referral and do not have a current availability to provide services, you can accept the referral to your waitlist. You can then configure details relating to the service. For funded services, the facility details and maximum permissible interest rate will be extracted from your contractual information. Indications of any sanctions or notices of non-compliance are listed ‘View only’ and will apply to all outlets with the same NAPS ID. You can tailor your service information to reflect the services you offer and if you cater to any specific language requirements. You can promote your business through photos or a link to your website. Any attachments will be provided to the department for approval prior to being published on the Service Finder, which will take around three business days. You can add a service description to reflect the services you offer, as well as add any additional service information. You can also configure what types of rooms you have on offer. From the ‘Room Type’ page you will need to enter general information about the types of rooms you offer, pricing information, as well as a description of the room and common areas. You will receive a confirmation that the room type has been added. You will need to submit the room details and associated pricing information to the department for approval prior to being published on the Public Service Finder, which will take around three business days. You can review information about a particular service at any time. It is important to note that information about your funded services is used by assessors and My Aged Care Contact Centre staff when matching and referring clients for service. The information you provide is also displayed in the ‘Aged care homes’ tab on the Public Service Finder. This enables you to promote your services to individuals researching providers that offer residential aged care services. That concludes the video on configuring Residential Aged Care service information in the provider portal. For information on how to set up or update information about other services you provide, watch the program specific video. For links to additional information and support, click on the description box below.

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