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In my case, my grandfather left a lasting mark upon me in many things related with vineyards and wine It was the experience For example, as in your case, my grandfather
showed me how to prune My parents migrated to Switzerland and I stayed with them At that time,
we had a very close link As time goes by
and you are getting older and you are growing old you realise that
what you did not understand when they explained to you something about growing grapes now you do understand it Related to agriculture issues,
old people knew why they did things Vines were planted in certain places because maybe they did not serve to plant wheat or potatoes Then you realise that
we are returning back to the origins I remember
when we started the project and during the first harvest in our cellar I can not remember exactly who said the sentence, but he said “this should have seen by our grandfather” An anecdote like that has come out several times especially when we create a new wine a toast at home on Christmas Eve it always comes up It is a bit similar now with parents because grandparents died many years ago and they led the way, they gave us this I remember when we started
the proyect in Peique and how my father pushed us He was a key piece at the beginning Both proyects are paralell and the story was more or less the same My father had actually more enthusiasm than me At the end the vineyards were theirs what they had always worked in My grandparents, them I remember he went every day to see the proyect,
to see how it was going I maybe came over just once per week I do not know if this happened to you but we did have a bit of a generational crash In the work methodology in the cellar in the cellar
– And in the vineyard I remember when we started
to cut in vineyard and we did no used
the fertilizer, green pruning and he was frustrated In the early years,
I had conflicts with my father because he said “you are destroying the vineyards” But hey, afterwards, the results came out and he saw it. The story is like that In that sense I think we
have been quite chameleonic they have known how to adapt to the situation and see that there were some results and that gradually
you are being positioned in the market and making a hole in it, a reference That is what makes you feel
more excited and for them, of course, a little more When you see the wine in an international magazine people coming from abroad who tell good things about the wine they feel it as something that is theirs I notice that they at the level of emotion, rejoice more than I do I had a… critical time in 2001 The winery was created in 2000 Imagine all the investment
without even being launched on the market He had a serious work accident I remember going to see him at the hospital and bringing him a bottle
The number one of the history And not in front of him, but I went into the hall to cry because he said “now you have to pull forward
and you need to have guts…” “…because no one will help you” and that was a critical time because, of course we were in the middle of the investment and that made me pull forward because I was basically shitless scared Because he helped me a lot, he was physically fine He was 55 or 56 He was young and suddenly I was alone
I was 26, 27 or 28 years old And this is what made me really pull ahead This is his root,
and see that there is continuity… He had a theory and as a theory is fine, saying that
“working you can pay everything” but we are still there I remember his favorite phrase “If I have gone ahead… …with what I had, that was nothing… …with three children, and the three
of them have studied abroad… …what makes you feel afraid?” My father always says “we left to Switzerland with an empty suitcase” at a time when you were paying interest at 20% to build the house for example It is an optimistic, hardworking – and easier – and easier
– so much easier philosophy of life At the end it is a familiar challenge and you are the head of the project, naturally Others gather around them They inspire hope and humility – Yes, above all, that
– Yes, above all, that
– And the desire to do things It was also very important the background the education you had received , the love for the land, the vineyard For me a life without my parents is unimaginable They have always been a reference
for me in every way In many circumstances of my personal life I have always had them present
and they have always been very helpful always Trying to understand in a specific situation how my father or my mother would react
had helped me a lot And connecting that with the wine theme I am 100 % sure
that I would not have my winery because the one who pushed me the most the one who had less fear the one with more strenght to pull ahead was him Me, alone, I can assure you 100% that I would not be involved in this project

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