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ECU College of Business: Networking Dinner

ECU College of Business: Networking Dinner

It’s not only do you get to practice
talking to employers and potential bosses in your future but you also just
get to practice you know how you need to eat in front of people. We always find
top talent from ECU it’s also a unique event that we don’t participate or see
in with other universities so it’s a great way to come network with the
students get to know them better see what they’re searching for and how we
can be a fit for them and get to see those intangibles that we like so much
with ECU students. Tonight I’m looking forward to making more connections and
broaden my network. It’s my first experience and a formal setting like
this so I’m really excited about that. It’s a way for me to kind of give back
to the community and share with them some things that I’ve learned over my
career and how to conduct yourself in a professional setting. I’m currently a
finance major at ECU but I have a strong interest in politics and may be
interested in running for a political office one day. Getting to know someone
that’s sat on the board of elections has allowed me to learn from an experience
that I would not get in the classroom. I think it’s really important for students
to be introduced to environment like this where they have to take the
initiative to introduce themselves to professionals and students like them so
they’re comfortable doing so in an environment that they would be exposed
to later in life

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