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Explore Point Loma Ep 5 Fathom Bistro, Bait, and Tackle

Explore Point Loma Ep 5 Fathom Bistro, Bait, and Tackle

(upbeat music) – Explore Point Loma is
all about hidden gems and boy do we have a
hidden gem for you today. (chuckling) Explore Point Loma shows you
the peninsula’s treasures. We’re Jen and Nick with
Iannitti Realty Group. Come discover the rich
history and unique character that defines the birthplace of California. Hey, we’re here at Fathom
Bistro, Bait, and Tackle. Yup, you heard me right– – Bait and Tackle.
– Fully functioning bistro, fully functioning bait and tackle shop, all right in one place
and it is so awesome. You’ve got to come down,
see it for yourself. Not only is the location
fantastic, and all the views, you’re right here on the water, but the decor inside is super awesome. It’s a bunch of vintage
scuba gear and spear-guns and all kinds of under the sea stuff. It’s just, you’ve gotta
come and check it out – He has a bookshelf of
National Geographic magazines, – It’s so cool.
– and tons of posters. It’s amazing.
There’s so much going on there and such a small place, you definitely want to come check it out. But what they’re really known for is the food and the beers. – (laughs) The food is amazing, they hand make their own sausage. One of the popular ones
is called chicken pot pie. – So good.
– And it has peas and carrots inside and it’s
smothered with turkey gravy. – Delicious.
– They hand make homemade baloney; someone was telling me it’s slices this thick. – Not your Oscar Meyer baloney. – And I had the pulled
pork kimchi sandwich, it was amazing, little spicy, amazing. And the beers; the beers
are a big deal down here. – Well the beers are just
like the sign says right. this is a little place with big heart and they put a lot of care into
everything that they serve. And Dennis, the owner,
is really plugged in with the craft beer community
here in San Diego. He only has about 15 tap handles. He’s incredibly selective
about what he pours here. Basically if he doesn’t
have a personal relationship with the brewer, then he doesn’t pour it. I mean, if he hasn’t sat down
and actually drank with them and figured out their brewing philosophy and figured out that
they’re sympatico here, you’re not gonna find it here so if you’re looking for some Bud Light, this is not the place for the you, right. But like you said, all of the sausage, everything is handmade as well so, just lots of care that
going into what they do. – Right now, they’re
doing a special release, it’s called ‘Pliny the Younger’ and the way that you can find
out about the special releases is follow him on Facebook. This beer is only released two
weeks out of the entire year. – [Nick] Two weeks out of the
year and there’s really only five to seven places in
all of San Diego that you can even get it.
– [Jen] Very short list. – He does a lot of other limited
stuff throughout the year so you definitely wanna
check the Facebook page. See what’s going on and the
other thing too you know, speaking of the bait and tackle shop, during brewery week, he does a
brewers day which is awesome. It’s eighty bucks, you get a fishing pole, you get your bait and tackle,
you get breakfast and lunch, all the beer you can drink
and you get a t-shirt. – (chuckles) a t-shirt!
– For eighty bucks! So I think that’s the
first week in November. Definitely check out the
Facebook page and all that stuff that’s going on.
– Bait and Tackle’s great. I was talking to the fisherman. They catch a lot of mackerel
and it’s a really fun fish for the kids to catch
because it puts up a fight. It’s a good time. – So it’s definitely kid-friendly, there’s plenty of parking, you
can even bring your dog down. – [Jen] Yeah we walk our dogs here. – Come of down, check
them out, let them know that we sent ya and let us
know what your favorite is. – It’s a true gem, check it out, bye! – Thanks! – [Jen] Thanks for watching
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