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This is beautiful Prague. Unfortunately there are some tourist traps, especially some restaurants We found a three worst rated restaurants on Tripadvisor went to their reviews printed out the reviews and now we’re going into the restaurants to read the reviews. It’s really mean I know. This place offers awful food and awful service. Tourist trap, zero stars. atraco, robbery, uwaga capitals There appears to be automatic cover charge just for sitting down Food was disgusting and Carbonara was the worst I’ve ever tasted in my life. What da fuck More expensive than a Michelin restaurant The place of Evil. A little boy ordered ice cream and dropped it. They didn’t give him a new one McDonald’s would have provided better quality food and service They are thieves. Capitals 15 pounds for a salad. Charging for mail and bread. Total gypos man. The owner arrived in her porsche and they unloaded the frozen goods from the back. How you .. frozen goods in the back of a porsche? A wolf in sheep’s clothing It is as bad as they say. Very expensive even by London standards. Czech mafia, run Do not go terrible bad food and I found a hair in my ice cream. Rip-off of the century They should be put in jail. They are fucking deceivers, if I had more time in Prague I would stay there close to their entrance and stop people from going inside. I like this guy Stay away They will rob you Believe it or not all these restaurants are owned by one person It’s horrible, and they’ve been around for a while so if you can share this video to let people know not to go to these places Maybe they’ll eventually run out of business and free the space for a good honest restaurants. On that topic if you’re looking for a good honest restaurant watch our previous episode where we mentioned many of them. The ones that we like in Prague, so you can go and enjoy a good meal. So thank you so much for watching go to our Facebook page prague share your experience with Prague. Share your picture, selfie of you eating in a good restaurant And we’ll give it a like and you can give us the subscribe “AHOJ” – bye And finally. I’m going to teach you a czech word. Prague castle in Czech is Pražský hrad

  • I went to the 3rd one about 3 years ago.,
    2 hot chocolates, a pancake and a coffee…
    €70 F*CKING EURO!!!!!!!

  • I believe I was in that third place many years ago. I remember the menu having numbers next to the dishes but randomly placed so it gave the illusion of prices. Ended up paying about 400Kc for svickova. And they wanted to charge customers for using their toilet.

  • When you said you're going into the restaurants to read the reviews, I actually thought you're going to read them to the staff members 🙁

  • hi janek can you make a video about the food stands in old town square is a epic rip off just for serving an overpriced ham and potatos with sauerkraut….. EPIC RIP OFF……

  • I'm going to Prague tomorrow to perform in a choir competition! Our name is Mount Sion Boys Choir. If you can, please make it!

  • Hello Janek, we love your videos and have a great tip for a very affordable food right at the Wenceslas Square. We visit there last week and the food was super and prices cheep. The restaurant name is U Balouna on the left side walking down to Mustek. My husband and I ordered soup and 2 main course with 2 small beers and the total bill was 6 dollars. Great service too.

  • Thank you for your videos, its awesome for people who don't know the city to learn about it in a nice and entertaining way! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Great videos, I'll be sure to warn my family and friends, including my Airbnb guests about these restaurants and all the others owned by the owner. I did go to the first one a few years ago, and yes, it was really bad and expensive by Dublin standards.

  • hi Janek, are you going to do episode on best traditional Chech restaurants in Prague? I've seen your episode on your favourite international restaurants but when i'm in Prague i want to eat Chech food, when i'm in Spain i eat Spanish food etc. I've also seen your other episodes Eat like a local and Budget eating. I like your channel. Keep up with good work.

  • Hey, guys! I like your videos but this one was kinn of… lazy? Maybe you should change the format of these to covering one specific area/tourist spot and go trough the good stuff and the bad stuff. There was no real value showing three random restarants in this video.

  • Some may say it's mean – but it's honest and that's what we'd rather hear.
    We love your videos!

  • Nejhorší je, že ty kurvy zlodějský si nakradou tolik peněz, že se jejich pobočky šíří Prahou jako lavina. Nedivil bych se, kdyby ty hospody patřily majiteli těch směnáren.

  • Hey man could you make a cool video on what would be the best Pizza place in Prague? – This is for all the pizza lovers

  • Thanks Janek. Definitely going to ignore those places. I also notice that 21 staff from those places just unlike your video, FU'K Them…

  • OMG I went to the first place you mentioned, and I red the reviews only after I went in. I ordered only a Coke and then payed and went to MC Donald's ahahah

  • I simply love this show! Do you know other people that do something similar in other cities? I think any city would be interesting with such tips/guides!

  • hi Janek! if we can choose from an Airbnb in Mala Strana or one near Metro Mustek, which one would you recommend? hard to choose..

  • Take a 10 or 15 minute tramride from the city center and you will find a restaurant that serves better food to 1/3 of the touristrap price. Think global be local.

  • heeeey janek u were standing in front of my country's embassy (Italy). great videos btw. can't wait to go to Prague

    Na sdravi from Naples, Italy!

  • There was no sign indicating the third restaurant's name. Just says "Restaurant", and you didn't show the Trip Advisor page either so no way to catch it. What is their name, prosím? Dekuji

  • Hubby and I have been binge watching your Prague posts to prepare for our visit. What a great channel, so funny and some good advice. Thanks for the great info and I look forward to the trip!

  • Loving your videos…. you need to have people open up branches across the world one for each tourist trap place and do what you do….. I volunteer 🙂

  • I was now for some days in Prague. And wath shall i say, we had 2 honest guides. Tanks a lot for your tipps Janek & Honza.
    Friendly poeple, great food, good weather and some Becherovka. 😎😀

  • We were scammed in the last restaurant shown 2 years ago , it is about half way along the tourist drag from the castle / st Vitus cathedral to the loreta . Charged 35 .euro for an Irish coffee and a hot chocolate , there are crisps in pots ( potato chips ) on the tables which we thought were complimentary but you get charged 8 Euro for them. When we queried, 3 menacing hoodlams from the back came and stood over us, blocking the exit. Never order anything without seeing a menu, seems obvious but its easy to be taken in when the place looked so nice.

  • And who is the name of the person who owns that places?? I was waiting for hi to say his/her name and search it immediately but… no

  • Two years later and I still can't believe that U Vejvodů didn't get into this list. They got fined a huge amount for ripping off tourists back then, and last time I looked in (I've learned not to give them any more of my money! – back in March) they still seem to be up to up to their old tricks. And whatever you do, don't eat their precious pretzels!!

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